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There are many online communities, some with special focuses, that offer chat rooms where you can go to find support and information for bipolar disorder (manic depression). These chat rooms also allow you to share your experience with others.
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About Bipolar Disorder Chat Rooms
Four chat rooms for people who live with bipolar disorder. We have a staff of dedicated chat hosts to help you get the most out of your time.

Chat in Real Time, Treat Each Other Kindly
Everyone who gets involved in Internet chat should read this article, by the About.com Guide to Mental Health Resources.

Alices Bipolar Chat
"This club is intended to be a kind caring place where people with bipolar disorder can support each other -- I welcome any one -- you don't have to be diagnosed yourself. Also any topics are welcome - lets try to inject a bit of light relief along the way!"

Harbor of Refuge
"On the high seas, a Harbor of Refuge is known to be open to any vessel in distress requiring assistance, regardless of the flag it flies or the doctrines of its native country. In the same way, we hope to be a welcoming Harbor of Refuge for anyone with bipolar illness who comes here seeking conversation, information, or support."

Healthy Place Bipolar Support Groups
Scheduled bipolar support group meetings and chats for those with bipolar disorder, manic depression as well as their significant others.

Walkers in Darkness, Inc.
"Walkers in Darkness, Inc, has been providing peer-to-peer support, information and education to people with mood disorders for over 11 years." From this page, you can logon to both their bulletin boards and chat rooms.

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