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 Marcia Purse

I'm Having Hallucinations - Do I Need Help?

By November 9, 2012

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HallucinationsThree readers wrote to me describing what they believe are hallucinations. All three said they hear their names called though no one has actually called them. All three hear music out of nowhere - something that happens to me as well. Each also had other symptoms as well, and all three had questions about what's going on.

Do you have questions like these three readers do? Are you wondering how serious your hallucinations are? Are you afraid to tell anyone? I've answered each of the questions, and I hope reading these stories, their questions and my answers will be of help to you:

Hallucinations - Do I Need Help?

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November 15, 2012 at 1:32 pm
(1) kaz says:

marcia, as a person who is bipolar and who has experience with paranormal phenomena your first letter writer sound to me like she had a visitor, someone who cares about her. it didn’t sound like some sort of effect from being bipolar.
people who ‘think differently’ or have brains that are wired differently are more open to the paranormal, and can have heightened senses that are more aware of things going on around them. this is nothing to be afraid of, and is something to be nurtured. its a gift. not everything is a result of our illness…

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