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Laughter is a great stress-buster for those with bipolar disorder (manic depression) - for anyone! We all need to laugh often! The pages below all take a light-hearted approach to some subjects we all know well: weight gain, depression, mania, doctors and - goosing?

Fun Gifts for People With Bipolar Disorder
People with bipolar disorder often have a keen appreciation for humor and a sharp sense of the ironic. Laughter is, after all, a great stress release. Here's a list of humorous items for those bipolar friends and family members on your shopping list. Just be sure the person really can laugh at him or herself.

What's in a Smile?
Whether you're depressed or just feeling blah, a smile is more than just something on your face - it can help lift your spirits, and we have the research to prove it. It's so simple!

Secret Handshake
Nancy has an idea. How about having a custom "secret handshake" to tell other people with bipolar disorder you are bipolar, too, without letting anyone else in the room know about it?

God Diagnosed Bipolar
Wickedly funny essay begins: "In a diagnosis that helps explain the confusing and contradictory aspects of the cosmos that have baffled philosophers, theologians, and other students of the human condition for millennia, God, creator of the universe and longtime deity to billions of followers, was found Monday to suffer from bipolar disorder."

How to be Depressed and How to be Happy
Excellent page! Taking a light look at a serious subject, it speaks for itself, and I won't give it away - go read this.

There Are Bad Times Just Around the Corner
A classic from Sir Noel Coward. Language warning for people who are easily offended! But for those who love satire - and Coward - it's wonderful.

Ten Warning Signs of "Normality"
You gotta love a diagnosis of "stiff upper lippity"!

Thirty Ways to Handle Stress
This has become a classic, starting with "Jam 39 tiny marshmallows up your nose and try to sneeze them out."

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