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 Marcia Purse

Seroquel and Weight Gain

By November 6, 2007

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From our forum: Ouch -- I've gained nearly 20 pounds on this medication. At night after I take it, it's like I've never eaten. I find that I am going to the fridge and eating without thinking -- almost in my sleep.

But this medication has for the most part been by far the best medication I've ever taken. I am really quite stable and love the fact that I can sleep and wake up feeling good, and that I remain grounded and ready to deal with me as I am without the distraction of moods out of control.

I am fairly active -- I walk about an hour a day religiously -- but it is the eating that is out of control. Would like to wire my mouth shut at night.

I bought a few new pairs of pants one week and the next week they were too tight.

Any thoughts, opinions? Do I ask to change medications (to what I don't know -- I've been on mood stabilizers -- Depakote, Lamictal, Trileptal -- and also some of of the antipsychotics: Risperdal, Zyprexa and Seroquel). Any suggestions on replacements? I was thinking Abilify, seems like this is a "weight neutral" type of medication. The Lamictal was a good med but I had utterly horrid headaches.

My baseline weight should be somewhere at 130, but I've ballooned to about 150 and I feel really uncomfortable.

November 6, 2007 at 3:28 pm
(1) Tony says:

I take Zyprexa, so I know what it is like to be hungry all the time. Because of an elevated triglyceride level, I was put on a diet where I avoid foods with a high glycemic index (lots of processed sugar or starch, especially processed starches like in white breads). I found that this diet has kept me from gaining an excess amount of weight. I’ve been able to keep my weight below 160 (which is fairly ideal for my height and gender). If I deviate from the diet, I gain weight, but I am able to lose it when I am strict to the diet.

Anyway, this diet has worked for me. It is worth a try.

November 6, 2007 at 9:08 pm
(2) Ellen Liversidge says:

The atypical antipsychotics were approved for short term mania but turned into long term maintenance drugs. My only son, who was killed by Zyprexa, took it for two years. I would advise extreme caution, diets such as the one above – which I know nothing about, regular blood glucose levels, and the knowledge that one is playing Russian Roulette with this class of drugs.

November 6, 2007 at 10:44 pm
(3) azureone says:

I have never been on zyprexa, however, I have read many articles about its dangers. I have been on Seroquel for about 6 months. I haven’t felt more hungry and haven’t gained weight. I wonder if it helps that I go to bed immediately after I take it. I wish I had better advice to give you. Good luck!

November 7, 2007 at 12:33 am
(4) mom2alovely1 says:

I have struggled with this problem with Seroquel for many years. I have decided to stay on it because it works better for restorative sleep and mania than anything else for me. The way I deal with this intense hunger is to GO TO BED IMMEDIATELY and not eat ANYTHING after you take the pill. If you start to eat one thing, you know what happens….there is no feeling full. The mechanism that causes this was recently discovered and it has to do with histamine and a certain part of the brain. I don’t have the URL in front of me, but it helps to know that this is something totally chemical. On nights when I’m having trouble dealing with a personal issue emotionally, I stay up and binge. That tells me, “you aren’t dealing with something that happened today.” On the nights when I’m grounded, I take the pill and make myself go to sleep and stay away from the kitchen as though my life depended on it. I was already a diabetic before I started on this drug.

November 7, 2007 at 1:46 am
(5) tina says:

I am on effexor xr 600mg, Lamictal 400mg and now seroquel 50mg I have found that works great for me. Topamax is good however side effects are weight loss (great, truely you do I lost 10 pounds in one month) you will Difficulties with memory, concentration or attention, Miss spell words, confusion, tingling of the extremities,fatigue, Loss of appetite (:-)) Pros and Cons

November 7, 2007 at 3:17 pm
(6) Cristine says:

I have gained almost 50 pounds on Seroquel, and been through the one week it fits, tomorrow it doesn’t. I went from 146 to 193 in a matter of 3 months! Changing meds will not help. The weight gain started with Depakote, and after I got off Depakote, and started Seroquel the weight gain continued.

What I did is figure out what my favorite “good for you” foods are, make sure have lots of it on hand. For me, it’s spinach salad and chicken enchiladas. I eat cereal for breakfast with a glass of V8 juice. Then I eat a spinach salad or a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. And whatever I want at dinner. I recently started NV diet pills, and they do help considerably help contain my appetite. I also drink water or juice all day long. I carry around a 32 ouce bottle and I fill it up twice a day.

Seroquel is a great drug, and I decided that I’ll just live with the weight gain but I’ll maintain a healthy lifestyle. I think it’s definately worth it.

November 7, 2007 at 6:16 pm
(7) ephemeral says:

Zyprexa and Depakote began the “ginormous” weight gain cycle for me. Seroquel put me to sleep too quickly. Then after I begged to be taken off Depakote and Zyprexa, a year later I was STILL gaining weight . . . That’s when my pdoc decided to test my TSH levels and we found out that, OH!, I can has hypothyroidism!

If you haven’t had your TSH checked, you might want to consider that, too . . . Just a thought.


November 7, 2007 at 7:10 pm
(8) connie says:

I have gained from 130 to 183 lbs on seroquel but seroquel is one of few meds that helps me so i have to continue taking it. everytime I stop it I get manic again quickly. It causes too much trouble to have to get mania under control and reach another mantainance level. I am now trying (unsuccessfully-because I am constantly hungry for high fat foods no matter if I just ate)Nutrisystem but it is very expensive to try and exercise is hard to be faithful to due to exhaustion. What to do???

November 8, 2007 at 10:26 am
(9) elizabeth says:

Seroquel and Remeron were prescribed at bedtime for my severe depression about a month ago. The initial morning
“drunkeness” feeling lasted only a couple of days and the desire to start my day begin living has returned after years of being absent. The weight gain, however, is horrific! In one month I’m up 20 lb without having altered my food intake. In an attempt to lose the weight, I’ll increase exercise, and if it doesn’t work,I’ll consider stopping the medication. I am ashamed of looking like this.

November 8, 2007 at 12:18 pm
(10) Ann says:

I was taking Seroquel for a year and a half. I also took (and still do)Cymbalta and Lamictal. I was very thin at the time (105 lbs., 5’5″). I began seeing a new pdoc who began the Seroquel after being wildly manic (and not sleeping for 2 weeks). After 2 months on Seroquel I was up to 125 lbs. I am afraid to get gain weight and have had eating issues in the past. I weened myself off of the Seroquel this past Spring. Also, my pdoc stopped taking insurance and I haven’t seen a pdoc since. I am feeling physically and mentally horrible. I am drinking every night (after work). I was a recovering alcoholic for years, but am now back into it. I have been desperatley looking for a new pdoc and finally found one that will accept new patients that is 2 hours away. There is a great shortage of pdocs in the area. The only appointment available was months away until I got a call yesterday saying that there was a cancellation tomorrow. My fear now is that she will want me to go back on Seroquel and as strange as this might sound, the benefits of Seroquel do not outweigh even the thought of gaining weight. I am feeling depressed and manic at this point. Is that possible?

November 8, 2007 at 12:39 pm
(11) Marcia Purse says:

Ann, feeling depressed and manic at the same time is not unusual. You may be having what’s known as a “mixed” episode. Please search our site for “what is a mixed episode” – the article to read should come up first or second.

There are many other medications available to treat your symptoms besides Seroquel. Each of us has to decide whether the benefits outweigh the cost of a particular medication. I have chosen to stay on Seroquel, even though it piled on more pounds after I’d already gained significant weight from other meds. That doesn’t mean everyone should make the same choice. GOOD LUCK with your pdoc appointment tomorrow! Since you’re so anxious, I suggest you take the time today to write down everything you can about your personal and medications history and your current feelings, including those about Seroquel. These will help you tomorrow :)

November 8, 2007 at 12:43 pm
(12) Marcia Purse says:

Connie, regarding exercise and exhaustion … try walking just 3-5 minutes a day at first. Do that until you feel you can do a little more. Increase by just one minute at a time if necessary. Go as slowly as necessary. Your endurance will increase as time passes.

November 8, 2007 at 1:49 pm
(13) Ann says:

,I had the exact same problem with the seroquel. That ravenous hunger at bedtime. I packed on 30 lbs. I had to stop taking the med for other reasons and as soon as I did I dropped 20lbs. That last 10 never came off and thanks to other meds I have added on more weight. I wish you the best in finding a solution–I wish I had one to offer.
Has anyone found Lamictal to increase appetite? Most articles claim weight neutrality but I think it is causing me to gain weight.

November 8, 2007 at 2:10 pm
(14) Cristine says:

I forgot to mention, that just like one of the other posts, my doctor ran a complete blood panel, and low and behold, I am hypothyroid. He put me on Synthroid, and it has helped with the ravenous hunger, but I had to get used to taking it. If I take it in the a.m., I’m shaky and feeling manic, so I started taking it at bedtime, and BINGO no more problems. It’s a really good idea to have your pdoc do a complete blood panel.

November 8, 2007 at 3:29 pm
(15) Mike says:

I have been on Seroquel for the past 6 months, and I think I’ve actually lost a little weight. Then again, I was fat to begin with (~250 lbs, 5’11″).

On the other hand, everything I’ve heard about Zyprexa is that it will make you swell up like the blueberry girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

November 8, 2007 at 10:52 pm
(16) Donna says:

If your doctor agrees, try adding topomax to your other meds. Topomax specifically helps keep weight down. I’ve seen a significant improvement on as little as 25 mgs. in the morning, and an additional 25 mgs. in the evening. Also, if you can, add a little more strenuous exercise (maybe light jogging instead of walking) and make sure you’re eating lots of fiber, fruits and veggies when you do need to nosh.
Good Luck!

November 11, 2007 at 11:15 pm
(17) Susan says:

Topomax is given to me specifically to lose weight on Seroquel and it works. There are the side effects of course with memory. With finding words.

In response to the man who lost his son to Seroquel…I nearly lost my life to Abilify. These meds are very dangerous.

November 13, 2007 at 1:42 pm
(18) Kathy says:

My weight gain has been from 125 to 220. I am so discouraged I am thinking of the lap band surgery, but I wonder if that would even help.

November 13, 2007 at 2:28 pm
(19) Suzy says:

Does anyone out there have a young teenager (13 or so) on any of these meds? My son is taking a low dose of Seroquel 25mg. to sleep at night because of the activation from Effexor during the day. He seems to have put on a few pounds, could that low a dose have that effect?

November 13, 2007 at 4:47 pm
(20) JIll Stout says:

I take 50 mg of Seroquel at night and have gained 6 pounds in two months, and I had already gained 30 from taking it a year or so ago (I took Abilify in the last five years but had to stop because of severe hand tremors). I am ravenously hungry ALL the time, and I can’t seem to stop. My family doc has told me I must lose weight and that I must count calories and eat no more than 1200 per day. I pray that I will begin losing, as I have a family history of both heart disease and diabetes. I do so well on the Seroquel that I hate to give it up.

November 13, 2007 at 6:15 pm
(21) FP24 says:

While on Zyprexa and Seroquel, I lost 40lbs in 6 wks on the “stress diet” when EVERYTHING in my whole world came crashing down. Now, I am still on the seroquel and experience the nightime binge munchies. However, with the job stress and all I expend a lot of energy even though being parked at a desk. My weight is inching up again but I don’t know if I am “eating emotions” or merely havng fallout from the Seroquel.

November 14, 2007 at 2:07 am
(22) SuzanneWA says:

For two years while taking Depakote and Zyprexa, I weighed 115 lbs (5’9″). However, once I started mystery shops at a burger joint twice a week, and snacking twice during the day, I gained 27 lbs! It seemed to have happened “overnight!” I’ve lost 2 of those pounds, but can’t seem to lose no matter WHAT I do. I have a cup of strawberry yogurt and chips&dip AFTER I take my night meds, and sleep immediately afterward. I don’t know HOW to stop the snacking…now that the Holidays are here, I’d LOVE to lose a little, so I can GAIN a little! Sorry I can’t help you – but- I’m in the same boat!

November 14, 2007 at 11:04 am
(23) Dori says:

Hi there I take seroquel, I gained
40 pds in 3 months…Ahhhhhhh

I hate being over weight, it depresses
me big time.

Dori (Canada)

November 14, 2007 at 3:44 pm
(24) Linda says:

Hi there, I have been taking Seroquel from July, as Abilify is not under the pharmaceutical benefit scheme here in N.Z. I have gained 10kilos since then and gaining. I too have a urge for sweet things at night – especially chocolate now. Seroquel helps me sleep very well, however I find it very difficult to get motivated in the mornings.
Last year I was on Abilify and previous to that on Risperidone for years until it was realised I had a overly high prolactin level. Abilify was fantastic, I lost all the weight I gained from Respiridone and felt fine.
Seroquel has kept me well, but I am frustrated about the weight gain. I am also on Epilium and citalopram too, so that probably doesn’t help either. I know I need to exercise more, but seroquel totally knocks your motivation levels and libido – anyone else find that? Abilify seemed to be the perfect match for me.

November 14, 2007 at 7:23 pm
(25) Erica says:

I began taking 300 mg of Seroquel six months ago and have since gained 20 lbs. My mood has never been better so I intend on staying with it. I had the ravenous hunger like a lot of others but it has calmed down. However, I can’t shake the weight gain.

November 17, 2007 at 4:57 pm
(26) Rosa says:

I understand everyone about these drugs and weight gain. I was put on Zyprexa in July 2001 and in 3 months I had gained 30#!!!! Asked my pdoc to try me on something else but of course not as the drug was working just fine! I changed docs and firstly he said I wasn’t BiPolar but I had a mood disorder! So I’m now on Lamictal and Seroquel and am doing okay. Lost the 30 plus pounds on Weight Watchers plus walking twice daily. Still have kept the weight off but I know the “hungry for anything” feeling. Don’t these docs get it that having us gain weight on these drugs just makes us more depressed?

November 18, 2007 at 2:52 pm
(27) Liz says:

I gained 11 lbs in 6 weeks. I love the Seroquel and how it helps me to keep calm, but like everyone else says, the weight gain is a b_iatch. I walk my dog 1 mile 2-3 tims per day and try to eat healthy. Next I’ll be cutting my portions. I hope the weight gain stops so I can enjoy the primary effects of this drug!

November 19, 2007 at 3:29 am
(28) Lisa says:

Hi all, gosh, I thought I was the only one who had intense cravings for food (fast, chocolate, and soft drinks) every single day! My psychiatrist put me on the new atypical meds, but they either didn’t work as well as Seroquel or had bad side effects. I remember once I was 130lbs. It’s still a goal of mine. A few weeks ago, I topped out at 172lbs. It’s not all quite Seroquel’s fault. Since I have the Bipolar II illness, I have Prozac, which I believe is a weight gainer, and a non Bipolar drug, which is also a weight gainer…. If I could speak on behalf of some of us here, I’m sure a lot of us wish we were on NO drugs. I just wish vegetables would take care of this. Sometimes I act like a kid, like tonight, and put off taking my medicine, when I know it is the best thing for me. Anyways, everyone take care, and I am glad I am not alone here.

November 20, 2007 at 12:13 am
(29) Perry says:

I am only starting to take Seroquel tonight, I am also on Epilim 200mg twice a day and I have been on Dothiepin for about 15 years but only this year we have been increasing what I take from 25mg to 150mg but to reduce being sleepy we are cutting that back to 100mg at night. My weight is about 325lbs right now, so I will see what happens.

November 21, 2007 at 10:15 am
(30) Lucky says:

So it’s the Seroquel to blame? I was wondering why I suddenly gained weight. I can’t get below 120. I stopped Seroquel cold turkey once my insurance ran out. I also changed my environment (moved to a more peaceful town like Pleastanville) and actually I feel better. Now I do have the occassional Mania episode, but my husband helps me with those and the only thing I do suffer from is Depression. It’s pretty severe, but there is nothing cheap out there to take! I lost my insurance when we moved.

November 25, 2007 at 7:38 pm
(31) Cathy-44 years old says:

When I was diagnosed 6 years ago with Hypomania (Bipolar 2) I had no idea that as I caught clarity of mind and the beginnings of life that I would also begin a battle with my weight. Of course out of the many meds available the one found to be most effective is Seroquel. But as we can see, for most of us, it does not come without a price. The late night binges are nearly as haunting as the deep depression that follows if I don’t take the prescribed amount of seroquel nightly. Without it, clonopin and neurontin I would not sleep much if at all. I also have hypothyroidism, very, very important to get that checked, simple blood test and you get the results back quickly. I have tried, with my pdocs supervision, to kick seroquel to the curb, unsuccessfully. Until there is something that works better I will take it depsite the weight issue. I also take 50mg of topamax 2x a day and I do suffer from the “swiss cheese effect” but it has helped me from gaining, not to lose weight though. Since I went off the tegretol and started the lamictal the tingling and tremors went away, plus I only take 100mg of seroquel a night now instead of 400mg. My pdoc has addressed my issues with weight and really worked to come up with the best combination of meds to treat me. I don’t exercise a lot, but I do walk as much as I can daily and weather permitting. Stress also plays a major factor in my late night binges.

December 3, 2007 at 5:20 pm
(32) Tracy Pace says:

Three years ago during a severe illness on 600 mg/day of this med I gained 60 pounds in just a few weeks. Partially it was inactivity- I barely got out of bed; but afterwards when I started to recover it was found my thyroid wasn’t functioning properly. I began taking thyroxine and the weight came off. My doctor told me seroquel may damage the thyroid in some people. I now take seroquel 25 mg occasionally to stem mania, it works just as well in tiny amounts for me as the huge dose did.

December 14, 2007 at 3:35 am
(33) Bruce says:

Ive been diagnosed as bipolar/with hypertensice disorder, stemming from possible adhd when i wa sin high school, which was 7 years ago , im 24 now, i was prescribed the 300mg xr version of this drug, and i will say IM NOT goin to be taking this, rather ill just flush it down the drain, This is some serious sickness, and must me even more ill to take something that will yes make you feel better, but literally destroy your body in the process. My father who is Bi-polar manic depressive, was on zyprexa for years, and since then developed diabetes, I will not let myself become a victim to of Percentage by inducing my body with some sick drug like sereqeol, when i can Get the relief im looking for from Ativan like i did before. I understand Some peoples problems are worse then mine, and i can relate trust me, But id rather live with my panic attacks, and sometimes not sleeping for 2-4 days, then know that I will gain 40-80 lbs, constant headaches, and walk around like a zombie. Not my idea of getting bette.

