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In that there is so much we still do not know about bipolar disorder, clinicians and researchers are continually conducting research related to genetics, efficacy of medications, progression of symptoms and any number of topics relating to this disorder. Found here are reports on these studies as well as information on enrollment, participation, and benefits such as free medications and therapy.

What Are Clinical Trials of Medications?
Clinical trials test new medications before they may be prescribed by doctors and marketed. They also test new treatments before they may be used on the general public. This article outlines the procedures and parameters of clinical trials and defines terms such as informed consent.

What Are Clinical Research Studies?
Clinical research studies are studies conducted by researchers to evaluate or learn more about such things as the safety and effectiveness of a medication, genetics issues regarding medical and psychiatric conditions, treatment options, etc. Research studies regarding medications and treatment options are called clinical trials.

The Scientific Method of Research
The scientific method of research is a process -- a process that usually takes years or even decades to move an idea from hypothesis to theory. In recent years this process has accelerated, but the steps of the process are research doctrine. They are taught at all levels of education from elementary school to serving as the backbone of every...

The Role of Media in Reporting Medical Research
The role of media in reporting medical research is quite a debate. There are those who hold that the media distort research findings exploiting them for ratings at the expense of health consumers and that hypotheses are reported as facts before adequate vetting. On the other side, many believe the involvement of the media encourages informed, educated health consumers and provides needed scrutiny of ethical issues in medical research.

Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety Disorders
Two studies published in January 2007 offer significant insights into the relationship between bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders, and the connection between these and substance abuse. The presence of an anxiety disorder, cocaine use and/or alcohol abuse along with bipolar disorder is very likely to make a patient's overall condition much more serious.

STEP-BD - Introduction
STEP-BD is the largest treatment study of bipolar disorder conducted to date. The aim of this long-term study was to find out which treatments or combinations of treatments are most effective for treating bipolar episodes and preventing new episodes. In fact, a great deal more information, beyond the effectiveness of treatment, is coming out of...

How Do People Use Medical Information and Support on the Internet?
A research team led by Professor Tom Postmes, an internationally renowned expert in social effects of online interaction, with the University of Exeter has set up a research study to investigate the effects of online social support. Specifically they are looking at the kinds of support people seek and benefit derived from these online forums. ...

Statistics: Mental Health Disorders - Prevalence & Age of Onset
A group of researchers from the Department of Health Care Policy with Harvard Medical School, reported estimates for lifetime prevalence and median age of onset for broad categories of disorders found in the DSM IV. The analysis indicates that mental health disorders in general and mood disorders specifically are quite a bit more common then many would think.

Bipolar Disorder Research: The LifeShirt System
For the first time, researchers will be able to test medications for bipolar disorder by using the LifeShirt, a new continuous ambulatory monitoring device. This study could potentially identify treatment for bipolar disorder in the future.

What Is a Clinical Research Study?
Clinical study. Clinical trial. Clinical protocol. They all mean the same thing--a scientific study of how a new medicine or treatment works in people. Through clinical studies, doctors find new and better ways to prevent, detect, diagnose, control, and treat illnesses. Please read this before considering joining any study.

Bipolar Disorder Research
This is an extensive compilation from Internet Mental Health of research articles relating to bipolar disorder. The topics range from behavioral and drug therapy to genetics and physiopathology.

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