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For those with bipolar disorder (manic depression) religion often plays a distinct role in their lives. Many find comfort and healing through prayer and find the support of their church families to be invaluable. However, some have also faced misunderstandings, judgment, and even accusations of demon possession. Found here are resources relating to both positive and negative experiences.

Religious Factors in Bipolar Disorder
One of the symptoms of bipolar mania and hypomania is an increase in religious activities. At the same time, a significant portion of those with psychotic disorders experience religious delusions. One of the challenges in treatment is determining where the line is between supportive spirituality and harmful delusions.

Strength and Comfort Through Scripture
Many who have bipolar disorder find comfort and strength through their faith. These people often have favorite passages from scripture in the Bible, Quran or Torah that help them cope with their illnesses. Here are scriptures my readers find especially helpful.

Connection Between Schizophrenia and Spirituality?
Reader's question and answer: "How many found with their hallucinations that they decided they didn't believe in God or were questioning their spirituality?" I've answered as best I can, and other readers have weighed in with their opinions.

Christianity Verses Psychology – Opposing Views?
If, asks one of our readers, the authors of Psychology Debunked are right that bipolar illness is phony, then what is happening? Another reader, with a degree in Christian Education, gives a compassionate and clear answer.

Counseling from Hell
The terrible story of a counselor who did tremendous harm to a client, including convincing her she was possessed by demons.

Psalms and Songs of Comfort
"This is a list of my favorite Psalms (NIV version) that have ministered to me the most in my times of need. I have also included four of my songs" shares the author.

The Seven Major Divisions of Hell
The author presents a rather dark and narrow view of how Satan and his demons seek to control the world. This writer blames all mental illness on a "Demon of the Mind" named Pan. To find the relevant section, search the text for the word "Pan."

Three Crucial Distinctions
This article reviews three crucial distinctions for "spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry." The author addresses demon possession, but does note that "There is a place, we feel, for ministry to the mentally ill by the trained Christian psychiatrist or psychologist."

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