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What does it feel like to have bipolar disorder, or to live with someone who does? What problems have people encountered in dealing with other people, doctors, hospitals, medications, stigma? These are stories from the inside, from those who know what manic depression is all about.
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Personal Experiences With Bipolar Symptoms
Do you wonder how symptoms of bipolar disorder affect others? Do you want to tell other people about your own symptoms? Read what people have written about their own mania and depression symptoms, what happens to them when they are hallucinating or delusional, and how grandiosity affects them. You can also tell your own experiences on these topics.

Doctors Who Blame Bipolar Disorder for Physical Symptoms
It seems like doctors often blame bipolar disorder when a patient who has bipolar when evaluating your physical symptoms. Has this happened to you? Has a doctor ignored or dismissed your symptoms as soon as it comes out that you have bipolar disorder? Have you received poor medical treatment as a result? Share your story and read what...See submissions

A Personal Story of Bipolar Management ... And Success
At 75, Steve Katz tells what he's learned to help him manage his bipolar disorder in the 25 years since he was diagnosed, and how his strategies have succeeded for him.

Queenie's Quest: A Story of Personal Struggle and Triumph
Queenie has been diagnosed with a whole battery of mental disorders along with physical conditions that affect her mental health. While she knew how to hide her condition very well at work for a long time, she knew she needed help as other aspects of her life were in turmoil. Doctors weren't helping the matter, either, but she persisted in...

Bipolar and Bisexual - Living with Labels
The only difference between a heterosexual person with bipolar disorder and a bisexual with the same mental illness is that the bisexual lives with an additional label - and the additional difficulties and stigma attached to that label.

Someone to Watch Over Me
Forum Host Tempest gives us a terrifying look into the world of Bipolar I disorder with paranoia and persecutory delusions -- and the difficulty she has had getting anyone to understand her need for more antipsychotic medication. We hope her harrowing story will help people understand the need for someone, patient or advocate, ask questions, demand answers, and fight for the best treatment.

My Lithium Miracle
Guest author Gene Olson summarizes his history from Vietnam to misdiagnosis as paranoid schizophrenic to the lithium treatment that saved his mind.

Guest author Regina Jones went through years of misery, hopelessness, poverty and self-hatred. Her bipolar disorder made her life a living hell. Regina leads us through those black years with stark honesty and on to her climb from the depths and out into the light of a new life. Her story is disturbing but ultimately inspiring.

Is It Me?
Guest author Carol eloquently asks where her old self has gone now that mental illness has taken over her life.

A Bipolar Mom's Story
During my first manic episode I hid with my daughter in the attic fearing Mafia hit men. During the second I conversed with God. All told I've been hospitalized four times for mania. My husband has been my rock throughout our lives together, even when we feared Lithium might cause our unborn child to have birth defects.

Bipolar Blues
Nancy gives readers a look at bipolar disorder from the inside - weight, pills and frustration.

How It Feels to Have Bipolar Disorder
A person who has bipolar disorder describes how the pressure of waiting for test results caused an inappropriate response.

Dealing With Difficult Doctors
When you have a mental illness, you need your doctors to be competent, respectful and understanding. Plenty of them are - but plenty fail at one or more of these requirements. They may be arrogant, dismissive, downright rude, and they may treat you differently or ignore real physical symptoms because you have a mental illness. Readers share...

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