December 14, 2007 at 10:29 pm
(34) virginia says:

hi everyone.i am concerned about weight gain also. i lost almost 30 lbs. i take 250 mil. of ser. at night. i have been geting more hungry and my stomache is getting bigger. i dont eat much but i was hardly eating before. now it seems that now that i am eating im getting bigger in 2 weeks. my p doctor said i would’t gain if i watch what i eat. im beginning not to believe him. thanks for listening virginia

December 17, 2007 at 11:40 am
(35) Lori says:

I’m so glad I found this discussion. I take 200mg Lamictal & 100mg Zoloft every morning, and 100mg Seroquel every night. The side effects of the first two aren’t so bad, but the Seroquel weight gain is getting intolerable. I thought I was the only one who found myself in the kitchen every night, eating until I simply couldn’t stay awake to eat any more. Even when I lie down right after taking the Seroquel, I’ll wake up several hours later STARVING. I can’t imagine what I’d do without it though; it’s a necessity for my sleep. If I don’t take it, I literally won’t sleep.

December 17, 2007 at 12:25 pm
(36) Marcia Purse says:

Everyone reading or commenting on this blog should also read Hope for Weight Loss, where I report on some studies regarding psych meds and weight. One of the most encouraging things about the results is that while Seroquel was one of the worst for causing weight gain, it responded BEST to intervention. Over the years I gained 80 pounds on psych meds including Seroquel. The changes I’m making in my eating habits and lifestyle are starting to make a difference – I’m down six pounds.

In any case, DO NOT stop taking Seroquel without consulting your doctor. Seroquel is a very effective drug, especially for those of us who have trouble sleeping.

You may find, too, that a small snack like a glass of V8 will actually calm the hunger pangs if you drink it and then wait.

About Bipolar Disorder

January 14, 2008 at 11:10 pm
(37) Ken says:

I have been on seroquel 200mg once daily for 2 years. I didn’t have any weight gain at all during that time. However, after I quit smoking 4 months ago, I have put on 20 pounds. I don’t if it’s the seroquel or not smoking anymore.

January 23, 2008 at 11:42 pm
(38) Andreana says:

This is a new post to all the old posts, but I want to comment on what Kathy said ” You were thinking about having the lap band system. well I have been on Seroquel for 3 or 4 months and mind you I had Gastric Bypass not even a year ago,it will be this March 28,2008. and I took my Mom to the Doctor’s today and decided to hop on the scale and I was so upset to see that I gained 13 pounds. I was weighed maybe a month ago and I was 184 from previously(before surgery) being 5’1 253 !!!! So I said all that to say ,I really don’t know if it will work. I was so UPSET,I really was ready to cry because I thought that my troubles were finally ending. So I am seriously thinking about coming off Seroquel ,but then there is my severe mood swings. I don’t know at this point what to do , but I will not continue to gain the weight. If you or anyone else wants to email me ,feel very free A8rch4@aol.com

January 29, 2008 at 3:42 pm
(39) Penny says:

I’m so glad I found this discussion. I took Depakote for years, and went from 105 pounds to 235 in about a year! Topomax helped me lose some, but I began to lose the feeling in my hands and feet, and my blood pressure went from very low to way too high. Now I’m taking Tegretol XR, which is the BEST seizure control I’ve ever had. I quit gaining weight, but when I started taking SSRIs for depression (Zoloft, then Effexor, then Paxil, now Prozac), I started craving food again, just not quite as bad. I too have problems with extreme hunger in the evening. I have been told that’s because I’m trying so hard not to eat (and lose weight) during the day that I’m starving myself, so my body reacts with extreme hunger and binges. So I’m working on eating regular small meals with protein and fruits/vegies and regular snacks (small ones) too. We’ll see. I tried Lamictal and had EXTREME headaches, but then my seizures are caused by running out in front of a car and getting hit when I was a child. My skull is just in pieces and it doesn’t take much to make it hurt.

For those of you having trouble with Seroquel and/or Depakote, definitely ask your doc if you can reduce the dosage or try something else, before you try quitting it all at once. These kinds of medications cause people to have backlashes when they are quit all of a sudden. For example, if you are taking them for seizures and quit all of a sudden, you WILL go into repetitive seizures and could die. If you are taking them for mental illness, you will go into a very strong, long bout with your illness and could start having seizures, too! So don’t ever quit all of a sudden.

February 5, 2008 at 2:04 am
(40) Melissa says:

I’ve got to say I’m relieved to hear I am not the only one experiencing substantial weight gain on Seroquel–but I am also so sorry for every one of you, because I know it is very hard. Like many of you, Seroquel is the only thing that has worked for treating my BP2 and insomnia. I, too, have late-night binges, which is completely new to me (since being on this medication.) I have stress-induced anorexia, and have for a number of years. Basically what that means is, I don’t want to even think about eating most of the time. Three years ago (I was 23-24), I dropped 50lbs to the lightest weight (175lbs) I’d been since I was 15. I was so much happier, being able to fit into more clothes than before–and since being on Seroquel regularly, 300mg/night, for about 9 months, I’ve put on nearly 50lbs. While still not as big as I was at my biggest, I feel horrible as week by week my jeans and t-shirts get tighter. I am going to talk to my psychiatrist about trying something different–wish me luck! I wish all of you the best of luck and hope we can all find a “happy medium.”

February 8, 2008 at 8:08 am
(41) Flicka says:

Oh my, what a breakthrough for my confidence and peace of mind! Here I was thinking that I was losing my grip on reality, and I find that I am not alone. I have only added to Seroquel to my life recently, and have gone up nearly two sizes in 2 months. And you are all right on the mark – it is hard enough to have a mood disorder without adding a vigorous kick to your body image as well! Thank you for this community of knowledge and support.

February 8, 2008 at 11:02 am
(42) paul says:

i have suffered with this illnes for most of my life, and have only recently been correctly diagnosed, I too used alchohol and drugs too maintain and control moods, it almost killed me. I have been clean and sober for 5 years now, and it has given me the ability to address the bi-polar issue, the alchohol only
enhanced the problem, please don’t give up.

February 8, 2008 at 10:39 pm
(43) Amber says:

I too am gaining weight on seroquel. I’ve gained 25lbs in 3 months. My husband is in the military and doesn’t understand how I can gain this much weight. He sees it as something that I can control by just exercising. My doc has tried several other meds and nothing works as good for me as the serequel. I’m miserable tho with the weight gain. I was refered by my regular do for lap band but no one in my area will do it because of my bipolar diagnosis. I do take topomax. Only 30mg daily and it hasn’t helped me at all.

February 19, 2008 at 9:01 pm
(44) Tony says:

I was on 200mg seroquel 4 years ago and ballooned up to 205 and a 38 waist. Stopped taking it and lost weight but the moods swings were wicked. I’m now taking 250mg again at night and will eat with my eyes closed in a dead sleep almost and am now back to 203 and a 36 waist, damn the ravenous hunger, but my moods are very stable. I’m going to google Topomax and see if this might help. I’m open to any advice and suggestions,pleeeeeeeeeze!!

February 19, 2008 at 10:29 pm
(45) Jules says:

Seroquel has really helped control my moods, I am bipolar 2 and get very irritable without it, However, I sometimes fall asleep with food in my mouth. I can not get enough sugar and binge at night on chocolate syrup and candy. My husband has no idea what I eat after he goes to bed at night and I hide the evidence. Like everyone else, it is like I’m starving even while falling asleep and I stumble into the kitchen and eat with my eyes closed. My weight is very depressing and I feel too tired to excercise much. Have tried Lamictal but lost all logic while taking it. Am thinking about South Beach diet, but it cuts out all sugar and I may experience the low-blood sugar feeling to the extreme while on the diet! I lost 15 pounds very quickly on South Beach several years ago. I guess I need to decide whether I want to continue the drug, I’m less moody but I’m tired, dull and fat!! I pray that future generations will have better drug choices!

February 29, 2008 at 12:24 am
(46) Roxie says:

WOW! I cam elooking for answers tonight and it seems we all have the same problem. I am bipolar, I have stopped all drugs at this point because I can’t possibly afford to buy new clothes….again. I am a widow and 31 and I have managed to go from 135 to 191 as of today. All the meds just just keep changing and it seems nothing helps. Seroquel helps me sleep but again not without waking up starving, actually no not starving but not satisified. Like I have not ate enough for the day. They wanted me to try Depoke ??SP today and even with insurance it was like 85.00, I said no thanks and thought I would come home and find a better solution. With as far as we have come in medicine you would think they would have a better drug/ answer for us?? Right? I know I weigh 45 pounds more now than what I did at 9 months pregnant. Thats a problem for me.
I hope someone can help, because this mom and humn just can’t take anymore of the guinea pig treatments the drs want to “try for 2 weeks”

Best of luck to everyone.

March 11, 2008 at 2:21 am
(47) Karen says:

THANK GOODNESS I CAME UPON THIS WEBSITE!!! I had gastric bypass 5 yrs ago and have kept off 105lbs..I started taking Serq. and have started gaining weight, even though I hardly eat!! I wake up at night and can’t stop eating; mostly sugary foods..Ok, I’m not crazy!! I’m stopping cold turkey…I know I probably won’t sleep for awhile, but it’s better than gaining weight!

March 17, 2008 at 2:16 pm
(48) elaine clark says:

Just finding this blog has helped me. Just knowing it isn’t a matter of will power, but as an affect of the medication has made a difference for me. I can’t go to sleep right away after taking my meds. I’ve been doing a couple of things that are helping a little. I have an exercise bike that I use at night–very light exercise. The other thing I use is a vocabulary game called Freerice. It’s hard enough to keep my mind really occupied. I don’t think about eating quite so often. I know exercise before bed isn’t supposed to be a good idea,but I’m talking about just pedaling along low resistance about 10 mph. I’m just trying to do anything I can think of to distract myself until I’m tired enough to go to sleep. (I have actually gotten out of bed to binge) It doesn’t always work, but I’ve lost about 5 to 7 pounds in the last month. I’m 5’3″ at 202 lbs. I have a long way to go to ever see my old size ten again. Thing is, the seroquel is the most effective med I’ve ever taken and I’ve been through so very many. I don’t want to give it up.If I can manage to take off even a couple of pounds a month, I’m going to stay with my current regime. Good luck to all

March 18, 2008 at 6:37 pm
(49) Catherine Danielson says:

For me, Seroquel has been weight neutral. My appetite hasn’t increased that I can tell. Although I still have the same sugar and chocolate cravings I always did, I don’t think they’re any worse than they’ve ever been. The way I deal with it is to NOT eat ANY sugar or sweetener of any kind whatsoever, including Nutrasweet or even stevia– once I start, I can’t stop. Maybe this is the key to why I haven’t gained weight on Seroquel. I just don’t let those floodgates open, and if I did, maybe I’d be eating anything that isn’t nailed down. Also, I exercise strenuously every day, and this seems to be the secret to not gaining weight on these meds for a lot of people.

March 19, 2008 at 6:13 pm
(50) Rhonda says:

Hi, I’m new to the post. I just found out I was BP a few months before my hubby deployed last year. I don’t think he really understands the disorder, neither do I sometimes. I just wish it didn’t “happen” to me. I have been working out at a new gym with trainers (like those on the Biggest Loser) since Feb. 2008. I have lost 5 pounds, but want to lose a lot more faster than this. My family doctor said the Trileptal caused some weight gain. I was over 180# before I started these meds. Getting off the Trileptal didn’t seem like it was a problem, but I am terrified of letting go of the Seroquel, because it helps me sleep. I NEED to get a good nights sleep with two small kids and a deployed spouse. Oh, the stress! I have changed my eating habits. NO SWEETS at all! I love chocolate, but that’s a sacrifice I have to make.
Take care All.

March 21, 2008 at 4:56 pm
(51) Sharon Larson says:


I have been on Serequel for about 6 months. I went from 163 lbs. to 181 lbs. I am taking Serequel due to panic/anxiety attacks and it has helped. It really helps me sleep as soon as I take it at night (300mg). Gaining the weight has been very depressing, but I will be willing to admit that I never exercised and I would eat some kind of dessert at least twice a day. Sometimes it would be chocolate cake or some cake of some kind or rolls, crescents, breads. So now I have started to try something new. I am of the no carb, no sugar (or sweetner) diet. If I allowed my self one forbidden food–I will continue to eat what I should not. I have also started to exercise with weights 5 times a day in the morning. I am using “Walking off the pounds – 2 miles” video which uses weights. I am also using the Denise Austin Palates video that works the abs, back, hips, and legs. I have already lost 3 lbs in two weeks. I don’t know if I will continue to gain weight, but I feel I must take these measures or I will never know if I should take Serequel or not. I will let you know more later as the weeks go by to see if this helps as I want to help others. The one advantage I have is that once I take the meds I fall into such a deep sleep that I do not even think of sleeping. BUT I was definitely eating a lot at night before taking the meds. Now I will only allow myself 1 cup of skim milk and a plain rice cake or veggies about one hour before taking the meds and going to bed. This way I am not hungry at night. I will say this–it is the exercising (45 minutes of vigorous exercise daily) that makes me not want to eat as much as my abs are very tight. Sharon

March 31, 2008 at 8:25 am
(52) Elena says:

Hi there,

I was on seroquel for about 3 years and my weight was the same all the time. But I do agree that the hunger appearing after taking the pill is really abnormal – you eat without any control even if you were not hungry before.

March 31, 2008 at 6:35 pm
(53) Jules says:

After speaking with a friend who took Serequel and reading these comments, it is clear that weight gain is enough of an issue to make people want to stop taking it. I went on the website of the drug maker and they gloss over this issue and barely mention it in their “managing side effects” section. I was hoping to find hints on when to take it etc… Is there research being done on how to control this side effect? Their clinical trials indicate only 2 to 4 lb weight gain, but clearly that can’t be possible if your eating cookies with your eyes closed at night. I’d like to meet the person with that kind of metabolism. I would like to hear from a representive of the drug because it is a good drug otherwise.

April 7, 2008 at 2:49 pm
(54) roberto says:


Seroquel is a wonderful drug. I’ve been taking it for around 1 month and a half. I have quite a few side effects, such as: dizziness after abruptly standing up from a lying position, some minor headaches, drowsiness, minor constipation…, but many of these, e. x. drowsiness, tend to clear out as you get along with your medication. Unlike zyprexa, seroquel does not make you very hungry as if to empty a fridge. I was on zyprexa for a couple of weeks, and i could not hold my appetite in place. I was always hungry and never full. Seroquel does not make you so much hungry as zyprexa. The drug greatly helps me deal with my moods so that i can control them within managable units. I sleep like a baby and wake up feeling very good. Some people experience weight gain but i haven’t gained a pound, quite to the contrary, i’ve lost around 2 kilos because i am on diet and like running, walking, bycicling and weightlifting. I also eat whey protein. Whey protein is a very rich nutritional supplement, not only does it give you essential proteins and aminoacids, but it also works with your appetite by giving you a sense of fullness. Maybe the latter has helped me keep my weight down. Therefore, i suggest that people taking seroquel, have a daily intake of Whey protein. You can do a search on google about Whey protein and weight gain so that you can grasp how whey controls your appetite. Seroquel is an amazing drug.

April 15, 2008 at 7:56 pm
(55) ChristieAnn says:

Seroquel-Im not sure where to start….I started taking it 2 years ago..began at 25 mg and ended up at 800 mg…I needed it for mania and sleep. I BALLOONED! I mean it was like someone inflated me. I was always “zombied” out. I did at one point lose all the weight and then some, but I was not eating and using laxatives….and I gained all of it back. What I have learned is that seroquel..if you dont go STRAIGHT to bed when you take it, youll end up gorging and sometimes I have also eaten in my sleep, not knowing until the next morning. It also stops your carbohydrate metabolism thus all the problems the drug is having now, lawsuits etc. Im also on lithium and am Hypothyroid from that and take levothyroxin for it. ALL the anti-psychotics are weight gainers period, there is no way around it. Its the way they work in the body. I am going to start taken vitamens to help with carb metabolism(mostly the B vitamens) and something also to control hunger. I have been on virtually every anti-depressant, anti-psychotic, mood regulators ETC most Im allergic too BUT Seroqul is the BEST for controlling my mania and helping me sleep. Has anyone else experienced like grouchiness/irritability if someone(spouse) like touches or talks to when asleep?

April 17, 2008 at 12:37 pm
(56) Jennifer says:

I too am experiencing the enormous hibger ALL the time. Like many others that left comments, I too can eat whild sleeping pretty much. I too hide the evidence as one person commented previously. I have been on Serowquel for two years now and have gained about 55 pounds. I am feeling more and more depressed every day. None of my clothes fit so I had to buy new, except now they are not fitting eithr. I work in a professional setting that requires business appropriate clothing. I am struggling to find such clothing as it seems the ugly clothing is for fat people I guess. I want to quit the seroquel but now I will have my mania return as I am diagnosed with Bi-polar as well as depression. I don’t like the trade off of stable mood for weight gain. My psychiatrist told me to just eat healthy and I won;t have a problem. Yeah right! I am getting depressed by all of the weight gain, and feel slow and unmotivated. I do love my food though!

April 18, 2008 at 1:46 pm
(57) Sally says:

Seroquel(50mgs)and Lexapro(10mgs.)for 1 month = “I feel like a big fat pig” I see my dr. this Mon. and plan to ask her for some kind of med to help with this weight gain. This med has made me feel like a new person and would hate to go back to how I was before. Anyone have help from some kind of diet pill (not Topomax)?

April 19, 2008 at 11:53 am
(58) Philippa says:

I have been taking seroquel ( 300mg per day) and 150mg of effexor for about a year now. I used Risperdal before that. I have gained about 30 Kgs and am becoming increasingly more distressed about it. I have been anorexic since age 15 and 12 years on I have run out of ideas of how to looses this weight. I want to stay on the seroquel if possible but can’t take the weight gain any more….

April 19, 2008 at 8:57 pm
(59) roberto says:

I think side effects vary depending on each individual, because it’s been 2 month already on 300 mg seroquel each day, but i haven’t gained weight. On the contrary, since i can sleep very well, i have more energy to perform daily chores, including physical exercise. The drowsiness is a problem but it tends to hide away as soon as you focus on your daily tasks. Further, i don’t experience any overwhelming hunger, quite the opposite, seroquel makes me less willing to eat. I’ve also taken zyprexa and this drug does make me want to empty the fridge like crazy. I think it all depends on each individual.

April 21, 2008 at 10:12 pm
(60) jules says:

My last posting was regarding eating at night while half asleep and i am the one who hides the evidence. My doctor gave me topomax to control the weight gain but after researching on line I was very concerned about the side effects and did not take it. At my next appointment, she said she questioned my judgement for not trying it! I was trying to be proactive in understanding my medications and their impact on my health. I have always tried every med she has given me. I explained that I did realize I’m not a doctor but it is hard to choose between option 1 – stable and fat or without seroquel normal weight and moody. We are both frustrated. I am trying the topomax but don’t want this to be a long term solution. Anybody else on topomax with good results?

