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How To Recognize Symptoms of Depression

It is important for both a person with bipolar disorder and his or her friends and family members to know how to recognize symptoms of depression. The symptoms of depression illustrated here will help you spot a depressive episode when it happens.

How To Find Hope in the Battle with Bipolar Disorder

The difficulties maintaining stability for those with bipolar disorder are real. Individuals often become frustrated or even lose hope due to the chronic nature of this disorder. EBeth, a member and volunteer, shared some points to help overcome these hurdles. She writes, “I am working full time again for the first time after three years of very little work and seven years since full time work. This is after having been pretty darn sick with this illness. What helped? What gave me hope?”

How To Prepare for Traveling When Mentally Ill

Many people with severe mental illnesses worry about traveling. One member of this community shares her frustration writing, “How are we supposed to get places when unstable?” Following are a few suggestions, many contributed by other community members, that may help alleviate some of these fears and make needed traveling more tolerable.

How To Get Through December Holidays When Depressed

The December holidays — Hannukah, Christmas and New Year's — can be brutal for people in depression. Here are some tips to help you cope with family, gifts, parties and yourself.

How To Improve Your Sleep Schedule

Suggestions and tips for improving your sleep schedule, an important tool for maintaining stability for those with bipolar disorder.

How To Explain Bipolar Disorder to Others

The popular impression of manic depression is quite different from the reality. If you need to tell someone what bipolar disorder is, here are some helpful hints to assist you.

How To Manage Your Medications

A simple how-to on keeping your medications organized, and keeping yourself educated about them, which is extremely important for people with bipolar disorder.

How To Chart Your Moods

A how to for learning to chart your moods and mood swings if you have bipolar affective disorder (manic depression).

How To Know When to Call Your Psychiatrist

How-to article explaining the warning signs that mean you should call your psychiatrist, and what to learn that will make you more aware of these warning signs.

How To Find a Psychiatrist

Suggestions for how to locate a psychiatrist for those who suffer from any mental illness or are trying to find help for someone else.

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