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Sexual Addiction

Hypersexuality is a common feature of mania in bipolar disorder (manic depression), and can escalate into a dangerous sexual addiction when sex becomes an obsession. Found here are resources and information on this topic.

Sex Sex Sex and More Sex
Hypersexuality is often a symptom of the manic phase of bipolar disorder. But if this escalates into an obsession, the person may have developed a sexual addiction.

Finding a Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA) Meeting
Listings for Argentina, Canada, Germany, Mexico, England, Wales, Uruguay, and the United States.

How to Get in Touch With SCA
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous e-mail and postal mail addresses, and phone numbers in ten states plus national (toll-free) and international hotlines.

Self Assessment for Sexual Addiction
Also: Sexual Addiction Self Test.

Sexaholics Anonymous
This site has been greatly scaled down - contact the group for more information.

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