April 23, 2008 at 11:52 pm
(61) Kathryn Hansen says:

I am 5’9″ and up to 300 lbs on seroquel, lamictal and lexapro–I think the seroqual is the culprit. Regarding obesity surgery, I would advise great caution. I had lapband surgery 2 1/2 years ago; I weighed 260 when I started, lost 30 lbs. really fast because I was afraid to eat, then started sneaking in soft sweets to the point of gaining 40 lbs over my original weight. I think doctors should be EXTREMELY hesitant to do obesity surgery on bipolars.

April 23, 2008 at 11:55 pm
(62) Kathryn Hansen says:

Oh, one more thing: I took topamax for one year and lost tons of weight; I was practically anorexic, seriously! It only lasted one year. Since weight loss is a side effect, my body adjusted eventually. I’ve heard that’s what always happens with topamax. Also, my hair fell out.

May 17, 2008 at 9:09 am
(63) marnie says:

Can someone tell me about the Topomax.
I have gained 75 pounds, and need help.
I take 100mg of seraquel each night. Is it REALLY TRUE about the topomax??
That it helps you lose weight while on Seraquel??

May 28, 2008 at 1:46 am
(64) birdy sylvie says:

DUH — this may be a dumb question, but does the weight gain happen because the drug makes you feel starved all the time, and so you eat more? I’m supposed to start it tonight, but I have food disorders and am afraid to make it worse

May 29, 2008 at 11:47 pm
(65) Zck says:

I take Seroquel 200 mg every night, since lesser doses do not really work. Ever since I have been on this med, I work out 3/hrs everyday; 5 days a week and follow a strict diet which negates any chances of me eating starch or sugars. This has result in me maintain my weight 170 lbs @ 6’1″. I guess I have to get used to my new lifestyle as this is the best med by far.

May 30, 2008 at 12:03 am
(66) Zack says:

BTW I used to be anorexic and bulimic. I also used laxatives over a long period of time, but thankfully I have stopped now. FOR THOSE OF WHO HAVE THESE CONDITIONS… FYI your body is in a “shock mode” so anything it gets, it will hold on to it (I am sure you know that). Thus by purging you are really allowing your body to remain that way, hence the chances of you gaining weight are greater if you have these specific disorders. As I said before…exercise and healthy eating = maintaining weight

June 1, 2008 at 6:55 pm
(67) Darlene says:

I have been Hypothyroid for last 13 years and take 200mg of Synthroid daily. Needless to say I struggled in the past with weight issues before being on the right dose of Synthroid. I have recently been prescribed Seroquel because of mainly going days without sleep. I also take Lamictal and Cymbalta(great meds) for about 1 year now and no longer suffer from panic attacks or mood swings. Although I still have issues with depression I’ve made great progress. My point is that I was 208 four years ago. I now weight 134, I have worked very hard over the years to get there and maintain. So I know what it’s like to panic about weight gain, but I will say Seroquel has helped me, and I make sure that I still maintain a healthy eating and excercise lifestyle. Even if I’m hungrier than usual I make smart choices about what I’m eating and try not to eat before going to bed. If I’m really hungry before bed I’ll have a glass of Non fat milk or Cheerios with it. I know that it’s tough in the beginning but I will say the benefits of Seroquel are worth it to me. My dosage of Seroquel is 100 and I’m instructed to take at bedtime. A healthy lifestyle makes all the difference and even better I have benefited greatly from these meds.

June 4, 2008 at 12:51 pm
(68) Patrice says:

Hi I have been on Seroquil, 800mg, for the last 3 months. I have been working out 5-6 days/week, and doing Weight Watchers, and have only gone from 162 to 161. I want to lose at least 20 lbs and it is very frustrating! Any advice??

June 6, 2008 at 6:48 pm
(69) Elle says:

I just found this post after speaking to my therapist who said its the seroquel causing the weight gain. And yes!!! sleep walk eating is scary and am glad to know I am not the only one who experience this!!! My doctor is going to change my prescription to get me off seroquel. And another yes, 20 pounds I’ve gained!!!

June 7, 2008 at 4:33 am
(70) Lisa says:

Hi, I’m writing back after my Nov 2007 post about fighting the weight gain on Seroquel. Since then, I tried Lithium Depakote, and Risperdal. None worked as much as Seroquel. I hate admitting it, but it is true! Struggling still with being Bipolar II and prone to the manic/irritable side, I thought I was doing well on Depakote until five months into taking the medicine, my hair began falling out in clumps. I stopped taking Depakote and began Risperdal. (As of today, my hair is still falling out, but it’s less now. That was traumatizing.)

My doctor said Risperdal wasn’t as much of a weight gainer as Seroquel, so I eagerly tried it. Now at 5’3″, I am nearing 190lbs. I am so sick of seeing myself in pictures, mirrors, store windows- it’s as if I am ashamed of the way I look. I feel helpless at times. I think that you are the only ones who really understand what is going on with this vast and mysterious thing we know as having this Bipolar illness. For me, the stress of knowing you should stay on your medicine, but wanting to take yourself off so you could lose wait is so strong! Every day I think about it.

Bottom line: Seroquel is the only one that makes my mind feel good. But does a whole heck of a lot of damage to my body in the weight area, and if I hear any more “instead of eating foods high in sugar, eat more fruit and vegetables”, or “have more willpower”- I will scream.

I hope some wonderful doctors out there can create some medicines that do not have weight gain and all of the other serious side effects that seem to go along with the ones we’ve tried. In fact I am so sick of thinking about weight gain, I don’t know what to do.

June 8, 2008 at 8:40 pm
(71) BONNIE says:

TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HAVEN’T Gained weight on sereguel congratulations, to the rest of us I feel your pain. I have gained 27 pounds since being put on serequel 8 months, this drug has been a life saver to me after two suicide attempts. But the weight gain is so depressing……….I KNOW THAT I HAVE TO HAVE IT FOR MY WELL BEING BUT ISN’T THERE ANY WAY TO LOOSE THI UNWANTED WEIGHT, IDON’T HAVE A VERY BIG APPETITE AND I DON’T EAT ANYTHING BEFORE I GO TO BED. I AM JUST THIRSTY ALL THE TIME.

June 12, 2008 at 10:16 am
(72) Pat says:

Oh happy day! I thought I was crazy. I have gained so much weight and I am
so hungry! Now I know why. But, what can I do to help this problem. I am an adult with groth hormon defficeicy, and I have an adrenal inefficicy and take steroids daily. I also take medication for my thyroid. Any suggestions?

June 12, 2008 at 10:26 am
(73) Pat says:

I need to correct some spelling (growth
hormone) which I take daily injections of growth hormone. I am bipolar, and I take lamictal,cymbalta and xanex. I am becoming anti social because of my weight, I hate to go out in public.

June 12, 2008 at 1:07 pm
(74) Andrea says:

I also gained 20 pounds while taking seroquel. I am a serious athlete and watch my diet so my doctor was really concerned. He took me off the seroquel and prescribed 5 to 10 milligrams of Ambien for sleep. I also take 900 milligrams of lithium and 200 milligrams of lamictal. It is keeping me stable.

June 12, 2008 at 3:19 pm
(75) Pat says:

Have you lost any weight since getting off seraquel?

June 12, 2008 at 3:33 pm
(76) Marcia Purse says:

I have lost 18 pounds in 9 months while taking Seroquel. It was a matter of changing my diet so that I ate not-too-much food 5 times a day, keeping track of calories, and doing at least an hour a day of active housework (up from no exercise). Two pounds a month is the healthiest way to lose weight, and you are more likely to keep the weight off when you reach your goal (mine is to lose at least 50 more pounds).


Marcia Purse
About.com Guide to Bipolar Disorder

June 16, 2008 at 9:26 pm
(77) Lynn says:

I am so glad to know I am not the only one in this boat. I was depressed and had problems sleeping although I had tried lots of sleep meds, so a doctor put me on Seroquel. A year and a half later, I am at least 15 pounds heavier. On my small frame that’s from a size 4 to an 8. Yes, I know all about the sleep eating. I have woken up with bits of food still in my mouth! I often find evidence of things I eaten the next morning on my bed or on the night stand, and I don’t remember anything. I have already slowly pulled away from Seroquel and plan to be off completely very soon.
Good luck to all of you. I hope there’s an answer very soon.

June 17, 2008 at 11:06 pm
(78) Stephanie says:

Thank you! Thank you! Not crazy. Not eating a lot–don’t look like myself. Can’t believe it’s me???? Is THAT ME??? Trying hard not to beat myself up. Eating disorder, bipolar, the whole alphabet. Add ginormous to the equation and there’s no telling who/what I’ll be tomorrow. No amount of seroquel is worth that. Pick up topomax tomorrow. Maybe I’ll be recognizable soon…

June 18, 2008 at 6:02 am
(79) tara says:

does anyone know what causes such extreme weight gain in patients on seroquel? is it due to increased appetite or to some ingredient of the drug?

June 20, 2008 at 12:34 am
(80) becca says:

I was prescribed seroquel last year along with ciprolex as an antidepressant. I also gained an enormous amount of weight (25lbs) over a two month period. It was nice to sleep, but I’m afraid I’ve chosen to go off the medication because I couldn’t take the weight gain. I’m trying to cope as well as I can.

June 25, 2008 at 7:07 am
(81) ange says:

I take seroquel, lithium, zoloft and thyroxine. I’ve been on the seroquel for 5 yrs and have struggled with my weight, then 2 yrs ago i was prescribed zoloft and i found controling the amount of food i was eating was more difficult, so i try and eat healthy foods and exercise,what else can i do? I’d rather be wearing size 14 clothes and be happy, healthy and well than being skinny, misesrible and sick.

June 26, 2008 at 4:00 am
(82) Matt'smom says:

My son was diagnosed with sudden onset pediatric bipolar at 5. That was 7 months ago and he has gained 20 pounds. The Risperdal was definiately the worst. Not only did it make him irritable, but put about a pound a day on him. Now on Depakote and Lithium with Abilify and weight gain has slowed, but with me playing “food police” 24/7. We watch every calorie and cut out most soft drinks. (Hooked on Crystal Light Lemonade – only 5 calories per glass.) Today, Matt’s doc changed him from Abilify to Seroquel to help with sleep. Knocked him out immediately (50mg). I’m very scared. I hate filling my baby full of this stuff but I can’t watch him suffer from this disease anymore. Tried Topamax earlier with the Risperdal for a few days, but he was so “out of it” that I stopped it. Lot of crying and praying for now. Will keep exercising and hope for the best.

June 27, 2008 at 2:27 pm
(83) Carlla .S, says:

June 27/2008
Hey there, My names Car and I have been on Seroquel for the past 14mo. I take it to help control my panic and fight or flight symptoms because of my P.T.S.D.,and I have found that it does and is working. Before Seroquel, I was literally going insane and I couldn’t sleep more than 2 hrs a night,I was running on empty in the sleep dept. Then there was the panic attacks and it got to the exterme where as I couldn’t leave my home any time at all. So I had to ask for help. I wanted to live life again and get past all the traumatic stuff that had happened to me. I went to a phsyciatrist and joined group therapy sessions at my local hospital.
The only thing left to deal with is this weight gain issue. I am munching on fruit in the middle of the night and I am unable to loose any weight. I weighed in at:145lbs at the start of seroquel and now I am 168 lbs!!! So, other than keeping myself on a constant diet (with little results), I am keeping an open-mind that there is still hope out there for me and others who are probably going through the same thing. Is there anybody out there with some ideas? If so,Send me an e-mail at:

June 30, 2008 at 1:19 am
(84) Kimberly says:

Hi Everyone!
I have always been a little chubby around the waist, but my weight was always seasonal (like a bear) I gain in the winter. So my yearly cycle, for the past 5-10 years has been size 8 in the summer, 10-12, in the winter. Well, I started Seroquel last January, and not only was there no summer weight loss (yipeee-I got married in May and JUST barely squeezed into the damn dress, and look like a hog in the pics-it is so disappointing that the one time in my life everyone was looking at me, I was really pudgy). Now in June, I am a size 16. I can totally sympathize with those of you who really gained from whatever weight you were. I don’t know how to go about fixing this! there is no end in sight! I am going off the seroquel, but staying on the Lithium and Clonazapam in the hopes that I can get back down to a normal weight. I am actually so depressed and self-conscious about this. Nothing fits! My fat clothes don’t fit. Everyone has noticed too. I can’t imagine what they said behind my back at the wedding. I am going to exercise everyday for a month without the SQ, and will NOT take this drug again. It was trading one type of depression for another. And if you have a special event to be at in the future and take this drug…take my experience as a warning. At least buy you damn wedding dress a week before! Yikes!
Good Luck to everyone!!!

July 3, 2008 at 3:29 pm
(85) Chloe says:

I’ve gained almost 30 pounds on Seroquel and the second i stopped taking it i dropped 16 pounds. I was on a diet the entire time i was on seroquel (almost a year!) and i kept gaining weight and i had no idea it was because of this medication. Abilify is the best one–i was on it before and although it didnt help my mood i didnt gain a pound with it!

July 4, 2008 at 7:38 am
(86) jen says:

I have been on all the medications listed except for trileptal. Zyprexa made me gain fourty pounds. My natural weight has always been around 100-105 pounds. At my biggest, I was 143. I talked to my doctor and she changed Zyprexa to Seroquel. It worked great for me, I lost it all off in a very short amount of time (about two months) after I stopped taking Zyprexa. I’m currently back down to 104. I suppose it all depends on the person.

This might work for you, I’m not sure if it’s healthy but it’s what I use to do when Seroquel made me have an appetite. I ate small amounts all throughout the day but have a binge meal at night after the Seroquel starts making me hungry.

I’m not sure if this was any help. Good luck!

July 6, 2008 at 9:24 am
(87) Krystle says:

I am so glad I found this. I have been sooo depressed over my weight gain. I have literally not changed anything (eating habits, exercise…) and I have gone from 150-185 in like 8 mos. I am so upset, but I hate the way I feel without the Seroquel. Does anyone know if Topamax has any side effects? I am nervous to take any more meds.

July 6, 2008 at 12:24 pm
(88) Barbara says:

I have been on Seroquel and Depakote for bipolar disorder and Lexapro for anxiety since August 2005. I went from 103 pounds to 140 pounds (I’m 5’2″) and can’t seem to go back down, yet don’t seem to go above 143. I fall asleep almost immediately after taking my meds and can easily sleep soundly for 12 hours. I wake up feeling refreshed and content but often have to fight the urge to take a nap a few hours later and frequently do. That seems to be because I feel tired, not depressed. Since I feel the best I have ever felt in my life I don’t want to have my medications changed. My primary care physician told me Seroquel does something in the brain that causes a craving for carbohydrates, thus weight gain.

July 6, 2008 at 11:43 pm
(89) Liz says:

I’ve been glad reading all the messages about Seroquel. I have been on it for about 5 or 6 years. Except for three years ago when a new doc replaced it with Remeron (along with Li). Then I gained 40 lbs. in about three months. I have always been small and went up to 155 lbs., which was really devastating.
The med change led to a manic episode (Sept. 05), and the hospital doc took me off of Remeron and back to the Seroquel (700mg).
The good news – maybe -for some people new to Seroquel was that I did not gain weight before and was later to drop 20 lbs. with exercise and diet. But I have been stuck with 20 more lbs. to go and I feel awful.
I’m glad so many other people like Seroquel, though – I think it’s kept me stable for a long time, but it may be preventing my weight loss now. If anyone has expereince with Topomax for weight loss I’d like to hear about that. I have the late night munchies, too and I didn’t know until today that that was common.
F.Y.I. I’m maintaining very well on 1200mg Li, 400 Seroquel, and 400 Lamictal. But struggling with depression on and off. I’m sorry so many other people are struggling with weight gain-it’s not a “minor” side effect.

July 8, 2008 at 12:51 pm
(90) Crisha says:

I don know what yall are talking about, I was ut on this drug 50-100 mgs a day and I did not gain a single pound.In fact, It makes me more active.I see all of you talking about severe weight gain talk about eating at night.I take my dose and immediatly go to sleep.so this “night eating” is foreign to me.but common sense if you eat at night you gain weight.seroquel is a fantastic sleep aid though.I have never slept as good as i do on it.but the day you run out..bye bye seep

July 10, 2008 at 1:49 pm
(91) ONSerequelto says:

Well, Serequel caused a 30 lb weight gain. But I do not eat any different. It appears the medicine screws with your ability to handle glucose and other areas dealing with digestion. but it helps me so very much. I feel so much better. what I did is lower the dose to the point where I am not experiencing symptoms…if I see I am going “left” I tweak the dose. I have lost 5 lbs doing this. I also bought clothes that are comfortable and cute. I call my clothes “chubby wubbee” outfits but I feel nice in them. I avoid full length mirrors and try to portion control. Recently for exercise I bought a hoopgirl hoola hoop and I love it ! because of the feeling of sleepy, lack of motivation from the serequel, i have not been able to exercise. But I will tell you, I would rather have a simple, calm life than been in the hell of active bipolar. My brother lost his life to mania and it ain’t gonna happen to me. The serequel is a big part of my new life being chubby like this is yucky but I just feel so glad to have HOPE that I can have some sort of “normal” life. By the way, I have been on serequel for 2 years,it saved my life….

July 12, 2008 at 10:10 am
(92) lisa says:

Hi! I am do glad I found this! I started on seroquel at 50 mils in 2005,,and went up to 800 mils..great for sleep,bad for weight gain.I went from 135 lbs to 195,and I don’t not eat at night,I watch everything I eat,no candy no sweets,and itstill went up and,and will not come off. I am not even sure,how It it came on,in the first place!!it is all the seroquel!!I have never been an eater,and the weight still came on! I have started coming off the seroquel.I am down to 400 mils at night so far,and I feel better everyday.I will finally be rid of this medication.I do take Lamictal(awesome medication) and trazadone for sleep..and the doctor and I will be talking about topamax in 3 weeks at my visit.I have PTSD,and Bi-polar (without any depression really)..and I will tell you I would rather have less sleep now,then feel the way I do with the weight gain,I don’t even like to look in the mirror,Since I have come down the 400 mils. so far,I do go to sleep alittle later each night,then I do take the trazadone and I go out in a half and hour! I have always been thin untill now,and I want my life back,the depression from the weight gain makes me anti-social,and that is just not me!I will be off of it in a month or so and I just can’t wait,My heart goes out to everyone in my situation! I can feel your struggle! Even in coming down 400 mils, I feel so much better,more active and awake,and alot less hungry! I wish everyone the best of luck in coming off this drug,I am right there with you!!

