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Updated August 02, 2011

There are many definitions of dysphoria, leading to a lot of confusion about what someone means when they use the term. Just take a look:
  • TheRubins.com - "unpleasant mood characterized by an exaggerated feeling of depression and unrest."

  • The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center - "Negative or aversive emotional state."

  • Wikipedia - "Dysphoria is the opposite of euphoria. It is generally characterized as a feeling of emotional and/or mental discomfort, restlessness, malaise, and depression. ... Dysphoria can be differentiated from depression in that it tends to be an agitated feeling."

  • Medterms.com - "Anxiety" (!!!)
We've taken an in-depth look at dysphoria here: What is Dysphoria? If you or your doctor should use the term, make sure you both know what the other means by it!
Common Misspellings: dyphoria
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