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Jonathan Winters, comedian, actor, artist, reportedly bipolar
Nov 30, 2003 ... Comedian Jonathan Winters has always had a manic element to his humor. According to reports, he has stated that he has bipolar disorder.
Actors With Bipolar Disorder - About.com
Ben Stiller - Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images ... Comedian Jonathan Winters has always had a manic element to his humor. According ...
Celebrities with Bipolar Disorder by Birthdate
Jun 30, 2014 ... Vivien Leigh - actress - November 5, 1913 • Jonathan Winters - comedian, actor - November 11, 1925 • Burgess Meredith - actor - November 16 ...
Jonathan Winters Biography - Comedians - About.com
Apr 11, 2013 ... Read a biography of stand-up comedian Jonathan Winters.
Robin Williams - Web Humor - About.com
Hero: Jonathan Winters, the wild improvisational comedian, who was a major television and nightclub performer himself -- and a popular character actor in films.
Susan Seaforth Hayes Part of Days "Surprise Story"
Jan 10, 2014 ... "She was one of Jonathan Winters' characters. She would come in and talk endlessly. The character is a little bit funny, but irritating everyone ...
Exclamation Point Definition and Examples
(Jonathan Winters); Warnings! "The exclamation mark is an aid to good English. It is not a prop for bad writing. "A sentence that falls flat without an exclamation ...
In Memoriam 2013 - Classic Movies - About.com
in memoriam classic movie stars died death peter o'toole joan fontaine julie harris eleanor parker annette funicello jonathan winters audrey totter.
The Twilight Zone: The Complete Third Season DVD Review
Jul 9, 2013 ... ... Dean Stockwell, Jack Klugman, Jonathan Winters, Peter Falk, Lee Marvin, Lee Van Cleef, Cloris Leachman and Donald Pleasence.
Sitcom Aliens - Five Alien Creatures From Classic Sitcoms
Eventually Mork and Mindy fell in love and had a child, who was born from an egg hatched by Mork and came out a full-grown adult played by Jonathan Winters.
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