July 15, 2008 at 2:16 am
(93) Mindy says:

I have been taking 100mg of Seroquel for 8 years. My genetic “weight before bipolar” was 130 lbs. My current weight is 225 lbs. I am only 5’6″. Every time I get the idea to stop taking my meds to lose weight I end up in the hospital for about 2 weeks. I lose my job and embarrass myself as well as giving relationship problems. I just switched to Abilify 5mg in the morning in stead of Seroquel. I am hoping it works the same but maybe it will help me lose some weight. Has anyone had a good transition from Seroquel to Abilify?

July 17, 2008 at 6:38 pm
(94) Dori says:

I have been on Seroquel sine 2003 and have put on 80lbs. yuck, but it has worked well for me, I just went to a new Dr. don’t like him, but he told me to try Abilify and to stop Seroquel cold turkey and start the Abilify the next day. I feel like I am ready to crawl out of my skin! Well to say the least I have been so sick. Can’t sleep! I have decided to go back on Seroquel and find another Dr.! My question is, Topomax. Can you take that with Seroquel and Lamital? I just need to loose some weight. I haven’t really had alot of munchies, I just keep gaining and can’ loose!

Dori in SC :)

July 17, 2008 at 9:21 pm
(95) roberto says:

Hello People,

I see that quite a few people have seen weight gain while on seroquel. In my personal scenario, i haven’t gained any weight. I eat everything i want but without exaggeration. I do cardio 4 times a week for around one hour and lift weights 2 times a week. I do feel an urge to eat at night, but it’s not a very strong feeling. I think some people respond different to seroquel.

July 22, 2008 at 11:09 pm
(96) Mike says:

I’ve been on Seroquel for a year and a half now. After years of misdiagnosis and the wrong drugs, FINALLY, HELP came! The stability I have with this drug is almost indescribable. Thank you Astra Zeneca!

To those who’ve talked of “weaning” themselves off of their meds or stopping because weight gain, DON’T DO IT without the help of a good, trusted Dr.!

I have gained weight and I wouldn’t trade my former svelte, anxious, delusional self for the slightly overweight, balanced, stable person I’ve become for ANYTHING! To help with my weight issues, I currently use this diet. For breakfast, A Slim Fast breakfast bar and a glass of 2% milk. For lunch, a Slim Fast shake. They’ve got some GREAT flavors. Both of these items are the “Slim Fast Optimo” variety. They curb appetite for 4 hours! For dinner, a healthy choice of whatever, as long as the daily total in calories is no more than 1200. Add 30 to 40 minutes of cardio three to four times per week and while I’m gonna be on any magazine covers, I feel pretty good about myself.

Check with your Dr. about a diet that will work for you. Diet and exercise is ALWAYS better than medication. But if it doesn’t work, take some prescription meds to help with the weight. Just stay on the meds that help the mind, soul and spirit!

July 23, 2008 at 4:38 am
(97) hi says:

i gained up to 58 pounds on seroquel. i have levelled off and dropped some though.

August 3, 2008 at 9:32 pm
(98) yas says:

ask your doctor about zeldox – it’s new, meant to be better than seroquel and no weight gain.

August 3, 2008 at 10:05 pm
(99) Igmu says:

I am bipolar I. I was originally diagnosed as II but have been graced with the symptoms to earn the bipolar I diagnosis. I have been on seroquel for around 10 years. Ranging from 400mg to 1200mg. I did not know about the weight gain issue until relatively recently. I have gained about 100lbs. I am now around 280lbs and 5’1″. My favorite pdoc has left and I have to start over but hopefully my new pdoc will let me stop seroquel. I am not hypo or hyper thyroid or diabetic. I have tried many different things to lose the weight with no avail. Has anyone else heard of or had an experience of such severe weight gain? I gues s this has been over a decade or so but still. I want to try stopping the seroquel to see if it works.

August 7, 2008 at 5:13 pm
(100) Tricia says:

I started taking seroquel about 4 weeks ago…I started at 140 lbs. I’m now at 170 lbs. I’m taking 1600 mgs. I love what it is doing for me but I HATE HOW MUCH WEIGHT IT IS PUTTING ON ME!!! I’m also taking topamax 400 mg. I’m going to ask my doctor to try putting me on something else to put me to sleep. This is killing me with all this weight!

August 10, 2008 at 5:46 pm
(101) slc07 says:

I was on seroquel for 4 years worked great! …started at 250bls and sky rocketed to 350bls and i have insulin resistance problems….i have major sleep and mood. i am now on wellbutrin xl and i find it is awsome because you get 2 doeses per day and only take 1 pill.. i just put up with not getting much rest. trying more natural ways. managed to get down to 305bls.

August 10, 2008 at 6:44 pm
(102) Vicki says:

I am sitting here reading all the comments regarding Seroquel. I hate the fact that I have gained so much weight. The weight gain has made me even more depressed. My dr. tells me to watch what I eat. That is easier said then done. If I don’t take it I can’t sleep at night. It’s almost like I’m addicted to it. I always feel like crying when I eat. I know all the diet tricks but my brain seems to overpower the thoughts of eating healthy. I have tried going to bed immediately after taking Seroquel but I end up waking in the middle of the night ravenous or waking up in the morning ready to eat anything that I can get my hands on.

August 11, 2008 at 12:29 am
(103) Susan says:

My mdoc insisted I take topamax to lose weight and my pdoc fought against it for a long time. He gave in after awhile. My mdoc prescribes it for weight lose. It worked for awhile. That was when I was on abilify and ambien. Than I nearly died from reactions to the two of them after two years. When I changed to Seroquel I continued to lose weight. A total of 76 lbs. I have had to increase the dosage of Seroquel over two years. Which was not a problem; not until I reached 600 mgs. Than I gained back 26 lbs even with the topamax. But now I am losing again. I gave up sweets for now. I am diabetic anyway. I will add it back at low levels when I have lost all my weight. I have to lose a total of 40 lbs. I have lost about 6 or 7 lbs already. And I am counting calories diligently . It is hard cause I am hungry. I am doing a little excercise. But not much. I am lazy! But I am losing really fast to my surprise. I know I will reach a plateau someday. But for now I am losing quickly. I hope I have helped someone.

August 21, 2008 at 10:46 pm
(104) sonia says:

just read your post regarding seroquel and overzealous eating. I too am taking it with profound results. great sleep. great energy. but the eating is scaring me cuz i’ve never been one to “love food”. I want to change meds but i am scared to feel emotionally down… thanks for your post

August 22, 2008 at 1:56 pm
(105) Emily says:

I am also on Seroquel and since I’ve been on it, I’ve gained around 25 pounds. I struggled with depression, and the wieght gain isn’t helping my self esteem. I feel ugly and slow. I have a really horrible time finding clothes that fit me. I often find myself ready to cry when shopping. Not only does the seroquel cause me to gain wieght, but my Prozac does too. When I was put on Prozac, I went from 145 to 150 in two weeks. Then when I was put on the Seroquel I went from 150 to 176. It’s really bothering me. My problem is, what else can they put me on? I hope everything works out for us…

e-mail me if you found a new drug or found out anything helpful

August 24, 2008 at 10:48 pm
(106) Judy says:

taking synthroid 100mcg., and effexor xr 225mgs, risperdal .25 was just added. since risperdal every day, I experienced binging,5 lbs in one week gain that felt like 20 lbs. couldn’t go to the bathroom. removed it and effexor for one day. same day, bathroom no problem. appetite decreased to normal. body feels different, no bloated tissue. risperdal, provides good, clear thinking but the side effects are horrible. it’s remarkable how powerful these meds are, and scary.

September 4, 2008 at 4:42 pm
(107) Estelle says:

I was weaned off klonipin after 13 years(Florida detox.com)with serequel last October and have gained 25 pounds. I can not fall asleep without serequel. All other meds do not work for me. People hardly recognize me. I feel ugly and am living one day at a time. The side effects of serequel are terrible and I want off so badly but it is live w/o sleep or be fat.

September 5, 2008 at 3:56 pm
(108) Julia says:

I’ve been off and on Seroquel now for 2 years to combat anxiety and depression, in combination with Zoloft. I began taking Seroquel about 2 months after I had completed a medically neccesary weight gain program of 35 lbs. (I was hospitalized for Anorexia Nervosa at 5’4″ and 70 lbs.)

I can recall ingesting 3,000 calories plus to simply maintain my weight. However, once beginning Seroquel, I needed to reduce my intake back down to 2,200 calories. My phsycaitrist taughts Seroquel as a weight “nuteral” drug, although I have my doubts!

There have been times when I stopped the Seroqeul and immediatly lost weight, but I tried stopping again this summer and actually gained!?

While on the drug, my energy is lower, but I’m still able to participate in Irish Dance and Running, so obviously, it’s managable. My metabolism is also lower with Seroquel, but again- it’s managable. I just hate the fatigue it gives me!

For those who are gaining on the drug, try a lower dosage. I’m on 75mg currently, and it’s not too bad. Just really keep track of what you eat and when (document it if you have to!), and exercise. I workout 7 days a week through sports, and the exercise also helps improve/stabalize my mood.

September 5, 2008 at 11:43 pm
(109) Erika says:

I have been on Seroquel for a couple of years. I do that creepy “eating in your sleep” thing other people talked about. I am stumbling around the house looking for snack items. I once started to make brownies before the meds had totally hit me, put them in the oven, had the thought that I can’t fall asleep and then fell asleep with the brownies in the oven. I woke up 4 hours later, the sun up and the house stinking of burned brownies. You almost need a babysitter when you start taking this stuff. I thought to myself, “this is what it must be like to be a pothead.” I felt so stupid. Speaking of stupid, I have also been taking Topamax for three years or something. What was my name again? It helped me lose weight that I gained from Risperdal, but I am soooo dumb now. I lose words when I talk to people I mispell words, forget math, concentration? Pfht! It has also made my eyesight very poor. In the last year I have become nearsighted and I can’t see to drive at night at all. But if anyone wants to give Topamax a whirl go right ahead. I have been taking 400mg a day for at least the last 2 years of my love affair with it. It is used as a mood stabilizer, Trileptil sp? Lamictal all those made me sick. O.K. I’m out of things to say.

September 6, 2008 at 3:01 am
(110) Robert says:

Hi everyone. I can so much relate! I was discharged as an inpatient in Feb, around 162 lbs. I feel disgusted as I am now 195 and 5’8″ tall.I take 600 Seroquel a day and 60 of paxil ans 2mg klonopin.I’m drinking again, after 20 years of sobriety. I am so embaressed I’ve told no one. I feel happier with a buzz from etoh. Honestly I am losing my will to live so I guess I’ll have a good time if I can.

September 8, 2008 at 5:25 pm
(111) Lori says:

I’m so glad I found this site. I truly thought there was something really wrong with me because of the weight gain. My dr. swore up and down that it wasn’t Seroquel because that’s not a side effect but yet my diet didn’t change and I’m active. I was taking 25-50 mg per night for insomnia and while Seroquel worked, to me gaining weight wasn’t worth it. I suffered from an eating disorder years ago and gaining almost 20lbs in 6 months has nearly pushed me over the edge. Since I stopped the drug two weeks ago the water I was retaining in my hands and feet has dimished but the scale won’t budge. Does anyone have any idea how long it takes to lose the weight? I’m dieting and doing cardio like crazy but the weight will just not come off. I’m so afraid of falling back into the eating disorder that nearly destroyed my life 3 years ago.

September 9, 2008 at 1:15 pm
(112) Andrej says:

hi everyone, i have been fighting this too for 3 years now and i have gained 21kg in 21 days. and furthermore or in total 50kg. i cant put on any clothes, knees are killing me…. this so called sicence is not what it calls it self. they dont have any PROOF. they want to control your and mine mind. please search for this movie:
The Medicated Child (2008) PBS Frontline
As we know that scientificly proven facts must be testet, as medicine should be tested on more then 10000 people before it’s proven to work. all that is-is a big scam to slovly kill us. they get payed by the illuminati group(search on youtube illuminati project about 200 short movies).
i haven’t been on medicine for about a year now and i am doing great, it just the weigh is huge i am sure it conteins steroids!
at first i was diagnosed as shizofrenic then they said i have a bipolar disorder then they said i am also depressed.. ohh please….. the mannurse(tehnician)while measuring my pressure told me i have gained weigh, i got pissed and then he told me i also have high blud pressure. i mean those guys have no idea or logic to begin with.
it’s the food and water that we put in our body and starts effecting our minds. it’s all documanted we are experements.
to back up my statments, i have meet this women and she was on risperdol, so was i, she became sterile and can’t have any children. so the story goes on, this white smocks stand together if anyone suspetcs anything even if someone dies. we need to get the word out

September 11, 2008 at 7:41 pm
(113) latj says:

Seroquel did the exact same thing to me. BUT..I was actually eating in my sleep. My husband CAUGHT me eating in the bed and I was fully asleep. I was not aware that I was eating. I was hungry night and day. I gained 44 pounds. The medication did not make that big of a difference to me for me to stay on it. For me it was not the “icing on the cake” that made my struggle with bi-polar any better. I was sleeping too much and had this eiry feeling all the time. I talked to my Dr and agreed to another three months before I put me foot down and refused to take it anymore. I never will stop a medication without a Drs permission because I take my treatment entirely too seriously. I’ve come from a girl who could barely get out of the bed and deal with life to a woman who is working on her PH D. I have figured out that it is ME in control of the disease and that I have to take my meds, see my therapist and do whatever it takes to keep it in check. It will not go away….there is no cure. But it no longer runs me….I run it. Having an honest and open relationship with your Dr is most important. Seroquel was not the best choice for me. There are plenty of drugs out there….if one doesn’t work…there are plenty more.

September 12, 2008 at 12:46 pm
(114) Amanda says:

I am so glad to see all of these posts. I have been on several different meds over the years. I have been taking Lamictal 200mg for the past year. My pdoc added Seroquel 2 weeks ago and I have already gained 10 pounds! without changing my diet or exercise, and I exercise regularly. If I don’t take meds I don’t sleep at ALL so I take Temazipan but it stopped working as well. The Seroquel definitely helps with sleep (and I don’t have the problem of eating after I take it, luckily) but I don’t think it’s worth the weight gain.

September 13, 2008 at 10:50 pm
(115) Jennifer says:

I exercise (30 min. cardio and then some weights) almost every day and eats lots of fruit & veggies, and I too have gained almost 20 pounds in about 10 weeks after upping my Seroquel to 125-150 mg. I even stepped up the exercise b/c I’m freaking out over my inability to not EAT like a starving person at night, I just keep gaining. I was ~142 and am now 160 -164. I have stretch marks on my stomach b/c it seemed like it happened overnight. This is my 1st round on these meds (Lamictal & higher dose of Seroquel) and this week I decided I’m going to see my doc and ask if if I can change them around (up the lamictal instead?) or do some other med? My stomach got little stretch marks, it was so fast. I empathize with buying clothes (pants) and 1-2 weeks later they don’t fit. Seroquel was great at first (helped my anxiety and irritibility), but this is too much weight in less than 3 months. I’m eating like a rabbit and still I gain.

September 14, 2008 at 2:51 pm
(116) rightstayeng says:

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September 15, 2008 at 1:43 pm
(117) husky psycho says:

My whole life i’ve battled with my weight and recently i’ve had to battle a mental illness. i lost a ton of wieght in college, i gained a little back and have been at 140 for a long time. then i started taking seroquel. I don’t think my eating habits have changed, and i run 2 miles a day. So far i’ve gained 20 lbs. I feel terrible. i keep cutting out food and increasing exercising, but i keep gaining. it is so frustrating, and although i’m happy to be sane, the weight gain is driving me crazy. I’ve lowered the dose but it doesn’t seem to help. I can’t imagine how huge i would be if i didn’t exercise or diet. help me !

September 17, 2008 at 3:50 am
(118) globalcitizen says:

Reading this site has helped me to tackle the Seroquel weight gain. Even though I am on a very low dosage (for therapy-resistent migraine) I gained weight on a daily basis…)What I concluded from all these comments was that obviously only those persons who are doing a lot of physical exercise, did not gain weight.
Hence, three basic conclusions, and, mind you – there is NO WAY AROUND THEM: a) the calory intake ist too high for the little we burn. b) As long as this is not being changed, weīll continue to gain weight. c)No one else can do this for us – itīs only (and ONLY!!!) we ourselves who can do it.
So – since I am not the one to have invented self-discipline, I try tricking myself: Only healthy things in the fridge (You can eat only whatīs there!)cooking with as little fat as possible and NO FIZZY DRINKS !!! Water is the best we have. Whenever I want something to be sweet, I use sweetener – no sugar. I hate having to go somewhere for work-outs, so I bought an elliptic trainer (these contraptions that imitate the movements of crosscountry skiing)and put it in front of the TV. The movments are pleasant and gentle on the joints – you can do it at any time of the day and at any speed you feel like. Increase the training time slowly. At first I did not notice much difference, but after having reached one hour of training time daily, I finally started loosing weight, about 200-300 gramms a day. These small successes keep me going. Remember: YOU have to do it, because no one else will and can.

September 22, 2008 at 1:31 pm
(119) yorkie says:

I’m on day 5 of taking seroquel to help with my borderline personality mood swings and hearing voices. The pdoc told me it was the least likely of anti psychotics to cause weight gain. I’m already morbidly obese so I was worried about that. I’m not anxious anymore. It’s fantastic. Ok i feel all wibbly wobbly most of the day, and i do wake up during the night and head for the fridge, but i’ve made sure it’s full of healthy food. I’ve never eaten so much couscous. Another downside is horrendous stomach pain (gas) after eating.
But tonight, I’m going swimming. Something i haven’t been able to do for years due to the anxiety. I just hope I don’t fall asleep in the pool lol.

October 5, 2008 at 12:48 am
(120) Wendy says:

I have been taking Seroquel for bad depression and panic for about 6 months. I take it at night, 7pm, so it will help me sleep. I take it and get in a daze. I feel like I have been starved for days on end. I get a feeling of extreem hunger about an hour or 2 after I take it. I have never eaten so much. If I try and fight the hunger, I go to bed an like clock work I have to get up at 1? 3? in the morning after dreaming if food and that is not good. i have gained about 25 pounds since starting it. I did not know it was linked to Seroquel! I have been this big one time, when 9 months pregnant with my child. I am seeking different options due to this side effect. I am not eating less, i am eating more.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention. i was very curious why I gained to much. I also have a side effect of blurred vision and trouble swallowing since day 1. I get extremely paranoid on this and have to take a valium. I am so done with this medicine. Thanks again!

