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Readers Respond: Why Did You Search This Phrase?

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Updated October 11, 2009

From the article: What Is Wrong with Me?
What is wrong with me? Am I sick? Should I call my doctor? Questions we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another. In this age of information at our finger tips, we take our questions to the internet. We Google them. So it should be no surprise that people experiencing emotional upheaval or mental difficulties would also use this tool to try to figure out what is going on with them. But where do you start when you have no idea what you are experiencing? A common search phrase is "What is wrong with me?"

Nice to see other Bi-polarians

I love Marcia's advice and I move my furniture around all the time.
—Guest bman

How do I know love

I really relate to Dawn. Only recently have I felt like I loved anyone. (Except for my kids). I finally figured out that I could love someone without their loving me back. I never felt as if anyone loved me. Now I can feel that love coming back to me. Amazing. I must be finally liking myself instead of always thinking there was something wrong with me that no one could love. Thanks Dawn for bring "love" into this conversation.
—Guest mrlarabee

What's wrong with me?

i have mixed episode bi-polar disorder and find the feeling of being happy whilst thinking the most negative thoughts quite disturbing. Then we take meds that give you more problems than you had before. On Seroquel I got flu symptoms, cough, body pain especially in the back, headaches, anxiety, headaches, burning eyes. Now I know what's wrong with me - I'm knackered.
—Guest timmo

Still think

I am diagnosed with bi polar but keep thinking that it is a hype by the medicine companies to make money.
—Guest just me

what is wrong with me?

For as long as I can remember this is the question that I constantly ask myself. Now less often since I've accepted my set of symptoms and receive both medication and therapeutic treatment. But for too many years I couldn't answer the question even though I went to more therapists than I can count. I am now 71 and more at peace with myself than I ever have been.
—Guest mrlarabee

In search of answers

I can totally relate to both Dawn and Buddha2. I've been married for almost 4 years. Can't stand him 99% of the time. Everything he does and doesn't do makes me angry. Not sure why I married him or if I ever really loved him. I also seem to be doing some rapid cycling. Not sleeping, I'm still eating but wish I could stop eating. I feel like I'm turning into a whale. I'm not I know that but still feel like I am. Crying one minute, great mood the next. Just wish I could be normal for 1 full day!! afmom8991

How do you know love

I am married for 1 yr, I know that I care about him, but I dont know if I love him. I dont think I have ever loved anyone, I get really angry because I want to love him but I am not sure if at times its my bypolar kicking in or if it is truely me.
—Guest Dawn


I already know what's wrong with me. I have bipolar disorder with rapid cycling and mixed episodes. In a way it's a handicap bc I don't know how I'll feel when I wake up. But in the same way it can be a blessing. Haven't quite figured that out yet, but I believe in Karma and I sure do have some good karma coming my way!
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