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Anxiety Medications for Bipolar Disorder - About.com
Jun 15, 2014 ... Anxiety medications, also called anti-anxiety medications or anxiolytics, are prescribed for anxiety disorders as well as for people who have ...
Anti-Anxiety and Sedative Drugs Used to Treat Bipolar Disorder
They include hypnotics and benzodiazepines, sometimes called tranquilizers, which may be sedatives, anti-anxiety medications (anxiolytics), or both. Here are  ...
What Is the Medication Serax Oxazepam?
Jun 13, 2014 ... A summary of information about the anti-anxiety medication Serax - generic oxazepam - a benzodiazepine shown to be safer than some related ...
Anti-Anxiety Medications for BPD - Borderline Personality - About.com
Sep 26, 2013 ... Some individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) are prescribed anti- anxiety medications (also called “anxiolytics”) to treat the ...
What Are the Top Anti-Anxiety Medications? - Mental Health - About ...
Antianxiety medications help to calm and relax the anxious person and remove the troubling symptoms. There are a number of antianxiety medications currently  ...
Anti-anxiety Medications - Senior Health - About.com
Feb 6, 2013 ... Information about anti-anxiety medications used for treating anxiety disorders.
Anti-Anxiety Medications for Panic Disorder - About.com
Mar 7, 2014 ... Anti-anxiety medications are often prescribed to treat panic attacks and anxiety symptoms. Learn about anti-anxiety medications for panic ...
Mental Health Medications for Anxiety - About.com
Nov 17, 2005 ... Both antidepressants and antianxiety medications are used to treat anxiety disorders. Many antidepressants are effective in anxiety disorders ...
Best Anxiety Medications for GAD - Depression - About.com
Q: What are the best anxiety medications for Generalized Anxiety Disorder ... Medications for Anxiety · Anxiety Medications · What Are the Top Anti-Anxiety ...
Alzheimer's and Anxiety - Treatment of Anxiety in Alzheimer's Disease
Jul 8, 2008 ... The FDA hasn't approved any drug specifically for Alzheimer's anxiety. General anti-anxiety medications -- such as Ativan (lorazepam) or Serax ...
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