October 10, 2008 at 6:44 am
(121) Carolyn says:

Well I must say it is a relief to read all I have about weight gain. To be honest I don’t know how much weight I’ve gained because, with my history of eating disorder I was taught to avoid the scale to avoid obsessing on it. Well it doesn’t seem to matter much anymore. I am stuck. I got up to a little over 200 pounds and am a little shorter than 5’4″. It’s horrible. I have been doing strenuous exercise and eating healthfully, and so far have only been able to drop down to 190. My history of eating disorder has run the gammet, overeating, exercise bulimia, undereating. With all this experience I know my body well enough to know when I should be losing weight, and as of now (2 months of continued dedicated exercise, and better eating) I am stuck at 190. I am feeling everything that has been mentioned: self-disgust, hopelessness and shame. I want to live my life! I feel these side effects are interfering. Again, as others have said, the sleep is a blessing. I do not night binge. I just haven’t been able to lose it, no matter what exercise I do, or how I eat. I’m going to see my p-doc but she is obese herself! I take 200 mg seroquel, and am also on 150 mg Lamictal. It is blessing to share with you all. Thanks for all your comments.

October 20, 2008 at 9:30 am
(122) Carla says:

Hi, I am 26 and took seroquel at 20 for about a year and again at 23 for about 7 or so months. The first time I took it I was on about 12 different medications and did not gain any weight. The second time I was on about 4 different meds and gained 40 pounds in less than two weeks and then continued to gradually gain weight. I ended up gaining 60 lbs. I had gone for a visit with my dr and was in tears telling him I cant do this anymore and the weight wont come off. He suggested I exercise. I was exercising for atleast 3 hours a day. I finally gave up. I was like this is not going to come off and the dr didnt care at all. At my next visit I went in and told him that I was not going to take these meds anymore and asked that he help me ween off. He told me he could not do that and I had to quit on my own. I went through the worst withdrawal of my life for two weeks. I shook and threw up and cried and had the sweats. It was just horrible. Within 3 weeks I lost 20 lbs. The last 40 that I gained so quickly wont come off. It has been years and it doesnt matter how much I diet or how much I exercise. I was diagnosed as being bipolar and it wasnt until they put me on everything that I had major issues. I at the time was going through a rough divorce where I found out my then husband was gay and had been cheating on me while being overseas. At the same time I had a son who was 4 1/2 pounds and had pyloric stenosis. I dont think I was ever bipolar at all and misdiagnosed and think had they ever got my couseling I would have been fine. I got counseling the last time I took meds and it was that counselor that was like why are you on all of this. When I told my dr he was so rude and it was a realization that I was an easy 90-115 bucks a month to every 3 months where he only spent 2 mins with me. He would ask me what I was on and what I thought I needed. Through one dr I even got shock treatments. This weight to me is a reminder of how terrible some of these drs are and how much it hurt to hear my dr that day and that he wouldnt even try to see how I was not on this stuff. At that point I had been going to the counseling for awhile and had worked through a lot of problems. I even became agoraphobic on these meds and rarely left my house for 5 years. I just dont think these medications are the lifesaver everyone thinks they are and I think misdiagnosis happens often. I didnt sleep on my own for years and everyday I am off the meds it becomes easier and easier.

October 22, 2008 at 6:33 pm
(123) Nancy says:

Well, I have been an alcoholic for 24 years. In my 20′s I dealt with my Schizoaffective disorder and Bipolar 1 by using alcohol and psychiatric drug samples from a low income clinic. I weigh 123 lbs currently. I have taken depakote, wellbutrin, celexa, prozac, zyprexa and others. If you become extremely pschotic, Zyprexa is a wonder drug however it does cause weight gain, 8 lbs a week for me. I have an eating disorder which was triggered after a break up in which I felt rejected by a married man. I quit drinking 2 monthes ago after a DUI and several fights and unprotected sex which made me quit alcohol. I just started Paxil CR, Lamictal and Seroquel. I took Seroquil previously with no weight gain, just alot of drowsiness. I was just prescribed a 50mg instead of 300mg to aleviate the drowsiness. I slept great last night because of the Seroquel. I will keep you posted on the weight gain.

October 27, 2008 at 12:08 am
(124) Michele says:

I am starving myself or gorging and puking because of Seroquel I see my doc Nov 6th going to ask for Topomax. If you have any ideas please email me shel80015@yahoo.com or the same problem and want to talk about it. I was 130 and now 180. I diet, excersise, walk and I mean I do and watch everything and do not lose a pound! Please help!

October 30, 2008 at 10:51 am
(125) pammerjo says:

I take 120mg of Cymbalta, 75.mg of seroquel and .5 mg of klonopin, all for depression/anxiety/sleep disorders. I started seeing a new MD yesterday, and while complaining of the weight, I blamed the cymbalta. she told me that seroquel was the culprit, so we are weaning me off of it. Ultimately, I’d like to find a more natural solution to my sleep issues, so this seems like a good first step. have gained 30 lbs in a year, which looks horrible on my small frame.

October 31, 2008 at 1:05 am
(126) david says:

this might sound rediculous, but i have curbed weight gain by PREPARING for my hunger. i have soup ready and a bunch of veggies like carrots and celery. you can dip the carrots in hummus or put some peanut butter on the celery. it’s not the best answer, but most of the weight i’ve gained is okay. i won’t lie though, i still gained a little around the belly area. hey, my life is WAYYY better on seraquel. i feel ya though…

October 31, 2008 at 3:41 am
(127) Susan says:

I wrote on August 11. I was number (103). I had lost 6 or 7 lbs. I started eating sweets again. But I am practically starving myself really. I went to the doctor today and I have only lost 1 lb. I have to admit that I don’t excercise. I am still very lazy. I just can’t get motivated. If anyone has any advice on how to get motivated let me know. My pdoc suggested water areobics cause of my bad knees. But I don’t like the idea of having to dry my hair in the cold weather. And catching colds in the cold air. And once I did water areobics and they had infections in the water cause the water was too hot. So, I have that as an excuse. (sigh)So what kind of excercise do you guys do? And how do you get motivated?

November 7, 2008 at 10:16 am
(128) kristen says:

hi all! i have been reading everyone’s comments and i hve o say it feels good to know i not the only one sufeing with this horrible weight gain. i used to be 110 lbs. i have been on seoquel since april and am now 182 lbs. i tried to go off of it, but foud tht i just couldnt sleep without it. i was even taking ambien when i went off of it. still no sleep. i am also on abilify which my dr told me causes weight gain around the tummy…where all of my weight is. does anyone know of a good alternative to seroquel or abilify besides topomax? my dr refuses to give it to me…im ready to just put up with insomnia just to lose the weight, as i only take seroquel to sleep. this weight has to go. i have suffered with eating disorders in the past and dont want to go that route again.

November 8, 2008 at 7:41 am
(129) Kate says:

I started Seroquel last night – feel good today, better than in absolute ages! Was on Molipaxin but still slept badly and was anxious and down. I hope I dont gain weight – I have been through that with Remeron. I am taking Cymbalta in the mornings – both are newly prescribed.
Will keep you posted and carry on reading!

November 8, 2008 at 2:10 pm
(130) Carolyn says:

I’m finally noticing an appreciable weight loss. I had struggled for about four months and lost 15 pounds. The workouts I was doing were exptremely strenuous, and my diet was most of the time quite conducive to weight loss in my “pre-seroquel” body. Between all that exercise and healthy eating I would typically lose plenty more. As you can imagine I was quite frustrated. But now I’ve found a solution! Cardio every day– now don’t look at this and say, “Whohas the time?” or, “I can’t discipline myself to do that. Where I had been doing swimming and cycling and a high impact dance program NIA, and yoga 2-3 times a week I couldn’t lose any more weight. However, I took some sage advice I’d gotten not so long ago to do cardio every day, even walking, plain old walking, not speed walking, counted. I have lost an appreciable amount of weight just by walking every day (I haven’t weighed myself yet, but my clothes are fitting so great!) I do believe that my weight losing “pump” was probably already primed from all the working out I’d done prior, but in ONE week of walking I saw a BIG difference. I walk 45 minutes a day, that’s it. My intention has been to do some of the cardio I already mentioned along with the walking, I’ve just been busy. It’s a MIRACLE to me. I wonder what will happen when I throw in some of the more intensive cardio and walk all the days I don’t do that… I’m looking forward to finding out. Yoga is awesome. It is so relaxing, centering, calming, AND it does awesome stuff your body, like lengthening of muscles, which also helps clothes fit better. If you are now saying to yourself I can’t do that, keep it simple, just committ to walking EVERY day. Believe I’ve been there with the blues, unmotivated, etc. I’m just sharing this you as a solution. I have read about a lot of people asking for help with the weight gain on Seroquel, and the depression over it, well this is a solution. I don’t know how fast it will work for you, but it will, I was told to do it by somebody who knew better and they were right! So– if you want a solution here IS one. You choose, if you’d rather remain in despair about the weight gain when you ARE physically capable of walking about 45 minutes or a bit more each day, then that’s your choice. I’m just glad I FINALLY found a solution for myself! I hope that this message and its’ information serve you well! Many blessings to you all.

November 8, 2008 at 11:06 pm
(131) Terry says:

I was on zyprexa for ten years. when I started taking it I weighed 165. after 10 yrs I weighed 265, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I would take my meds and then eat everything insight. finally a doctor took me off of it and put me on 50mg of sequel. with in the last year I have lost ninety pounds and don’t need the other meds for my heath my more. recently my dosage was increased to 500mg and am having to fight the feeling of over eating at night again. Its very difficult and I struggle. The most effective solution I have found is to take it and go to bed immediately. By the time I wake up the feeling to gorge is gone. people on zyprexa find a alternative now, your life may depend on it. I take my meds for OCD, PTSD AND DEPRESSION.There is a light at the end of the tunnel. BE WELL.

November 11, 2008 at 3:58 pm
(132) lmaro says:

I have been on Seroquel for a little over a year and I am at the heaviest weight I have been at for the last 15 years. I am so frustrated right now and I can not believe the information I have about appetite, urges to binge, never feeling full/satisfied, etc. I finally have some validation/confirmation. I have brought up to my doc several times that I want to eat 24/7 and there is something going on in my brain. This isnt right. To make matters worse, I have struggled with Bulimia for the last 30 years. I am ready to give up on this medication and try something new. I exercise 6 days a week – just 45 minutes of cardio and I am finally getting a small grip on my food intake. I have to admit that I have been eating like a horse, eating sweets that I never have before, and eating at night. I am hopeful, after some time of cutting down my calorie intake, exercising, cutting out the junk food that I will drop some of the 25 pounds I have gained. Fortunately I am tall. I also can’t believe how alot of the weight is around my mid-section! I haven’t ever had a gut like the one I have now. Anyway, hopefully with my persistance of staying on a good diet and exercising will start to give me some results. I am grateful for this blog and the information I have received today.

November 14, 2008 at 11:42 pm
(133) Erin says:

I have been on Seroquel for a few years now. I have Bipolar Mania and am on 600mg. a day. I have gained so much weight on this drug BUT its the only thing they have found that works for me so I dont want to change my meds plus it helps me sleep. Night is the hardest I want to eat, eat, eat! I cant remember ever doing this before I was on all the meds. I have to take my meds or I end up not in a good place! I am so dpressed b/c of my weight gain! I just dont know what its going to take for me to loose! I have tried Weight Watchers several times BUT am alwasy so hungry I can never seem to stcik to the points! Not sure where to go from here! I am getting desperate!

November 16, 2008 at 11:39 pm
(134) katie frazer says:

I was on zyprexa and i gained ten pounds in a week

i just started seroquel and the desire to eat all the time is there but not as bad as when i was on zyprexa
im only twenty and i work out but i can’t keep the weight off and i try to eat only three times a day

i need the meds or i cant function

November 19, 2008 at 3:21 pm
(135) kristy says:

I am currently undergoing ECT. I have been on Lamictal and Perphenazine for quite some time. But with the ECT I am experiencing some mania. The doctor wants me to take Seroquel but I won’t do it because of the weight gain factor. I’m going back and forth with this question. But I know what Zyprexa did to me….fifteen pounds later….I’m just too vain for that. It took me 2 years to get it off. Otherwise I would recommend ECT for everybody. After the initial mania which seems to be only a temporary side effect I feel pretty good. Better than any antidepressant I ever took.

November 20, 2008 at 1:01 pm
(136) Manda says:

Add Topamax into the mix, Seroquel increases your appetite and Topamax curbs it. I’m doing that now and it works great for me. I hope this helps you.

November 20, 2008 at 4:05 pm
(137) Katya says:

Hello, everyone –

I, too, am having the same horrible difficulty. I have had almost lifelong insomnia, but about nine years ago, after the birth of my second son, my psychiatrist finally put me on meds for sleep for the first time.

It’s the same old story — one by one I would develop a tolerance to them and they wouldn’t work anymore. To make a long story shorter, I was finally prescribed Seroquel for sleep. I was told it was an anti-psychotic; however, I would be taking it in much lower doses than would a person with psychosis. Rather than about 600 mg. daily, I was to take about 200 mg. at bedtime for sleep.

This was over a year ago, but I still remember the first night I took it. I slept so well my husband had to get my two elementary (at the time) school age sons ready for school and take them there. I think I slept until noon or something!

I am a person who simply does not sleep; I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but hence finally all the medications after years of just dealing with it. Anyway, after this wonderful night’s sleep, I thought I had found Nirvana or something.

Well, let me tell you, all that soon changed. Not only did the drug decrease in effectiveness over time, but the WEIGHT GAIN! I couldn’t believe it. I literally could gain 2-3 pounds overnight. This in itself tells me that it’s not overeating by itself that causes the weight increase, but something else about this drug.

Within probably a month, I gained 20-30 pounds, going from about 125 to 150 pounds. This was extremely difficult for me, as I have always been slender with a great figure. I simply can’t deal with being fat (except when I was pregnant, of course).

I would exercise and exercise, to no avail. I also know that I was not particularly overeating. As I mentioned above, it is something else about this med; what, I don’t know.

One of my sisters, who is a family practice physician, did admit that Seroquel can cause weight gain, but my psychiatrist said it wasn’t as bad as Zyprexa in this regard. My sister, Ms. Practical, said to me,

“Well, when you feel like eating too much, you’ll notice it and then you just won’t do it.”

Wow. Great advice. Not.

I stopped Seroquel at that time about a year ago and was suddenly able (what do you know?!) to lose weight again. However, due to intolerable insomnnian, I recently began taking it again (I have tons left over).

Same thing is happening. Within the course of a week, I have gained ten pounds. I feel fat! Exercise changes nothing. The numbers on the scale just keep going inexorably up and up. If I take this drug, I am not in control of my weight; it’s as simple as that.

I have now decided to stop the Seroquel again. Don’t know what I’ll do, but the weight gain is intolerable and unacceptable.

I haven’t had time yet to read everybody’s posts, but I hope to do so. I have skimmed them, and I see over and over the same thing that I’m experiencing.

Good luck to everybody.

November 20, 2008 at 4:19 pm
(138) Katya says:

First of all, I just spent a good portion of my time writing a comment here, and it has not appeared. What’s up with that? I don’t want to be wasting my time.

Secondly, I happened to read of a couple of people who take Topamax. We all know, I guess, that this med actually causes weight loss, which is wonderful, but I absolutely would not recommend anyone ever taking it!

The side effects (other than that great weight loss) are horrific. You feel so fatigued that you couldn’t exercise if you wanted to, your balance is adversely affected, your extremities tingle and, by far worst of all, it messes with your brain. You can’t think straight; it’s as if your I.Q. drops 20 points.

Where I live, a pharmacist told me that they jokingly call it “Stupidmax;” my sister, an M.D., says that in her practice they call it “Dopamax.” Seems to me that if the people prescribing this med are using these terms for it, it might be something to stay away from!

Best to all,


December 2, 2008 at 11:42 pm
(139) Kevin says:

I have now been on Seroquel(800mg daily) and Depakote(1000mg daily) for a year. So far they have been miracle drugs for me. I did gain weight all in the first two months from 125lbs. to 160lbs. I was underweight to begin with so most of the weight gain was beneficial. After ballooning up quickly I have dropped 5-10lbs. and have been able to maintain this healthy weight.

December 5, 2008 at 11:14 am
(140) Steve Martin says:

I have been taking seroquel in combination with lithium for several years. Between overeating from the seroquel sideeffects and water retention incurred from lithium I ballooned from 190 lbs. to 255 lbs. in 6 months. I have recently weaned myself off lithium and am in the process of the same with my seroquel. I continue to take my antidepressant medication. Lately life has burdened me with a lot of pressure and I am struggling to deal with all of it. My concern is I may not find the appropriate balance in my ability to function without the potential of disaster manifesting itself.

December 5, 2008 at 11:19 am
(141) Steve says:

I have been taking seroquel for sleep depravation for several years. As all seem to say my weight shot through the roof. I have sinced been weaning myself off of this drug and will deal with the sleep issues as may be. I was counselled with these words, ” No one has ever died from lack of sleep.” Something to consider for those of us with this issue.

December 11, 2008 at 4:41 am
(142) lynda says:

I have taken just about everything to control my violent mood swings. I take Seroquel, Trazodone, and a new one that even i can’t spell or even say. It has helped me so much. I am very stable now. Love to laugh, controlled my spending habits. I am on a good combination. I thank the VA for this.

December 11, 2008 at 4:49 pm
(143) alicia says:

is the weight gain because seroquel causes you to sleep eat or because of a physical change? if it’s a medical change then gastric bypass would not change. someone help

December 16, 2008 at 9:36 pm
(144) piercedjewel says:

I was put on lithium 9 months ago when I was finally diagnosed with Bipolar 2 but found it wasnt really working well and I wasnt sleeping easier so had Seroquel 25mg added and my weight slowly started to rise but in the last month I was taken off Lithium and the Seroquel was raised to now 300mg – I am waking in the morning with food in my mouth – I always feel hungry but I have gained 15kg in the last month.

I have to wonder whether it is just the extra food and the kinds of foods (yes all the junk food you can imagine) or if its also fluid – normally even food wouldnt make you put on so much weight so quickly – I mean 1 to 2 kg overnight is not food – if it is fluid – wouldnt fluid tablets help?

Im seeing my GP today (my pdoc says swears every time I bring it up that Seroquel is not related to weigh gain) and see what the GP says I am also going to ask about the Topamax.

I too have been through a stage of annorexia and have always been able to control my food intake – but not now and that alone scares me. Will post back later after seeing my Dr and see what he has to say.

December 16, 2008 at 9:38 pm
(145) Piercedjewel says:

I was put on lithium 9 months ago when I was finally diagnosed with Bipolar 2 but found it wasnt really working well and I wasnt sleeping easier so had Seroquel 25mg added and my weight slowly started to rise but in the last month I was taken off Lithium and the Seroquel was raised to now 300mg – I am waking in the morning with food in my mouth – I always feel hungry but I have gained 15kg in the last month.

