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Impact on Sleep

Getting the right amount of sleep is a huge issue for those with bipolar disorder. Mood swings can cause the problem – sleeping too little when manic or too much when depressed. And a messed up sleep schedule can precipitate an episode. Here are resources and information regarding these sleep issues.

How Sleep and Bipolar Interact
Mood and sleep disorders go hand-in-hand. But did you know that changing the way you sleep might help control depression and/or mania?

Bipolar Disorder and Sleep
In this excerpt from his book 'Bipolar II,' Dr. Ronald R. Fieve discusses the effects of bipolar disorder on sleep - and of sleep upon bipolar disorder. Topics include insomnia, delayed sleep phase syndrome, REM sleep abnormalities and irregular sleep-wake schedule. Reprinted with permission of Rodale, Inc.

Does Bipolar Disorder Affect Dreaming - Nightmares - Night Terrors
People with bipolar disorder are far more likely than the average person to experience any number of sleep disorders - including unusually vivid dreams, nightmares and night terrors, which especially prey on children.

How to Improve Your Sleep Schedule
Suggestions and tips for improving your sleep schedule, an important tool for maintaining stability for those with bipolar disorder.

10 Tips For Better Sleep
The Sleep Disorders Center of Central Texas outlines the basics of sleep hygiene for those who suffer from insomnia. These rules would not apply to those who sleep too little due to mania.

Starting Over - NOT
Quitting Gabitril was a prescription for disaster!

Bipolar Disorder and Dreams - Readers Talk About Bipolar Disorder and Dreams
Adults with bipolar disorder are more likely to have vivid dreams, nightmares and night terrors. Readers tell how bipolar disorder affects their dreams and nightmares. You can also share your own stories about the effect of bipolar disorder on your dreams.

I’m Hypomanic and I Don’t WANT to Sleep!
Being hypomanic caused one patient to hold off taking sleep meds until she was finally feeling tired - as much as 39 hours after she last got up.

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