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Readers Respond: What Is the Wildest Manic Thing You’ve Written?

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Updated August 18, 2009

From the article: What Is Pressured Speech?
Pressured speech is a symptom of bipolar disorder that is associated with mania. It is a compulsion to speak that produces rapid fire, nonstop talking. This driven need to communicate thoughts and ideas is also frequently expressed through the writing of those in a manic episode.

Do you do this when you’re manic? Have you sent an incoherent email? Posted a forum treatise on a deeply spiritual matter? Composed a stream-of-consciousness rant in your journal? What is the wildest manic thing you’ve written? Share your best (or worst depending on your perspective) manic writing and read what others have posted.

My noisy Brain

Oh my noisy brain, Why won't you let me sleep? One day I'll go insane.. And they'll drug you till you don't make a peep!
—Guest Kat


I don't know if I have bipolar. I've telakd to people on childline and on here and they say I need to get checked out ASAP. I telakd to my parents about depression at the start of January and they just shrugged it off as attention seeking. I'm really confused because I thought I might have had depression, but I get happy, but when I'm happy I get over the top. Like all my thoughts are scrambled up and I get a buzzing feeling inside of me that I can't control and I get basically not crazy but Hyper(?) And then I get really depressed and suicidle, I've never tried suicide but I think about it alot, nearly 3 or 4 times a week. I used to ermmm s/h And.. Well.. I just need an answer but I can't talk to my parents about it. I really need to go to the doctors cause my thoughts are just all over the place, I get exteremly scared over just a bloody thought, and it's ridiculous what my mind can make up half the time. I'm thinking about going with a friend, if that would work??? I just wish there was a way that I could get through this without my parents having to judge me and find out :/
—Guest cKFQgZtWZKcx

Gramma tickles tough

Gramma Tickles Tough Verbal Frays Subject to Personal Vowels In Pa's tents, met Trix, Quaking vowels prefixed, Restrict if in one's colon. Get Anna Paugh's trophy. My non-essential claws Directly addressing, Imperative in mood, I parsed my relative Pronouncing a position Understood, as ellipsis Chops and splices My dangling comma toes. If Gramma and a pest tick Sponge errand agree To verbal copulation, They split infinitively. Oh what a parent this is! "Condition'll be dire," he says. A sigh lent he. Second dairy axe Sent Ed's silly bull. Says you're On a solar schism. Infinite if rays precede Ms. Placed Maude if fires Frag meant run on. Dip thong and ass So nuns in Pair o' taxis Passed the sub, Junked, if Rhett or Rick'll Die a gram or less in Few sure. “Subject understood?" "A frayed knot!"
—Guest pisatel6

Unite Or Perish

I wrote 30 pages filled with random quotes from "prophets" as well as my own plans on how to unite and overcome some unknown enemy. I handed it into my Commanding Officer.
—Guest nickm

First ever manic episode

Going from being rock bottomly depressed to being simultaneously deoressed and at the same time finding it hilarious and then being high. Like literally high I feel light but somehow not connected. I feel fast and a tad invincible. My head is like a balloon rather than a weight to sit upon my shoulders. I think this is key to my inner workings of my mind and should be recorded in this format to help better understanding of my condition in this precise moment in time or perhaps more generally. If and of those doctors ever try and section me again I will laugh in their faces how could that possibly be whats best for me when it has induced the leveld of anxiety, paranoia and defeat I was dfeeling earlier today. IO am no longer afraid I am going crazy yet somehow I am sure I must be. My head is not broken and my eyes are like saucers of inky blueness. Everything is defined like but somehow nothing looks different. I am cautious in my judgment of myself I am pretty sure this has never ever
—Guest Jo

Poem I wrote after episode!

Many Thanks To Fernleigh Centre Staff You give hope, when all appears hopeless, You enable the sad to realise they can once again be happy, You give support when previously there was none, You feed the soul with the nourishment it requires, You listen repeatedly with empathy, though you have heard it all before, You give solitude to those who need it and company to those who don’t, But most of all, you care from the heart and help to replenish and revive each and every client that enters your door, You have helped me to return to my former self and for this I will be eternally grateful! Love Viv
—Guest Viv McKay

Published before getting fired!!!

The motto is: ‘Provide the staff or pay the price’ From Viv McKay. AFTER returning to Jersey, having attending college for two years to become a qualified medical secretary, I am presently signed off with work-related stress. I sought advice from JACS and was told that I could be given notice, for any reason, at any time during my six-month probationary period. The stress is work-related because there are insufficient staff to cover the volume of work, and because I am stressed I have been referred to my employers, who may say that the job is too stressful and in turn give me my notice. This is so unfair. Throughout my convalescent period I have worried that it may happen, even though I am an excellent employee. If employees were replaced after they left, existing staff might be able to cope with an ever-increasing workload due to patients not having primary care (high cost of visiting GPs) and leading to secondary care which costs the States a fortune.
—Guest Viv McKay

