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Margot Kidder - Actress

From paranoid delusions to orthomolecular medicine


Updated April 15, 2014

Margot Kidder

Margot Kidder

Evan Agostini / Getty Images

In April of 1996, actress Margot Kidder's bipolar disorder swung entirely out of control. A manic episode during which, in her own words, she "... started speeding up, chainsmoking, drinking coffee and staying up around the clock," led to her becoming delusional. According to a Reuters story quoted in the Edmonton Journal, Kidder was missing for three days before being found by police in a state which was described as "dirty, frightened and paranoid."

Since then it has become known that Margot Kidder struggled with her bipolar illness at least since a suicide attempt in her teens. Three marriages all ended in divorce. The star of the Superman moves and The Amityville Horror is soon to publish an autobiography called Calamities.

In June 2000 Kidder wrote, "My health is great, due to this natural medicine path I'm following..." She has become an advocate for natural and herbal treatments for psychiatric conditions, including orthomolecular medicine.

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