I have to wonder whether it is just the extra food and the kinds of foods (yes all the junk food you can imagine) or if its also fluid – normally even food wouldnt make you put on so much weight so quickly – I mean 1 to 2 kg overnight is not food – if it is fluid – wouldnt fluid tablets help?

Im seeing my GP today (my pdoc says swears every time I bring it up that Seroquel is not related to weigh gain) and see what the GP says I am also going to ask about the Topamax.

I too have been through a stage of annorexia and have always been able to control my food intake – but not now and that alone scares me. Will post back later after seeing my Dr and see what he has to say.

For some reason my first attempt to post didnt work so trying again (sorry if it comes up twice)

December 27, 2008 at 1:03 pm
(146) Midwest says:

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your adventures with Seroquel. I, too, am Bipolar II prone to rapid cycling, and Seroquel works like a charm. The weight gain is miserable — I’ve gone from 135 to 208 over several years (some of the weight was pre-Seroquel), and it’s discouraging. My meds are Levoxyl (for hypothyroid), 200 mg Seroquel, Lexapro, and Wellbutrin. The pdoc put me on the Wellbutrin to help the weight situation, and it did slow help somewhat. We both realize that the Seroquel is the culprit and that the effects are not dose dependent. Cymbalta, lithium, and trileptal didn’t work, and he has mentioned Geodon but I am worried about side effects. I know what hell my life was without the Seroquel and although I hate being overweight, I wouldn’t be doing so well and enjoying life. Exercise and the Volumetrics diet are my latest lifestyle change.

January 2, 2009 at 12:17 pm
(147) unknown says:

I have been on seraquel for atleast 6 years. before starting sera. I was at the perfect weight maybe under weight. Now i need to loose a at least 20lb. my doc says exercise but it is so difficult when you are over weight. They tell me stop eating in the middle of the night but i don’t know i am i am sleep eating. when i go off sera. my episodes go out of control. I am having nerological problems now. consider all else before sera. its strong stuff

January 18, 2009 at 11:18 pm
(148) Jennifer says:

I too am on seroquel and it is frustrating to say the least. I’m in nursing program so I have to continue with the medicine it’s wonderful I can concentrate, but I have gained 18lbs, which makes me depressed. However I have started walking again (before da meds I worked out everyday) I have lost a couple of pounds and I hope to continue to loose. Sooo far I walk 4 miles a day. It’s just a battle to motivate myself to walk, but than I make myself look in the mirror. It’s a great motivation. I suggest investing in a ipod. It’s hard to find time to exercise between studying, kids, and a husband but so far I have made the time. I wish everyone good luck.

January 21, 2009 at 5:20 pm
(149) Jsr86 says:

Has anyone on here lost weight after stopping seroquel? I am trying to lose weight and can’t. It would really be helpful to me to know if it is worth going off the meds.

January 22, 2009 at 7:10 pm
(150) Maryann says:

Hi, I have been on Seroquel for about 5 years. My doctor started me on 1,200 mg per night, I could barely reach the bed after taking the meds. I was also on TOPOMAX, (please don’t take this drug, my hair started to fall out in fist-fulls. I went to see a special dermatologist for my hair loss and he told me that I had very high TOXICITY from Topomax. I spent $3,000 for my hair to grow back. I have gained about 45 pounds on Seroaquel, still taking it, but I do feel that I want to go “cold turkey”, I went from 118 lbs to 154 lbs. When I take a shower it’s all swiss cheese, I used to have a “killer bod” and exercised 5 times a week. Now I can’t walk one flight of stairs without being winded. I am so pist off at my doctor, she just keeps giving me this pills and I resent her for it. I read all of your posting and I thank you so much. I have not been in a relationship since I started these medications, I tried so many of them. There was a medication that my doctor put me on and I had no idea that I wa “Sleep walking” – mind you I live in New York City, until my superintendant in the building told me that I went out twice in one night in my PJ’s. I was terrified. I asked him if I had my buttons on ;) , he said yes. At work I had attention deficit disorder because of all these drugs that were fogging my brain. I took some pictures of myself and my face is so round and swollen, I can’t recognize me. I am so ashame of what has become of me with these drugs.

January 23, 2009 at 12:50 pm
(151) tiffany says:

i too have gained weight on seroquel. I started it about a year ago for addiction and suicidality, depression and ocd. i take between 200 to 300 per night. i have always weighed around 120 to 125 and now i weigh 140 without changing anything. i have even started going to the gym and cutting calories to no avail. i have decided to go cold turkey and see what happens. it’s day two and i feel off the hook a bit, plus no sleep but if i lose the weight it’ll be worth it. it’s also around the middle like many have said. odd very odd.

January 29, 2009 at 7:54 pm
(152) joanne says:

Don’t stop the seroquel. I almost died from doing this. The weight gain is pitiful but the thin life is where I know I am getting sick again due to the termination of the medicine. I try to not eat and still binge. Then I remember back to the day I told a nurse in the hospital…all I want is to be able to swallow food again. Could not eat due to stopping Seroquel. It’s life or death for me and I chose life.

January 31, 2009 at 5:11 am
(153) Trisha . says:

I got diagnosed Bipolar II when I was 16. I tried everything, the list is so long that I don’t remember everything that I was put on… I gave up because apparently I was extremely sensitive to medications. Finally after a almost fatal suicide attempt. I was prescribed 300 mg. seroquel, 600 mg. lithium, and 1 mg. Xanax, a day. The first few weeks on the seroquel was unbearably tiresome. I was warned about this and my Therapist begged me to give a year of my life to take the medications correctly. I had no other choice, and let me tell you, seroquel saved my life. The next six months I was functioning and working again. I had healthy relationships and felt like I had never felt in my life; I was happy. I’m 21 now, It’s been a year since I took that leap of faith. Yes, I have gained 30 pounds over the year, but it is worth it. Of course, I am worried about my health and intend on getting something that settles my cravings. I think back to the day that my Therapist prescribed me on seroquel, and she said, “This is a major weight gainer.” I laughed in her face, now I could EAT those words! At the time I was on a strict all natural, organic only, diet for my ulcerative colitis. Before I knew it, I was off of it enjoying anything that I could get my hands on. I’m 5’2″ and I went from a healthy 120 – 150 in a year. I often wonder, what is the price that you pay to be happy?

February 6, 2009 at 9:21 am
(154) Rachel says:

Certianly consult your doctor before stopping the medication. I gained 40 punds due to Seroquel over the past 2 years and complained to my psych, who is now switching meciatcations with me over to Abilify. The results have been good and my hunger and thoughts of food are way down. Unfortunately, I learned that daily workouts and diet may stop weight gain, but won’t cause weight loss on this med. If you are comfortable and stable in your mood, ask your doctor about trying to change medication.

February 24, 2009 at 3:37 pm
(155) Lisa O says:

Please help ..can anyone or does anyone have a suggestion please ..I am taking Pristiq and seroquel at night to sleep either 50 or 100 mg, for aprox 8 mo now, I work out at least 5 times a week,treadmill, weights and eliptical, I also work full time, I am very active.. I watch what I eat and constantly weight conscious, I am 42yo, since the seroquel I have gained weight and can’t seem to stay in shape I feel so pudgy,esp around my abdomen, in fact my whole middrift, and thighs and butt, well Hell,I just got FAT!!!! I went from 115lbs to 150lbs!!! I am only 5’3″. I am so sick of it ,,the exercise and diet and nothing is hapenning..it has to be the seroquel….CAN ANYONE SUGGEST AN ALTERNATIVE MED THAT HAS WORKED WITH THEM , NO WEIGHT GAIN OR PLEASE EVEN WEIGHT LOSS..something that speeds the metabolism not slows it. (seroquel has worked for sleep as well as mood)…Suggestions please I am getting depressed now..becuz of the battle. HELP!

February 24, 2009 at 3:51 pm
(156) Marcia Purse says:

If you are doing the same amount of exercise and the same diet as you were doing before you started Seroquel, unfortunately you will have to step it up. If you are not actually counting your calories, start doing that. Get a target amount of calories for the day that include the amount of exercise you are doing already.

Try Calorie Count, a free online calorie counting program. There are also software programs you can purchase. Counting calories is what made the difference for me.

March 11, 2009 at 6:12 am
(157) Maureen says:

I have been on seroqil since 2004, I had to get off lithuim because I was losing my hair, I had been on it since 1997. It took a year at the Phyciastrist to get stable on seroquil. My doses are 1 25 ml. in the morning 50 ml. at dinner and 200ml at bedtime. I quess the days are the boosters. Lately I have been waking up with feeling swelled up esp my hands, i feel so tight. I need to know if anyone else haas this reaction after being on it so long.

March 20, 2009 at 5:50 am
(158) pippa says:

Hi everyone. I have been on seroquel for 5 years, on 300mg every night. I have suffered from annorexia since age 15. I am 27 now. In the last 3 years I have gained more than 30kg, more than half my original body weight.
I am devestated. In Novemeber I started weening off the seroquel and took the last of it 3 days ago. I really hope that I loose this weight. I would like to know how quick others lost it after stopping seroquel.

March 20, 2009 at 1:23 pm
(159) janet says:

my daughter put on 2o lbs in 3 months on abilify….

March 21, 2009 at 2:02 am
(160) Colin says:

I was on Seroquel for years and gained about 30 lbs. I asked to be taken off and was put on Topamax 150 mg works well for sleep not quite as well for panic and calming but it is as good otherwise I find without the weight gain, supposedly it aids in weight loss. We shall see.

March 27, 2009 at 4:03 pm
(161) Megan says:

Ladies..i feel all your problems..i was on lexapro, effexor, and seroquel all mixed together and i went from a tiny 130 lbs to a now near 210…all because of my seroquel and effexor cocktail!!!! i love it tho…cuz with having sleep issues it works like a charm..but i do see myself at night VERY VERY thirsty!!!..but the gosh darn weight gain kills….any ideas on what to do??? Im on 75mg of Effexor in the morning and 300mg of Seroquil at night…and the weight gain is outta control!!!

April 6, 2009 at 1:22 pm
(162) Heather says:

I have been taking Seroquel since 8/08 & within a few months I gained 10 pounds Then all of a sudden – seemed like overnight – I gained another 8 pounds! This is very frustrating considering I was already trying to lose 25 pounds before this happened! I feel like Seroquel works well for me except for the weight gain & that if I take it too late at night I am an exhausted zombie in the morning. I also have found that I need to eat something after taking it to make it “kick in” & make me sleepy. The problem is, once it does “kick in” I am RAVENOUS for sweets and bread products. I have done lots of research the past few days & found weight gain seems to be an epidemic in regards to Seroquel. Currently there are many lawsuits against Astra-Zeneca for burying research revealing Seroquel caused weight gain & diabetes (see Washington Post 3/18/09 – Study 15). I will see my doctor tomorrow & plan on advising him I want to be taken off Seroquel – the weight gain is not worth it to me & I can’t lose weight on this drug no matter what I do. Stopping Seroquel seems to be my only option. I cannot believe how rampant weight gain is with this drug & why my doc didn’t take me off of it when I made complaints of weight gain a months ago – his response – “diet & exercise”. Well that hasn’t worked. Just not sure what drug should replace Seroquel – this whole experience has shaken my faith in doctors & from now on I will research any meds I am prescribed so I can make informed choices! Good luck to all & I am relieved (but also saddened) I’m not the only one dealing with this. Much love to all :)

April 6, 2009 at 9:24 pm
(163) Caroline says:

I am relieved that after reading all of these posts I see that it is possible that Seroquel has caused my weight problems. I had a baby in July and was losing weight on schedule. Then I started Seroquel. I now weigh almost what I weighed when I was pregnant — and I’m nursing (which is supposed to help with weight loss) AND working out like crazy. I keep trying to back on eating and still I can’t lose weight. I’ve had horrible sugar cravings which I’ve tried to curb. It was only after reading all of these posts that I came to believe that the Seroquel might be the culprit.

To those who ask if you lose weight after stopping it, I don’t know specifically about Seroquel. Years ago, however, I had been on Clozaril (and 18 million other drugs) and had put on quite a bit of weight. Once I stopped the Clozaril, the weight dropped off steadily and easily. I lost about 60 pounds without much effort over the course of maybe 6 months at the most. I’m hoping the same thing will happen if I stop the Seroquel.

April 11, 2009 at 11:54 pm
(164) marlinda says:

I’m so glad I’ve stumbled upon this website. After my husband tragically died in a motorcycle accident I was diagnosed as being bipolar. It hasn’t yet been a year on the Seroquel but I have gained over 50 lbs. At first I didnt understand week after week not able to fit clothes I wore just the week before. Im on Zoloft, Seroquel, Lamictal,and Trazodone; I didnt know which was doing it to me. Even though I was stable mood wise I contemplated going cold turkey on all the meds. I talked to my phychiatrist about the weight and her answer was always eat right and exercise. So I started working with a personal trainer 3 times a week for a hour each session (at a premium), and working with a dietician who totally changed my diet cutting out sugar and only eating fresh green foods and fruit and daily amount of protein.?My sugar cravings are out of this world but i use mind over matter and try to get through the day. Im doing everything “right”, but weight loss is still slow. I was on 800mg of Seroquel a night since then she has dropped it down to 300 mg but I think i’m just going to come off. Im getting really depressed about the weight and that seems counter-productive. I dont what to do but I do know I can’t continue on like this. I just want to say to the one’s who have also gained the weight I know what your going through. I have a good tip for the sugar cravings, my dietician told me to drink some Crystal Light when it hits you, so far it works. (I like the wild strawberry flavor)

May 4, 2009 at 9:48 am
(165) Amber says:

I have gained 60 lbs on Seroquel but lik eyou, it works! I feel rly uncomfortable too and eat in my sleep every 2 hours at night. It works, but weight gain stinks. Be greatful you only gained 20 lbs.

May 5, 2009 at 11:52 am
(166) t_ski says:

(female here) What a relief to find this discussion. I recently began having dizzy spells, heart racing, and then full blown panic attacks. These came out of the blue for no apparent reason, and at odd times. Most times I was doing something I enjoyed, or was simply relaxing watching a show or sewing. I had blood work done and my doctor found that my (hypo) thyroid levels were WAY off. He said that could cause panic attacks. He increased my Synthroid medication and gave me a 25 mg prescription for Xanex (per need). The following week, I had heart palpitations, mild racing heart mostly in the evenings, and then (horrible) two panic attacks that lasted LONG periods of time when they hit. The Xanex did almost nothing to help. I had another panic attack yesterday, took 2 (.25mg Xanex) and they did not help. My husband took me to my doctors during one yesterday… as going to the hospital is TOO expensive. My doctor said that it I went to the hospital in this condition they would lock me up in a mental ward!?! He said a lot of things that I could not comprehend because I was in the middle of an attack. He did increase my Xanex to .5 mg and gave me a prescription for Seroquel (.25 mg twice a day). Yesterday at his office, he gave me a stronger prescrip of Seroquel and I slept all afternoon and night. He said my panic attacks are most likely caused by my thyroid, and that it can take six weeks for my thyroid to become normal again – and that the Seroquel is to help quell the panic attacks. He also said (I think…I was pretty out of it) that I may have a panic disorder. I have another appointment with him in four days.

I have been working out daily (30-45 minutes on the Elliptical), have lost weight, eat very healthy. Will Seroquel cause me to gain weight if I control my eating and continue to exercise daily? I don’t want to have another panic attack (they are soooo scary), so I won’t quit the Seroquel (I start my new .25 mg x2 a day dose today). Thank you for your responses.

May 5, 2009 at 4:46 pm
(167) JMarie says:

I am on Seroquel for insomnia (100mg -200mg per night). I am concerned about my weight… I have not gained a pound since beginning in December, however I have not lost a pound either and I workout 5-6 days a week. It truly sucks that I am not able to lose this weight when I am trying so hard. I have considered talking to my doctor about Topamax because it causes weight lose. I don’t want to stop the Seroquel because I’m a complete B without it and my kids (I’m a teacher) notice the difference. Reading everyone’s post has given me some good insight. Now it’s my turn to share. For those of you who binge after you take Seroquel please take it while you are in the bed. Since it causes you to fall asleep so quickly you won’t have a chance to snack. I was shocked at reading some posts, because once I take my pill I barely have a chance to use the bathroom one last time before stumbling because I’m sleepy. I wish everyone the best!

May 14, 2009 at 9:47 pm
(168) Connie Freeborg says:

Kathy, I must tell you what I have found out. I take Seroquel 100mg at night for the last three years. Oh have I gained weight. I have been to a bariatric Dr. But due to to the fact that I am bipolar, the drs will not do any surgery or lapband for weight loss. I am really at the end of a string. The weight is killing me.

May 16, 2009 at 4:46 pm
(169) Emy says:

I take 100mg of Seroquel at night for insomnia. In the past year, I have gained 30 pounds. I was a stick thin aspiring model before Seroquel. Almost overnight it seemed I was just getting bigger and bigger. I HATE IT!! The biggest problem is Seroquel has been the only thing that has helped my insomnia so far. I literally do not sleep without it. I was thinking of asking my doctor to switch me to Ambien? All I know is I love how well Seroquel works, but it is so depressing to see how I look. I look at my modeling pictures and want to cry. :-(

May 17, 2009 at 12:38 am
(170) BipolarPrincess says:

Well, well, well… I’m not alone! I have always thought I was crazy blaming the meds for my extreme weight gain. I’ve read about 30 comments and some things that come back a lot are:

1) Zyprexa. If your doctor offers you some and you’re concerned about weight gain? Say no. I gained 75 pounds in 6 months on that s**t. I was about 150 and went up to 225!

2) Hunger at night. God isn’t it awful?! I feel like I’m never full! I could literally empty the fridge and still want to eat more. It’s like a compulsion. I hate it. I just try not to eat, or drink water/tea.

3) Hypothyroidism. Mine is due to taking lithium since 2006. I’ve been on Synthroid for about a year, but my levels keep dropping and my thyroid keeps getting bigger. It’s so big, I can’t even swallow my friggin’ pills anymore! My family doctor refered me to a specialist and she’s now considering surgically removing it… Wow! I’m gonna be fat AND have a gross scar on my neck! Ain’t it great to be BP?!

4) And finally, weight gain on Seroquel. Since I’ve started taking a combo of lithium, Epival and Seroquel, I’ve gone from 225 to 275 in about 2 years. For the past year, I lose and gain the same 5 pounds. I go from 270 to 275 to 280 and back down again all in a week! I used to wear a size 16 and now I’m up to a 22-24. It’s horrible. How are we supposed to stay stable and happy when we hate what we look like and it causes so much stress and worry? As a nurse, I know that it’s not the doctor’s fault. I mean, technically speaking, it’s better for you to be alive (and not suicidal) then thin… Right? My scientific brain tells me yes, but the other half of it can’t help telling me that I look gross and that it’s all this chemical shit’s fault.

