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Mania / Hypomania

Mania is one of the emotional extremes associated with bipolar disorder (manic depression). Hypomania presents many of the same symptoms, but to a lesser degree. Found here are resources and information regarding the warnings and symptoms of manic/hypomanic episode as well as personal experiences of those who have been through these episodes.
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Bipolar Mania Quiz
This quiz is an informal checklist for you to use to determine whether you're likely to have experienced, or are currently in a state of, bipolar mania. Use this as a tool for talking with a healthcare professional about possible manic episodes.

Symptoms of Mania
Mania symptoms can range from abnormally high moods to hallucinations and from being energetic on very little sleep to hypersexuality. Other possible symptoms: pressured speech, reckless spending, delusions and racing thoughts.

What Is Mania? How Is Mania Diagnosed?
Mania is a state of mind and mood that is the hallmark symptom of bipolar disorder, specifically bipolar 1 disorder. A person experiencing mania may behave wildly, irrationally, or dangerously, depending upon which symptoms are present. But manic doesn't mean maniac. A person in a manic state may behave in a strange or bizarre fashion.

Mania - Manic - Maniac
Let's get it straight: in bipolar disorder, experiencing mania or having a manic episode does not mean a person is a maniac.

What Is Hypomania? How Is It Diagnosed?
Hypomania in bipolar disorder is a state of mind and mood where a person may have excessive energy, little need for sleep, unusual exhilaration, irritability, excitement or aggression, and a variety of other symptoms.

Mania Symptoms - What Are Your Mania Symptoms
Mania symptoms can include feeling amazingly happy or high, irritability, restlessness, grandiose behavior, psychotic experiences such as hallucinations, delusions or paranoia, decreased need for sleep, racing thoughts and other difficult symptoms. As a group these symptoms are more severe than in hypomania. If you have bipolar I disorder, you...

Pressured Speech and Writing – What is Your Wildest Manic Writing
Pressured speech is a symptom of bipolar disorder that is associated with mania. It is a compulsion to speak that produces rapid fire, nonstop talking. This driven need to communicate thoughts and ideas is also frequently expressed through the writing of those in a manic episode. Do you do this when you’re manic? What is the wildest manic thing you’ve written?

How to Recognize a Manic Episode
Steps to help you recognize the symptoms and behaviors of mania in persons suffering from manic depression (bipolar affective disorder).

The Anatomy of a Manic Upswing
While episodes and symptoms vary from person to person, there are some similarities between individuals. In response to a query in our forums regarding this, Nemileah, who volunteers as a Forum Community Leader, shared her personal experience with first recognizing the onset of mania and progressing through an episode as it intensifies.

Pressured Speech
Pressured speech is one of the symptoms of bipolar mania, hypomania and mixed episodes. Here is a clear definition of pressured speech.

Racing Thoughts
When a person with bipolar disorder has racing thoughts, it doesn't mean he or she is just thinking quickly. Racing thoughts can be very uncomfortable and disturbing

Bipolar Grandiosity - Readers' experiences with bipolar grandiosity
Bipolar grandiosity can be harmless, or it can lead to all kinds of reckless, thoughtless or even dangerous behavior. Here readers can share their own experiences with grandiosity that is a symptom of their particular flavor of manic depression. Read their stories and share your own if you have one.

Living Mania-Free
Andy Behrman, author of Electroboy, talks about life after stabilization - living with the "loss" of mania.

Overcommitment = Stress Squared
See how the hypomania of a gardener's mixed episode can create stress and anxiety that last after the hypomania is gone. Part of the "I'm Bipolar" series.

Interactive Quiz: Could You Be Manic?
Quick online test from NIMH.

I’m Hypomanic and I Don’t WANT to Sleep!
Good old hypomania! For many bipolar people the feeling of being on top of the world is rare and much prized, as long as there are no problem symptoms present. But when one of the symptoms is not wanting to sleep, to the point of not taking night-time meds, you're asking for trouble.

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