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Film and TV Careers - Film Director
Unlike television where the writer is in charge, in the movie world, the Director is king. The director of a movie is the commander and chief of a set. What he or ...
Director - Career Information - Career Planning - About.com
Find out what directors of movies, news programs, television shows and stage productions do. Learn about job duties, earnings and educational requirements.
Film and TV Careers: Casting Director
A casting director is responsible for helping to gather a number of actor candidates for a given role in a film or television production. The casting director reads ...
Six Great Classic Movie Directors - Classic Movies - About.com
Sometimes finding a director you like is the best way to find the movies you'll love . Here are six of the finest directors Hollywood has ever known - Billy Wilder, ...
War Movie Directors - War Movies - About.com
Articles and lists about war movie directors. ... Ever notice how every Mel Gibson movie either has his character being tortured or his character extracting bloody ...
Classic Movie Lists by Director - Classic Movies - About.com
The best classic movies made by Hollywood's top classic film makers, with short ... 52 Articles in: Classic Movie Lists by Director - the Best Movies by Classic ...
John Carpenter - Horror Movies - About.com
John Carpenter is one of the select few movie directors whose name exudes horror. He's a pioneer and a maverick who started outside the Hollywood system  ...
The LEGO Movie: Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller Interview
Exclusive interview with The LEGO Movie writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller on bringing a LEGO animated comedy movie to the big screen, the ...
Film/TV Careers: Television Director
In the television world, there are really two types of directors: Multi-Camera and Single Camera. Although there are many similarities, as well as a number of ...
Film / TV Careers: Cinematographer
Although the director determines the action and blocking of a given scene, it is the DP who looks through the camera to catch the moment on film. The director ...
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