Wow, that was a long rant. Thanks for listening guys and don’t give up! :)

Love from Montreal, Canada! xoxox

May 23, 2009 at 10:39 pm
(171) Lauren says:

I just started taking seroquel. It is really helping me with sleeping. I have only been on it for maybe two weeks and I’m not tired when i wake up i can finally just sleep until i want to wake up instead of waking up at dawn and not being able to sleep threw the night. I have started working out every day and eating healthy but I am worried that I’ll still gain weight. Im 19 about six feet tall I’m kinda chubby already but i feel so good that i can work out two hrs a day. Will i still lose weight or will i just gain? I can stop myself from eating i don’t eat after 7 now. I hope someone can tell me! :)

May 27, 2009 at 7:22 pm
(172) Sonya says:

I’ve been reading through these comments and see a lot of people talking about weight gain but with high doses of Seroquel. I was just prescribed this medication TODAY due to post-concussion disorder (anxiety, insomnia, etc…) but he only prescribed me 25mg. Should I have to worry about weight gain then? I do NOT want to gain weight, in fact am on my way to my goal as far as weight goes. Thanks so much for any responses!!

May 28, 2009 at 12:43 am
(173) Christy Kontz says:

I have been on Zyprexa for over ten years, and I am not only still alive, but stable and productive. I also take Depakote, Abilify, and most recently added Lamictal. I gained weight with Zyprexa initially, but went to a nutritionist who designed a diet and exercise program just for me, which worked. I now weigh 103 (I’m only 5’2″) and have been there for 6 years. It’s not easy, but stability and self-respect – not to mention happiness – are worth it.

May 30, 2009 at 7:14 pm
(174) Sally Sue says:

I sad as I feel for everyone who has gained weight, I am glad I’m not alone! I am Bipolar and I’ve gained 13 lbs in just a few months on Seroquel. I’ve been drinking alcohol and eating a good amount, and not overly exercising, so I can not put all the blame on Seroquel…but I am positive there is some correlation! I’ve always eaten a lot but I have never gained so much so fast. The Seroquel brought me out of a very deep depression so I am forever thankful for it, but the weight gain is hard to deal with (especially with an eating disorder in my past). I am trying to eat healtheir, drink less booze and workout more but if that does not help I might ask my Doc to take me off it…but I am scared my symptoms will come back. I’ve been stable for over 3 months and I do not want to mess with it. Does anyone have experience with going off Seroquel…did they become depressed or manic again? Did they lose weight? I’d love to know other people’s exerpeiences!

My Dad gives me a hard time and says I cannot blame my meds but I truly believe it’s not just an excuse and I think the number of people on this site who say they’ve gained weight is sufficient proof. It does make people gain weight right??? This cannot be a coincidence…we cannot all be making this up.

As for the person taking only 25mg I do not think you will have problem with such a small dosage but be careful…eat healthy and workout regularly. Good luck to everyone and please respond if you can :)

June 1, 2009 at 7:44 am
(175) jamie says:

i know i know i know!! i am not even eating more than i did and am exercising more and i have that exact same experience. i keep the tags on the news jeans because i have already gone back to swap them for a bigger size twice in one month. it is a trade off, i guess nothing is perfect. at least now i am just a normal fat person than a mad thin one!!
i think it is worth it in the long run.

June 1, 2009 at 7:51 am
(176) jamie says:

sally sue, i dont know if you are old enough to move out of home, but your dad sounds like a massive problem. if he is giving you a hard time over a bit of weight, how does he react when you are really unwell? sometimes people are just so bad for us. you deserve to be loved and accepted and respected for addressing your problems. there is just more of you to love as far as im concerned. tell your dad to grow up. youve had to.

June 8, 2009 at 6:18 pm
(177) Carrie says:

OMG!! I am so glad I found this site. I have been on Seroquel for a year and a half. I have gained 40 pounds. I am 4 ft 11 so I am a hippo. My joints hurt the bottom of my feet hurt. My husband is like you eat like a bird how are you gaining this weight? So its not that I eat alot or eat alot of junk food that has made me gain this weight it has to be doing something to my Metabolism.

I am going to my doctor and getting off this. He put me on it because I couldnt sleep. I don’t understand why a doctor would put someone this drug for that! I am a hermet, I want leave my house anymore. goodluck everyone!

June 9, 2009 at 3:05 am
(178) Sharna says:

Hallelujah! Im not alone! Im 27 from Australia and have take seroquel for insonmia only! Ive been having mysterious weight gain for the past 2 months- 15kg, or about 33lbs! I dont eat badly at all, apart from the odd dinner out or a little chocolate once a week and my doctor asked me to, after diuretics failed (no its not fluid), step up the exercise and healthy eating. This was 10days ago and I didnt lose, didnt maintain, but GAINED 6kg (about 15lbs)! Seroquel has been a great sleeping aid for me as im intolerant to normal sleeping tablets, but after a history of an eating disorder and not wanting to go back down the same path because of this torturous weight gain, I am stopping the seroqel on my doctors approval! cut down from 200mg to 50mg, of which the last dose I took last night! Will let everyone know what happens with my weight now that the drug is coming out of my system! Will be very tired im sure, but Im willing to take on the battle! Hang in there everyone! I feel your pain! x

June 22, 2009 at 10:02 pm
(179) Rose says:

I’m on 600mg of seroquel XR and in the EXACT same situation. I gained 15 pounds in the first two months of taking the medication. I talked to my psychiatrist and he put me on topamax, which is technically a migrane preventing medication, but is also causes weight loss and also helps with bipolar disorder. It’s stabilized my weight and I’ve slowly started to lose the weight I’ve put on. It’s not a miracle cure, but it’s sort of working.

June 26, 2009 at 8:41 pm
(180) Mike says:

The total tonnage we’ve all gained would fill a small cottage. I’m 62, bipolar, on 300 of seroquel (down from 600 (Rose, how do you do it?? I would be in a coma), 400 of wellbutrin, 400 of lamictal, and a little clonopin on the side for anxiety.

My psych prescribed a med to counteract the weight gain (25 lbs) but one of the side effects, though rare, was death. So, I passed on that.
Anyone have a med that works in fighting the weight gain,without coming with its own set of side effects?

June 26, 2009 at 11:34 pm
(181) USCGTom says:

I am a disabled vet and used to be built like a horse. After taking seroquel though i gained 190lbs. in 4.5 years. Then I went on abilify and I lost it all in 18 months without even trying. And I feel alot better as well with abilify.

June 29, 2009 at 3:42 am
(182) Sharon says:

Thank goodness for this site. I couldnt understand why I had gained 30kgs in six months. I am on 400mg Seroquel at night and 25mg in the morning and a further 25mg at linch time. I eat very little almost to the point of starving myself but continue to gain weight. After reading the comments of everybody I have decided I will stop taking this medication. I dont think my Dr will be impressed but this weight gain has turned me into a recluse. I don’t want to go out at all and hate going shopping.There has got to be an answer to this delema but I would rather not sleep than gain any further weight.

July 1, 2009 at 12:11 am
(183) Mike says:

To Tom
thanks for the good info on Abilify. Don’t know much about it but I will ask my doc soon.

I’ve also heard about “Metformin” not sure about the spelling,
for controlling weight gain. Anyone know anything good about this med?

July 1, 2009 at 10:56 pm
(184) Michael says:

I am bi-polar and have been taking 500 mg of Lithium for 25 years. I have successfully struggled with my weight until 6 years ago when I went into extreme mania. The doctor at the hospital prescribed me 400 mg Seroquel at night. I gained 20 lbs in 2 weeks. It has been the fight of my life to control this weight gain. I have cut back my food intake and I exercise daily. I start to take off some pounds slowly then I slip for two days and the pounds come right back. I tried to weed off Seroquel yet I became manic within in 2 days.

Any suggestions?

Thank you

July 16, 2009 at 9:00 pm
(185) Scott says:

After another brief stay in the hospital for major depressive disorder, my Prozac was doubled to 40 mg. daily. I saw another Dr. and was diagnosed as bipolar and Abilify was added. Within 3 weeks I could not stand to be in my body. I could not sit still. I stopped all meds until next Dr. visit (about 4 days). I thought that awful restless feeling was NEVER going to go away. Abilify was discontinued, Prozac dose was cut in half and I was introduced to Seroquel. The results were fantastic. My mood stabilized, severe depression alleviated, anxiety decreased, and I FINALLY got some sleep. I was ready to claim this as a wonder drug…until 3 weeks later, I stepped on the scale at Dr office and had gained 10 pounds. For a couple of weeks after I felt like someone had blown me up like a balloon. I felt uncomfortable and bloated even while walking everyday, twice a day. I felt dull, flat, and listless. But I have stuck with walking and watching what I eat and feel these symptoms are slowly going away. We’ll see…who knows what I’ll feel like next week :) All I can do is hang in there and take it one day at a time. Good Luck to us ALL!

July 20, 2009 at 6:47 pm
(186) gary caldwell says:

to the madam with the weight gain. I got that too and pancreatis and diabetes within two months afteer starting the seroqluel. I told my doctors before hand that I was fine with triflouroperazine (stelazine) and I am on that again 10 mg ever since the good old vietnam days and have had no ill affects with that medicine. When in the va I was taking different meds at each va visit but settled on stelazine. hope this helps you

July 21, 2009 at 2:53 pm
(187) Lori says:

I only have one thing to say about any disease or body issue. Try the water cure before you go switching to any medication out there. And only use organic sea salt with it. Here is the link to figure out how much water/salt your body needs. http://www.watercure2.org/mankind.htm
Pretty much anything you can think of can be taken care of just with water and sea salt. Also, before you start let your doctor know what you are doing so he can monitor you and take you off medications as needed. Do not go off medications by yourself!

August 4, 2009 at 11:35 pm
(188) grace says:

I’ve read some comments about taking Topomax to help with the weight gain. BE CAREFUL! It made my hair fall out in big chunks. It continued months after I quit taking it.
I have gained 60 lbs being on depakote, then lithium. now i’m on abilify, effexor and seroquel and no matter how hard i try, i can’t lose weight. i look like a marshmallow.
i’m only taking 25mg seroquel for sleep. has anybody gained significant weight on so small a dose?
thanks & good luck

August 11, 2009 at 3:55 am
(189) Tamara says:

I started taking Seroquel in May, 2008. I am now the proud owner of 86.4 extra pounds. My face, hands and feet are ALWAYS swollen. I asked my doc about the side effects and his answer was that Seroquel makes you crave carbs. I am eating and exercising the same as before I took this med. I look like the Good Year blimp. ABSOLUTELY nothing fits me. I am afraid to stop the med as it is the only thing that shuts my mind off when I am going to sleep. Is swelling of your face, hands and feet NORMAL?

August 15, 2009 at 9:09 pm
(190) M says:

I am shocked and saddened that not only do we suffer emotionally, but we are struggling with weight/eating issues……I don’t know what to do b/c w/o the meds I cannot control my PTSD…anyone else have PTSD out there? And yes, the problem is worse at night – when I am so tired and start to feel panicked. A vicious cycle, to say the least. I am going to speak with my psychiatrist on Monday…let’s see what she suggests. Any docs out there willing to opine? M

August 17, 2009 at 1:41 pm
(191) tana says:

I am bi-polar type 2, I am only on 25mg a night but also on gabapentin . haven’t read that anyone else is on the same combo as me yet. however after first researching SQ i decided to stop taking it since i was so freaked out by all the posts about massive weight gain. So i stopped taking it, and could not believe how many people, who do not know my condition commented on my behavioral changes. So now i am back on it thinking … there must be some positive body image feedback. It can’t all be massive weight gain and depression because of it. Please. someone give me some good news!! thanks!!

August 18, 2009 at 3:10 am
(192) Flower says:

Hi, I am 47 woman and overweight 230 5’3, been on Seroquel XR for 2 years and several anti depressants for over 10 years,very sad to be overweight and considering to have surgery, anyone here have had bypass surgery? if so did it help?

looks like we all know how difficult mental illness is. :(

August 18, 2009 at 10:22 am
(193) stephmarie714 says:

I am also on seroquel. I need it desperately in order to get any sleep. I have bipolar 2, PSD,BPD and epilepsy. I was on prozac and zyprexa last year and was aroound 130lbs. I now weigh 160lbs! It just adds to the depression. I am thinking of asking for a different med. As os now I am on Depakote and seroquel. There too many side effects to all these meds. I also have hereditary tremors, so it’s hard to even type this e-mail. I feel your pain. The seroquel also had me sleep-walking to the fridge…especially if there is chocolate in the house. AARRGGHH!! Sincerely ..steph

August 19, 2009 at 2:41 pm
(194) ajay says:

Am i a worst case bipolar sufferer i had read most of the comments and odses seem smal im on duloxetin 60mg(max dose), zispin 45mg(max dose), quetiaoine 600mg this has been reduced from max dose of 800mg and now they are adding lithium 600-800mg. But due to my coping stratagies i feel ok at the moment and dont understand why they are increasing meds instead of decreasing. Im really fed up now and this has sent my into crisis. Help i was on 100mg eplium

August 21, 2009 at 11:20 pm
(195) jc says:

my husband has been taking seroquel for around 5 months and has been on numerous antipsychotic meds for last 8 years. he has gained around 8 stone in this time. we read about topomax but his consultant has refused to prescribe because it is for migraine and epilepsy and the weight loss is a side effect. anyone have any suggestions for me

September 5, 2009 at 10:17 pm
(196) fazio says:

I was taking it for a year and I didn’t gain any weight at first. The fact that for the first time in 7yrs i was sleeping more than 2 or 3 hours a night allowed me to workout more. However, slacking at the gym just a little, I gained 50lbs in 6months. I don’t believe the drug itself packs on the weight, but the hunger you get from it that does. I was craving sugar on higher doses. I was on 400mg , then 200…100 now I’m down to 50. At least on 50 i don’t wake up craving sugar or a drink at 4am anymore. That alone would probably be like 600 calories I would take in right there. On a 2500 a day calorie intake that’s like added 20%. I’d wake up make a huge glass of chocolate milk and eat about 7 cookies.

September 9, 2009 at 11:36 am
(197) Charisse says:

I was on seroquel last year(2008) and weighed 130 pounds or so. Now I am 220 pounds! I was eating like crazy! Now I am on geodon instead. Geodon,amantadine and prozac for my bipolar. I am also a recovering addict who has been clean 18 months. Anyone who’d like to keep in touch about bipolar or recovery or both please email me.

September 13, 2009 at 1:39 am
(198) Christie says:

THANK GOD I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! I am a MODEL, and I cannot even work since my doc. put me on seroquel. I went from a size 2 to a size 8 in the first two weeks of taking Seroquel. I am disgusted with myself, and I don’t want to ever leave my house. I am ashamed that I cannot fit in my clothes. I had terrible side effects like weight gain, sweating profusely, bad tremors, suicidal thoughts, and a dazed, confused mind. When I told my doctor, he dismissed it and increased my dosage to 100 MG of Seroquel to help with my insomnia. I am NOT BIPOLAR OR SHIZO…I Suffer from panic disorder. Although I gained over 25 pounds in the 3 months of taking it, I have good news. There is a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FOR SEROQUEL!!! Also, I quit cold-turkey 3 days ago, disgusted with the way I look, and I see my stomach decreasing slowly. In the past few days, I have felt like a new person. However, I still have a long way to go to lose the rest of the weight gain. Any Suggestions? And, thank God I know now I am not the only one feeling bad.

September 23, 2009 at 2:01 am
(199) howard says:

I have been in treatment for bipolar for 15 yrs now. Weight gain is an ever present fact of psychiatric drugs, all but for a lucky few. I have tried them all, and ultimately Depakote was my fat drug. I went from 180 to 250 on Depakote. I have been on Tegretol for the past 10 yrs, and I lost all but 20 pounds of the weight I had gained on Depakote being on Tegretol. With age going against me at this point, as well as a sedentary job, I am now creeping up a bit (48 yrs old and 215 pounds). I have tried the atypical antipsychotics and refuse to remain on them. The zombie state and constant eating are not fair trade offs, and I still have to maintain a full time job.

September 24, 2009 at 6:56 pm
(200) trez says:

i’ve been on seroquel for 13 years. for 12 of those i gained a great amount of weight because of the craving for fatty food and the physically debilitating and long depressions. a year ago i was finally stabilized and my energy returned. i returned to the gym and train hard and i am losing weight – at least a pound per week. i always knew that i could lose the weight and remain on seroquel provided i could excercise.

September 29, 2009 at 11:11 pm
(201) Rachelle says:

My first hospitalization was in 1992 for delusions and depression, was on the old drugs– Haldol, etc. Then 2nd time was in 1998, and put on risperdal and antidepressant, but gained weight and I went off risperdal and stayed on antidepressant but was added buspar for anxiety. (I had heart palpitations, trouble sleeping, etc. ) My last episode and hospitalization was for delusions, depressions. I was diagnosed only in 2006 with bipolar. I have been on since then, seroquel, 200 mg at night, and lexapro. (I was taking lithium but had to go off because of extreme dry mouth) I have gone from 130 to 195, and had extreme constipation for a long time, until a family practice doctor prescribed miralax for me, which has kept me regular again. A neurologist told me that my psychiatrist should never put me on a drug that would make me want to eat everything in sight. So, I don’t know. Seroquel does work well for me. I am more focused, no heart palpitations. I sleep great at night, but I am really tired the next day. I am having a sleep apnea test done soon to see if that is a problem. I am beginning to change my diet, more natural fibers and trying to cut out 99% sugar intake also. Those of you new to seroquel and it works well for you for bipolar, but you gain weight I would say find a doctor that will work with you, and be diligent about what you eat, and have someone that will motivate you– a friend, etc. Good luck!

October 4, 2009 at 7:18 pm
(202) Jeff says:

This is rediculous. I have gained over 20 lbs. and i feel like I am 90 years old. I am taking prilosec and have never had hearturn in my life until taking seroquel. I have a stuffy nose constantly. This medication has got me up and about but the side effects are so bad I am telling the doctor tomorrow to switch me to something else.

October 7, 2009 at 11:17 am
(203) Tom says:

Hi there. It’s a trade off. I have been on anti-psychotics for nearly twenty years, from Stelazine to Depixol to Olanzapine to Seroquel. Seroquel is the first one to really work for the psychosis, but the evening dose is a munchie pill! Once you start you can’t stop eating, I calorie count past one thousand regularly. It also seems to be a sugar/carb craving, deadly. I eat carefully in the day because I know the night time attack will be there; even if I have just had a meal and take my pills the attack starts 30-40 mins later. But the most important thing is it really does sort my head out. Relapses are horrible, I never want another one.