Dark Side

It's so very true, when you are in a state of manic you seem to turn to pen and paper. I did too, only after I did what I did to prove to my husband that I meant what I was saying...Being in a rather higher than usual manic state, flying everywhere, not being able to focus on just few things..I finally told my husband that I felt like the devil has taken over my body and there was the point of no return for me. He laughed, and said good for me. That remark made me mad, as if he cared not..and he sure was not (once again) going to help support me) So i went into the bathroom, found the bloodiest red looking lipstick I could find and colored my face red. using black eyeliner, i made black horns on my forehead, I came out walked in front of him and said "there I told you so" . Well he just about flew out of his chair...He did not say a word to me the rest of the night. I cleaned up, went and got my journal and wrote down what just happened mollyss88


My all-but-abandoned Myspace page is pretty much one long manic episode, chronicled from 2007 on. Toward the end there I was obsessively writing longhand in a journal too. Now I'm only reading obsessively (that never, ever goes away), and I write, but stick to rants about public issues, not private ones. I'm choosing the direction of my rages more carefully these days.
—Guest Rox1SMF

Isnt everyone mad????

why didnt people drag Hitler off to the mental asylum, he was far more 'mad' than 'bipolar' people... (no offense to any hitler lovers) recent research shows that CBT which involves rationalising things by talking is more effective than medication, so I think often 'mad' people just need to talk because something is bothering them and people arent listening... ps. make sure you talk to the right people
—Guest Sue


Maybe it was duplicity of intention or maybe just the universe tripping over its own feet like a cripple with untied shoelaces. Oh, what’s the difference? Something like the difference between an intuitive ideal and a world that’s not exactly on it’s side. Blah, blah, fucking blah. Hah! This inertia is just Taoist energy mixed with downstream apathy. It’ll probably lead somewhere but nowhere’s okay too. Can one really be called picky if they hate everything? Real phlegmatic type after all the yellow bile. Melancholic but calm, serene. Underneath the lake’s surface, unperturbed, lies a white hot energy source burning with intensity. No more fish. Just electric eels in terrorist conspiracy with the lizards. They worship the Moon with eyes that burn like the Sun. Set your sights to the skies. Be warned. In the meantime, babble on in Babylon. All the while, bombs exploding in the ether. Starving masses loading cannons. Skeletal faces with fiery brows. The razor-tongued never stop bleeding. (Editor's note: This was submitted as a poem but sadly, this format does not allow manual line breaks.)
—Guest sean

A equation that disproved God?

Before being diagnosed for about 3 days I went sleepless during which time I wrote in a sharpie on a napkin a huge math equation showing that "God" was just a paradox that couldn't exist. My radically Baptist Grandmother was horrified and confused. As was I.
—Guest Justin C.

poet, artist, photographer...bi-polar?

about 10 years ago I was diagnosed with major depression disorder, triggered by 9/11... Currently taking meds for that, but I'm starting to wonder, am I manic too? I've written thousands of poems for the past 20+ years...mostly about being hurt or wanting to hurt myself... I am an extremely creative person (poet, artist, photographer, dancer, singer, martial arts, etc), very sociable, over confident at times, talk fast, always go off on tangents about different things. My mind is always going nonstop and I tend to overthink everything, constantly, analyzing situations and possibly having jealous delusions. I have the tendecy to write/talk out every little detail of who/what/where/how/why to avoid anxiety. Lastly, physical chemistry/passionate sex is top priority in a relationship... ...does this sound like manic behavior?
—Guest Niki girl


Twins – A Myth? A Legend? Or, Do They Walk Among Us Posing As Siblings Who Are Genetically And Physically Identical To Each Other? My Aim, I Hear You Ask? Simple! My Aim Is To Expose The Truth Of Not Just Twins But Identical Twins; The Following Text Exposes The Truth About These Rare And Elusive Creatures! (Yes, They Do Actually Exist Among Us :-0) This Is What I Discovered… On My Adventure Of Truth That Occurred In The Not Too Distant Future, I Travelled All The Vast And Mysterious & What Reminded Me, In Strange Ways, Of The Place Of My Birth In The Great Winter Of 2015 In The Land Of Ire-Land! The Vast Hinterland I Travelled Is Known To Some Peoples And To Most Peoples As A Land Known As Areland. This Truly Discombobulated Country Is Where The Origin Of ‘The Twin Creatures’ Originates’! From Here They Set Out And Came To Live Among Us Always In Couples And Always In Secret, And The Genius Of This Plan – Each Couple (Of Two, Not Seven) Was Disguised As Their Sibling They Travelled.


need laws to regulate who can live forever if you could live forever then it is a moral issue as to whether or not your destiny could be controlled by someone who is also able to live forever because the only advantage is education, if the only advantage they have is education everyone will eventually become standardized because of the necessity to have advanced degrees. evolution of brains leads brains to become larger, brains become largers then adapt technology into brain technology incorporated into brains leads us to all become the same person and have the ability to communicate by thinking=communication leads to psychic unity>>psychic unity=humanity organized into one being then abstraction into higher matrix>>representation of humanity as a specific piece of matter dissolve into the universe become nothing ultimately=there is no death, only growing=shrinking being reborn by matter and particles becoming new matter>=matter can be neither created nor destroyed. [Guide's note: Apparently this is an example of the author's manic writing.]
—Guest emilyo

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