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Electroconvulsive Therapy is also known as ECT or shock therapy. It is sometimes used in the treatment of mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder (manic depression). Found here are articles and resources regarding the pros and cons of ECT, including both strong supporters and strong opposition.

ECT in California
"Despite the American Psychiatric Association's claim that only 0.5 percent (1 in 200) of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) patients suffer memory loss, statistics from California show that the actual figure is 40 times that amount."

Memory Loss Common
Supporters say the controversial treatment called electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) helps severely depressed patients who have few other medical options, but new research concludes that this help may come at a high price.

ECT: Sham Statistics, the Myth of Convulsive Therapy
... the Case for Consumer Misinformation: This paper claims to expose "the extreme destructive power of today's 'new and improved' ECT devices." Originally published in 1994.

The ECT Suite
An important essay about the author's experiences undergoing ECT.

What are the Risks and Adverse Effects of ECT
Highly clinical language here, intended for healthcare professionals.

Shock Treatment, Brain Damage, and Memory Loss
Subtitled "A Neurological Perspective," this 1977 paper's author concludes that ECT results in brain disease and questions whether doctors should offer brain damage to their patients.

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