October 16, 2009 at 2:53 am
(204) Tammy says:

After the unexpected death of my young child I went through many many doctors and many many diagnosis,finally doctor diagnosed me with Bi-Polar and Major Depressive Disorder for it I was prescribed Seroquel and Depakote I have always been a fuller figured woman as I am very tall and carry my weight well I went from 171 to 288 pounds and most recently I was weighed and weighed 279 punds as of right now doctor is trying to find out why I am so anemic my meds work for me but the trade off is kind of depressing as well but doctor says next step would be Lithium and that scares me.

October 16, 2009 at 6:34 am
(205) LINDS says:

Hi all from sunny South Africa.

I am so relieved to have found this website. I am almost convinced that pdocs underplay the weight gain side effects of Seroquel.

I have an eating disorder to boot and have gone from a very much “in control” (tongue in cheek) anorexic and bulimic to sitting pretty as a bing eater. neither any better than the other but I really feel like something else has come into play. Of course the info on Topomax is very exciting but I doubt that my pdoc will be happy to just prescribe. The seroquel or the bingeing. Interesting. Your prescribed meds sound much the same as here in SA. Sad thing is that I cannot manage life without my meds. What’s a girl to do??

October 16, 2009 at 2:22 pm
(206) LS says:

I have been on Seroquel 200mg for almost two weeks now and I have lost almost a pound. I thought that this bit of info might help calm some of your fears of weight gains. Not everyone gains; therefore, not everyone should fear this drug. I myself hate the thought of weight gain. I myself have benefited greatly from this drug and hopefully you can too. I know itís not for everyone but I have spent a lot of time stressing out about weight gain that did not and hopefully wonít happen. Diabetes does not however run in my family and that I am fortunate for. However, hypothyroidism does. I have hypothyroidism and am treated for this disorder. I am at a healthy weight now. I am 5í6íí and 127 on an average frame. I wear a size 4 dress size and I DO NOT exercise at all. I havenít exercised since taking Seroquel, so I hope that is some relief for some, others may disregard me as just having a natural small size, but I donít think so. I think that not everyone gains and to try to stay positive at first before disregarding a good treatment. I would take Seroquel right before you sleep to help from eating at night. If youíre gaining weight without eating more, then I would defiantly switch. If itís just an ďeating thingĒ, then take it right before you fall asleep and donít eat! Thatís what I do. I hope this helps, thatís what my intentions are.

October 16, 2009 at 2:33 pm
(207) LS says:

I forgot to mention that I take Topomax 150 with my seroquel 200mg and Clonidine 0.1 (blood pressure meds for sleep) at night. The Clonidine only works if your ADHD, some strange mechanism that only works to calm ADHD people to sleep at night. The Topomax might be what’s helping my weight stay calm…just a thought. Might be worth your time to check into it. No weight gain…weight loss? Probably the Topomax now I think of it. I eat very little calories…maybe around 1000-1200 a day too. I’m carfull. Good luck and maybe you can maintain your weight or loss weight too…that’s my hopes for all of you! LS

October 19, 2009 at 10:58 am
(208) Jevon says:

I was reading the first 10 or 15 posts and the common thing I see is that everyone is taking a drug and thinking it is the “miracle drug”. I have been battling OCD, Bipolar Disorder (mixed episodes) and depression for the better part of 15-20 years. I continued to go in and out of treatment until two weeks ago when I started in again with a local pdoc. I am currently on Seroquel and I noticed that I am always hungry.

Part of treatment for Depression, OCD or Bipolar episodes is to change our thinking. Especially with the Depression. The drug will make us “feel” better mentally but we still have habits whether it be addiction to food, gambling, alcohol or what have you. I think the key is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Remember when you were depressed and eating a ton (or not eating at all), you felt miserable. To take a pill and think life is going to be easy from here on out is irrational and all or nothing thinking. Everything takes work and part of the process of taking a drug is to “feel” decent enough that you can move forward in your life and progress. If you are taking a drug and just binging at night, ask yourself why you are eating when you are eating. What is the underlying problem? Are you still depressed? Are you still allowing your thoughts to consume your emotions and feelings? I just turned 31 and I am no doctor. I do know that if you have a lifestyle that is causing part of your depression or simply is part of the depression, you must change. A pill will NOT do the trick. If pills were the only answer, we would have all taken those diet pills long ago and probably been just fine. We are all seeking treatment for a reason. When you feel well enough, CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE!

October 20, 2009 at 12:10 am
(209) Dave Mason says:

I am so glad to hear someone talking about this problem. I have been taking Seroquel for 6 years and have gained 100lbs. I work out several times a week but nothing can counteract this apetite. It is almost like the munchies you get with MJ. I find myself in almost a hypnotic eating mode at night eating everything in sight and never seem full. I talked to my doctor about it and he doesn’t seem to be concerned but I am. I am afraid to stop taking it because without it I had panic attacks and manic sleeplesness that lasted for days.

October 20, 2009 at 12:38 pm
(210) LS says:

You know, they make other drugs like Seroquel that don’t have as bad of side effects as weight gain. If you are gaining weight on this drug then maybe you can explore another kind of drug comparable to Seroquel without the weight gain. If you gaining weight and its making you blue, then isn’t that in a way counter acting the benefits of the drug? Don’t let your doctor ignore your concerns if this drug is causing major weight gain. If your eating at night and can’t get a handle on it, then maybe it’s time for a change. I know personally how great this medicine has been for me, and personally, I haven’t gained, but trust me, if I did, I would drop it in a second!

October 30, 2009 at 10:17 pm
(211) howard says:

I was never able to take Seroquel long enough to find out if it caused weight gain. I felt catatonic on 25 mg! I have friends who have taken it and gained weight, however. I will say that Depakote put 60 pounds on me, and I was on the med for 5 yrs. I switched to Tegretol 10 yrs ago and lost the 60 pounds over 3.5 months.

October 31, 2009 at 11:27 am
(212) Anniem says:

I was always slim. When I first started taking meds I didn’t gain weight. But I ate very little and smoked alot. Then life handed me some major difficulties, and I was put on more serious meds. I went from 105 lbs (I’m 4’11″) to 147. Something happened that greatly upset me and as a result I stopped eating. I went down to 112, but could never go down to less. I managed to stay that way even when I went on the seroquel. I didn’t gain-mainly b/c when I wanted to eat I smoked. Well, that caught up with me when I went into respiratory distress and ended up in ICU on a breathing machine. That was almost 5 yrs. ago and I haven’t had a cigarette since. In the first 3 months I gained almost 25 lbs. The truth is that I had been afraid to quit b/c I knew this would happen. I’ve reduced my seroquel from 500mg to 100. I actually gained weight on Weight Watchers! I’m now at 137 and have given up the fight! It’s been quite a while since I’ve gained anymore weight. I’m 55 yrs old, and I don’t worry about what’s “in style” anymore. I have a loving understanding husband. And I’m not on a breathing machine! I guess you can say I’ve decided to pick my battles, and this isn’t one I’m going to lose sleep over anymore!

November 4, 2009 at 2:07 pm
(213) lisa says:

Hello everyone,

You can get off this drug. I have taken it and others for years and have gained 90 pounds. My knees are in awful shape due to the excess weight–I wear knee braces now.

It’s been two months and I’m doing fine. I’ve even kicked the clonazepam. That was really tough. It was difficult to learn how to sleep again normally, and even though I don’t always feel as well rested as I did with the drugs, I do sleep well often enough to feel stable.

My source of frustration in life is when I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing anything or I don’t have time to be creative. I have to talk myself down sometimes and it is hard. Not as easy as taking a drug, but I can do it.

Exercise is a must for me. I walk about 6-7 miles a day on my job–even with the knee issue and it helps a lot. I need to be physically very tired to sleep. Even with this sometimes I only sleep 4 hours at night. I can live with it though because I know the next night I will sleep enough.

Also, I gave up caffeine and sodas. I drink water. I don’t miss either one. It’s such a relief not to be an eating machine. I know I’m not as mellow, but I am really doing well and I do have the support of my husband who has wanted me off the drugs for a while. I tell him when I’m feeling off and he helps me to calm down.

Another thing is to destress your life–my 21 year old son was a source of major discord and he went to live with his father. It’s made a huge difference in my life. I love him, but he was too much to deal with. My 20 year old daughter moved out too–she is add and was up all night and keeping everyone else up too. She’s calmer and so are the rest of us. Families are great, but sometimes they can be too much. Better now with just the two younger kids at home.

I feel like I’m getting my life back. I’ve lost about 12 pounds and I’m not really dieting or it doesn’t seem like it. I never ate much before and I’m returning to my natural metabolism now.

November 6, 2009 at 4:36 pm
(214) LS says:

Because of my constant aggression and new depression Iím switching myself OFF Seroquel. I called my doctorís nurse yesterday begging to get off this drug. Iím going to have trouble sleeping and I know that, but Iíve plunged into a deep depression and anger that Seroquel is not touching. I need something else. I woke up again the other night screaming in terror again, and thatís the first time itís happened since Iíve been on Seroquel. I have panic attacks and PTSD. I was prescribed Seroquel for this reason but now my hostility towards my family and my depression is horrid. I wasnít this way before, something has severely changed. I am going to be taking Lamictal tonight, I donít know what dosage. Iíve taken this before, but I donít remember if it helped in the past. Honestly, I am excited to start a new drug and hopeful for my future.
If you are taking Seroquel or any drug that your doctor is prescribing and it is not working or even making matters worseÖdonít wait. Iíve been taking Seroquel for a month and Iíve had it! My life is too short to wait around and be unhappy. I hope you all do the same.

November 11, 2009 at 3:23 am
(215) Michele says:

It’s nice to see this site. I’ve been taking serquel for the last year for depression because of my son’s death in 2007. I’m up to 100mg. a night. I have put on about 30lbs. In the last few months. As soon as I take my pill I get extremely hunger. I wake up during the night and start eating sugary food’s. Lately I’ve been puting on 5lbs. a week. I went to the doctor’s earlier tonight and asked him about switching my med. He told me to take 50mg. a night for a week and then he was going to put me on Paxil. Does paxil help you sleep and can I lose weight using it. I like taking seroquel because I fall asleep easier and it makes me feel happier but I find it hard to get out of bed sometimes. I was thinking of going to the doctor’s again and get a second opionion from my other doctor, about taking a weight loss pill. I am sick of looking like a fat pig, this is the highest I’ve weighed since I’ve quit smoking 17 years ago.

November 30, 2009 at 8:08 pm
(216) Lorri says:

Thank God I found this site. I really thought I was alone. I started taking 800mg/daily of seroquel 5 years ago. I have severe depression and migraines and take many different meds. I have been ashamed of my weight/I went from 140 to 190. I am embarassed and frustrated. Reading your other email gives me hope. Unfortunatly I can’t stop seroquel because of my illness. It does make it easier to know I’m not alone!

December 12, 2009 at 7:10 am
(217) Medah says:

Hi friends!

I take 450 mg lithium and 800 mg seroquel every day.

Since I quit my job as a high school teacher and married a wonderful husband, I’ve lost 40 pounds. This spring I got sick again and put on 6 pounds again. Now I’m back weighing 135 pounds with double seroquel. My belly is still a bit too fat, but I can live with that, I’m the mother of two sons who have set prints on my body which I prize. My will power is very strong and I have learned to control my self in terms of eating. I simply don’t want to be bipolar and fat at the same time. Of course you have to very dedicated, but it can be done.I have a happy and creative life, and my pills are not going to form my body any more. No matter what. Greetings from Denmark and don’t give up, please.

December 12, 2009 at 11:15 am
(218) Medah says:

Hello friends again!

I’m aware that even though many of us share the same diagnose, we all have our different struggles on daily bases. But please notice how much medication I take every day.When I first lost 20 pounds, I said pŚ my shrink I didn’t seem to be able to lose the last 20 pounds and she replied if you want to do it you can. That was a break in the wall for me. I succeed. I don’t suffer from depression and never did. Of course you have to take that in to consideration. The Danish social security system and my union have made i finaciel possible be taken care of without working. I’m not at all able to have a job. It is important for me to set my own pace through out the day. And I do and now I feel good, despite the fact I’m a very, very vulnerable person.

December 12, 2009 at 12:39 pm
(219) Medah says:

Correction. It’s not my membership in a union which support me financially, but my membership in a pension. It makes it possible for me to pay my bills.

December 17, 2009 at 12:00 am
(220) Renee says:

I have literally READ all these comments, and I would like to know if anyone can suggest a good medication regime for bipolar II disorder – from personal experience, what meds work best? (Keeping in mind – my goal is to stabilize my mood, but also NOT gain weight which leads to other health issues) Thank you for your responses :_

December 22, 2009 at 11:48 am
(221) Suzanne says:

I too have taken a variety of mood stabilizers over the last 5 years…trileptil, seroquel and lamictal. Gained about 30 pounds in 1 year, 4 in the last month. I am currently on Lamictal and Seroquel plus lexapro. I am hungry ALL THE TIME!!! i can eat a ton and be hungry again 20 minutes later. its non-stop. my ideal weight is 137 and i hit 200 lbs this week….am devastated about teh weight but am feeling good (finally). Doc is goiung to try and wean Seroquel after Christmas. Any tips?!?!?!?

January 11, 2010 at 6:06 am
(222) Sue D. says:

I was on Zyprexa for about a year and gained 35 pounds. I was always thin and very energetic. I felt good on Zyprexa except for the weight. I am currently taking Abilify for my Bipolar along with othr meds and feel encouraged. It has taken me from feeling suicidal to enjoying life again in a short period of time. I have my energy back.

January 12, 2010 at 8:05 pm
(223) dug s. says:

Like you all I experienced incredible hunger cravings from seroquel. I take 300mg a night and I could not stop eating after. I excercise hard at least an hour a day and I was still gaining weight(30 lb.). I googled “how to increase metabolism”, went to the webmd link and followed the instructions and the FIRST day, problem solved, no hunger. This worked for me, and I hope it can help someone else. Seroquel has saved my life and I still was considering stopping because of the weight gain. Don’t stop your meds, try this first. It is not a gimmick, just a change in when and how you eat.

here’s the page.


I don’t know how or why it works, but it does. It’s easy too. Give it a shot all you crazies out there!

January 24, 2010 at 10:22 pm
(224) Lauren Allen says:

Yes! The weight gain on Seroquel is terrible. I, too, have gained at least 20 lbs. and because I use it to augment my Lunesta for sleep, my doc says I don’t necessarily need to take itif the lunesta works. Last winter I took Zyprexa, and there just wasn’t enough food in the house (or on the planet) to satisfy me. It is very disheartening. I, too tried Abilify, but it too caused weight gain. I have been walking no less than an hour a day, trying to combat the weight gain issues, but I eat so many carbs, I seem to be wasting my time. I’ve stopped taking Seroquel (my doc said to try it) and now I take Pristique, Lunesta and Klonopin. I don’t know how I’m going to get this weight off. And I don’t know if anyone else has had this experience with Seroquel, but when I gained the weight it seemed to be in my abdomen and stomach. I’ll keep you posted if stopping t he Seroquel has made a difference. Love to you all.

January 25, 2010 at 10:35 am
(225) Katie says:

I’ve put on over 10lbs in just over three months of taking seroquael (Gradually increased to 300mgs a night) I agree with Lauren – mainly around the waist and abdomen, it’s always in the evening, I’ve always had a small appetite and it’s gone through the roof. Needless to say, i’m trying my best to lose it but it’s bloody hard and I don’t seem to be getting anywhere fast!!

February 4, 2010 at 4:00 pm
(226) todd huber says:

Hi everyone.I have been on 5 mg of zyprexa for about 5 years.I had put on about 20lbs.i weighed about 170lbs,but i am a smaller man my ideal weight is about 155lbs.I have been watching what i eat lately and cross country skiing.My weight is 165lbs.I gave up soda which was very hard,i loved my pepsi.Sometimes it seems like you cant lose weight.Dont give up.Instead of having chips and pop at night,have something healthier.I get cravings to.Don’t stuff yourself.All the best to everyone.

February 9, 2010 at 2:46 pm
(227) ianbrie says:

I have been on Seroquel for several months. I don’t take the XR but the other makes me sleep well. I don’t know that the immediate release does me any good the next day. I also take Effexor XR and Lamictal. Since being on Seroquel I have gained 10 pounds. I crave nothing but sweets after I take it at night. Sometimes I sleelp walk and eat all kinds of junk. I have woke up in the morning with dried peanut butter in my hair or truffle rappers all over me. One time I ate half of a cake and didn’t remember it. I want to take Hydroxycut but don’t don’t know if it’s a good idea. I asked my psychiatrist but he didn’t know anything about this diet aid and my endocronogist said the same thing. So who can I ask about diet pills and anti-depressants. Nobody knows that just bat me back and forth. I can’t believe how fat my bell has gotten. I hate it and have no motivation to exercise.

February 10, 2010 at 5:46 pm
(228) patsy says:

about two months after starting seroquel i went from 147 to 182 . talk about shock . i was eating right , walking everywhere ,no weight would come off. talked to my doc about it. she said this class of drug can take natural suger and basically multiply it. so even though i was eating 1 apple ,the meds turned the sugar content into the equvelant of 3 or 4 apples. my weight finally leveled off and im starting to lose weight. I’m down to 158, but it has been a rough 2 years . I hope this helps , it helped when someone finally explained it to me .

March 2, 2010 at 10:35 pm
(229) jeri says:

well, i was just prescribed seroquel xr 100 mg at night. will this low dosage cause weight gain? i am only 4’11″ and weigh 105 lbs., but i am pretty concerned about weight gain after i read all this! does anyone have any experience with this low of a dosage? thanks.

March 6, 2010 at 8:55 pm
(230) Jackie says:

I have been on Seroquel for 4 months, and I have gained 30 pounds. I started out at 120, and now am 150 pounds. I love the fact that I can sleep and my moods are stable, but I feel very uncomfortable with my weight. I have been exercising religiously and am eating healthy, but the pounds do not seem to be coming off. I have been exercising for 2 months now! I am going to ask my doctor to put me on something else, so I can lose this weight! The doctor even gave me a book on how to eat healthy and exercise techniques to lose the weight a month ago, and it is not working. Is anyone else in the same situation, and if so, is there anything else I can try?

March 6, 2010 at 10:43 pm
(231) norma says:

I have bp and started on seroquel 3 months ago. I’ve gained significant weight while my eating habits improved! I have found ‘niacinimide’ helps me sleep and curbs anxiety. May be weaning off seroquel soon.

March 9, 2010 at 8:46 pm
(232) Darlene says:

I have been on Seroquel for 3 weeks now, I have not gained any weight so far. My DR upped my dosage today to 1200 mg daily. We shall see I guess….

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