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It was NOT all in my head

Share Your Story: Doctors Who Blame Bipolar Disorder for Physical Symptoms

By Chris M

Updated April 12, 2011

What were your physical symptoms?

Increased siezures, choking, difficulty in swallowing, breathing difficulties, high blood pressure, fainting.

How serious were the symptoms?

They increased to life threatening stage.

My initial experience with the doctor:

All my symptoms were classed as all in my head and not real in any manner no exclusion of pathological disease were undertaken. So I finally moved on to another health professional who is very knowledgeable both in physical medicine and psychiatric medicine and has advanced training in both areas. This is refreshing as through this professional's actions I now have life, as my condition was a terminal disease and NOT in my head. I also have stability in my mental health and a great health team to assist. It is a shame it took 53 years to achieve this and the many others who experience the same stigma/attitude.

What I had to do next about my symptoms:

my condition became life threatening and I became so ill that my friend who now is my next of kin took me to see her health professional for treatment and my terminal illness was diagnosed and my treatment was started. Also my mental heath care was taken into account by this professional and now I have stability in this area and a great health team for my health treatment, both physical and mental. Like I said previously it's a shame it took 53 years to achieve this as a result of stigma from professionals re my mental illness BI polar 1.

Lessons Learned

  • I have learnt that some professionals still have a stigma approach to any person who has a mental illness and disability. And the fact is not to put up with this and if they are not open to education or awareness and do not exclude any pathological reasons for an illness first then try and move on to some one who is going to assist in getting you the correct treatment/respect one deserves along their journey in life.
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