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Overwhelming Clutter

by MysticDove

Why am i feeling depressed?
Why am I feeling blue?
Why am I feeling down?
I don't even know what to do.
I sit and look around my house
at all the clutter I see,
I just want to sit here and cry...
it is so overwhelming me.
I try and try so hard
to be so organized and neat...
but it never lasts very long,
it just ends up in self-defeat.
So I'll dry the tears from my eyes
and start with the papers on the floor,
and see how much I can get done...
as I fight the urge to bolt out the door.
I have to work in small steps,
for that's all I can handle today...
but even doing small steps,
will help the large pile go away.
Well, maybe it's not as bad as it seems,
even though I'm still feeling blue...
It's something that has to be tackled,
I just know what I have to do.


MysticDove is a member of our Bipolar Disorder community, and originally posted this poem on our Forum.

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