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Kim's South Beach Diary - Week 1


Updated June 20, 2006

by Kimberly Read

From the time I got married, through the births of both children and to the point of my divorce, I consistently gained weight at the rate of several pounds a year until I was 185 pounds in a 5'1" body. Oy!

After getting divorced about four years ago, I went back to school and increased the activity in my life. I took Kung Fu every night of the week and pretty much went out clubbing and dancing every weekend. In less than a year, I dropped my weight from 185 to 135. I really liked the way I looked at this weight.

However, after finishing my BA I moved and started working full-time again. Thus, I had to stop the Kung Fu. Shortly thereafter, of course, I started gaining some weight back and noticed I was having trouble with numb toes and feet. You guessed it - diabetes! Go figure. There isn't even a history in my family, but I managed to score type II diabetes. This was about a year ago. Since then I pushed my weight back up to 167, shot my cholesterol through the roof (289!) and became quite frustrated.

In June, I started the South Beach Diet with Marcia. I actually managed to drop 7 pounds. I was so excited! But then I got really sick in July and blew the diet to hell. Then last month my parents were in an accident. As a result, I haven't gotten back on track yet.

I like the South Beach Diet. It is excellent for diabetes and for cholesterol problems. I just hate having to think so far ahead. I tend to eat out a great deal because I never remember to pack lunch or I'm too tired when I get home. But now that I've gained back almost all the weight I lost initially on South Beach, I'm really determined to make it work this time. I'm getting married in December and would love to be trim for this special event!

And although I do not have bipolar disorder, Marcia and I decided that it would be valuable to you, our readers, to have South Beach Diet diaries from both of us, with our different medical histories and different body types. Marcia has to cope with weight gained from bipolar medications. I need to regulate my blood sugar. We both need to control cholesterol. She's tall; I'm short. We both have a long way to go - so we're going there together via South Beach.

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