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Social Security Disability and Bipolar Disorder

Speaking from Experience


Updated June 08, 2012

Many people with Bipolar Disorder don't realize that if the condition interferes with the ability to work, they may well be eligible for Disability from the United States government. Some people think there is some shame attached to going on disability. In these selected posts from our forum, community members who have been through the process give information and advice.

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    Can I get Social Security Disability for my Bipolar Disorder?
    A question illustrating the kind of situation where disability is needed due to BP, and some very sensible answers about getting started.

    Applying for Disability
    Lots of good advice about preparing for the application process, and details about filling out the Social Security Administration's forms.

    Appeals and Lawyers
    What do you do if during the appeal you need to send additional material to the Social Security Administration? And some sensible advice about working with paralegals and attorneys if you need their help with your case.

    Four Questions Answered:

    1. Does it matter what type of bipolar disorder you have?
    2. What about a second diagnosis of ADD or ADHD?
    3. How does SS decide when the age of onset is for BP?
    4. What if you don't have much documentation?

    Assisting a Grown Child Who Needs Disability
    When an adult child's bipolar condition is so unstable that he or she cannot carry through an application for disability, what can parents do? Some answers.

    Words of Encouragement
    Nuggets of advice, stories of successful applications, and encouraging tales of the positive changes that have come about in people's lives thanks to receiving Disability benefits.

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