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Female Singers & Musicians With Bipolar Disorder

Most of the lives of these women, successful singers all, show that even when bipolar disorder affected their careers, they were able to keep going.

Rosemary Clooney
Bipolar disorder interrupted Rosemary Clooney's career in the late 1960s. Rosemary died on June 29, 2002 at age 74.

Connie Francis
Pop / country singer and actress Connie Francis has had a highly successful recording and film career despite suffering from bipolar disorder.

Jeannie C. Riley
Biographical sketch of country-western singer Jeannie C. Riley ('Harper Valley PTA'). According to reports, she has stated that she is manic-depressive.

Demi Lovato
Teen idol Demi Lovato hid a troubled life for a long time, concealing issues with self-injury by cutting and bulimia, an eating disorder. While in treatment for those issues, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Amy Winehouse
The sudden death of singer Amy Winehouse rocked the pop music world in July 2011. Whether her manic depression was a factor in her death may never be known, but it certainly was a factor in her life. According to numerous reports, she refused medication treatment for bipolar disorder and self-medicated instead with drugs and alcohol.

Sinad OConnor Misdiagnosed With Bipolar
After spending eight years taking medications for bipolar disorder, Irish singer and songwriter Sinad O'Connor discovered she actually had a different mental illness.

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