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Updated June 01, 2009

The term pathophysiology has two definitions:
  1. The functional changes associated with or resulting from disease or injury.
  2. The scientific study of such changes.
In plain terms, pathophysiology (which is exactly the same as physiopathology!) is concerned with either the bodily function changes that cause an illness or the bodily function changes that the illness causes.

Thus, pathophysiological and pathophysiologist.

path-oh-fizz-ee-OL-o-gee, path-oh-fizz-ee-oh-LOJ-ih-cull
Also Known As:
Physiopathology - physiopathological - physiopathologist

Many theories are being explored to explain the pathophysiology of bipolar disorder in the fields of genetics, neurotransmitters, microcellular changes and brain abnormalities. Understanding the physical causes of manic-depression is critical in the search for better treatments.

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