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Reader Stories: What Was the Best Advice You Received Regarding Your Bipolar Child?


Updated December 17, 2010

A bipolar child can be more than a handful - every parent who has one knows that. Here, readers share the best advice that stands out they feel made a big difference in helping cope with a bipolar child.

Bipolar With Three Bipolar Kids

The best advice that I got from friends who had been dealing with a bipolar child was to take care of me. If we don't take care of ourselves, we aren't going to have the energy to take care of our ch…More

I found my own good advice for my bipolar child

I haven't gotten any good advice. We talk with our son and meet with his teachers, doctors and counselors constantly. People had told us to not tell anyone that our son was bipolar, but we found that…More

My bipolar child was very difficult to handle

The best advice I got was to wait until we were both calm until we talked about it. And he had to make restitution to those he had harmed in anyway. It was good for him as I didn't beat the hell out …More

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