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Neural Misfire - by Jeff Kazmierczak

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Marcia Purse

Updated November 25, 2006

The Bottom Line

Great insights for adult readers.
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  • Excellent look at depression and mania
  • Gets inside a bipolar mind
  • Story quickly grabs interest


  • Graphic language and sexuality may trigger
  • Not for young readers


  • Excellent description of the thoughts and actions of a person who has no idea he is bipolar.
  • Could help someone understand how undiagnosed bipolar disorder can cause bizarre behavior.
  • Also displays well why the manic-depressive person may resist treatment.

Guide Review - Neural Misfire - by Jeff Kazmierczak

"Neural Misfire" by Jeff Kazmierczak really held my attention, and I looked forward to picking it up again each evening. The story of college freshman Kevin Mortin is based upon the author's own experiences. I was glad to see that in the preface, Mr. Kazmierczak is careful to tell readers that this story was of *one person's* bipolar disorder and that every manic-depressive person is unique. Let me stress again, though, that this is not for younger readers.
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