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Mixed Episodes

A mixed episode is essentially an episode that simultaneously presents symptoms of both depression and mania. For example, an individual with bipolar disorder (manic depression) may have all the frantic energy of mania, but may also be struggling with the black thoughts of depression. Found here are resources and information regarding this type of episode.

Living in a Mixed State
Formally diagnosing a bipolar mixed depressive episode takes a fair amount of jumping through hoops. But whether it's diagnosable or not, living in a state where you have symptoms of both depression and mania or hypomania is just plain miserable. Manic Carousel describes her feelings and behaviors while mixing highs and lows in her bipolar...

Diagnosing a Mixed Episode
There are three criteria that must be met for diagnosing a mixed episode. In order for a period of mood disturbance or difficult behavior to be considered a mixed episode as per the DSM each of the criteria listed here must be met.

What is a Mixed Episode?
Using the strict definition, a mixed episode can only be experienced by someone with Bipolar I disorder. However, many researchers - and many patients - agree that there are several types of mixed episodes that can be experienced by just about anyone with manic depression.

Clutter, Christmas, and Mixed States
This year-end installment of "I'm Bipolar?" looks at the last several months and the Christmas season in terms of bipolar depression - a mixed condition with some serious physical and behavioral consequences.

Mood Swings – and Swings – and Swings
From the “I’m Bipolar” series, the author shares, “I'm experiencing hypomania, depression, and an angry mixture all in a day, sometimes more than once each. And behind these mini-moodswings, the base mood has shifted, over the course of a few weeks, from depression, to a good balance, and back into depression again.”

Name That Episode!
What do you call an episode that has elements of hypomania but is characterized by exhaustion at the end of each day? Part of the "I'm Bipolar" series.

Pressured Speech
Pressured speech is one of the symptoms of bipolar mania, hypomania and mixed episodes. Here is a clear definition of pressured speech.

Racing Thoughts
When a person with bipolar disorder has racing thoughts, it doesn't mean he or she is just thinking quickly. Racing thoughts can be very uncomfortable and disturbing.

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