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Readers Respond: Your Bipolar Hallucinations

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Updated June 29, 2014

From the article: What Are Hallucinations?
Those who have bipolar disorder may experience hallucinations during mania (bipolar 1 only) or depression. Here are real descriptions of the hallucinations experienced by real people. You can also tell us about your own.

Please note that requests for help will not be published. Instead, see Hallucinations - Do I Need Help? If you are experiencing hallucinations now, you need to seek treatment right away. You may begin with your primary care doctor to rule out physical conditions that may be causing them, or go straight to a mental health care professional. If you are already under a psychiatrist's care, make an appointment immediately.

Reader Stories:

Your Hallucinations

My hallucinations

I am 20 years old and I have rapid cycling bipolar 1 disorder. I struggle daily with multiple mood swings and hallucinations. I take tegretol (mood stabilizer), wellbutrin (anti-depressent), and trazadone (sleeping pills). However I do not take medication for my hallucinations since my doctor says that they do not seem to pose a major threat to my health or daily life. My psychotic episodes normally include small things like hearing people call my name, the phone ring, and music playing. I also see shadow figures and animals (mostly birds) in the corners of my eyes or in darker areas. Sometimes they come in flashes and other times they linger. There was this spot outside of my house I called "the portal" where multiple people would appear (some I knew and some I didn't) motioning me to come toward them. Also I see flashes of bright lights, solid surfaces moving, and patterns. At times I get startled but I have become conditioned to accept my hallucinations. I often find them amusing
—Guest Michelle

Afraid and torn

I don't want to be crazy, so when I am asked do I see things that are not present I lie. When asked do I hear things I say no. I hear music in my head over and over and it used to be so bad that I could sleep. I would be woke until I wrote it down. I used to see shapes and figures coming for me when I was a teenager and some years later. I could not move as the figure got closer to me. I would also see myself tortutre, touched being breathed on but was afraid to tell anyone except my wife. I would not be able to be in the army if I told anyone but now it happens from time to time. I feel threatened by ppl when I shouldn't. I think ppl are always talking about me then I think they want to hurt me. If I think I did something it feels like I did. If I talk to anyone and need to tell someone else it feels like I already did tell them even when I have not. I feel out of touch with the outside world a lot.. My emotions change very drastically throughout the day. AGHH!
—Guest XXX1981XXX

this is common

Reading through the posts makes me realize that these hallucinations are common. I began experiencing visual and auditory hallucinations 3 years ago when I suffered a major depression and was sectioned in hospital for 6 months. I too see ants and grey people. I hear strange noises and voices. I have sierens coming through my car radio and people i work with conspiring against me. I always take my meds correctly and have good support but obsessive thoughts about kill others are not something I can share. My g.p is wonderful but limited in what she can do. I have a mental health assesment this week I shall ask for increased meds as that works well for me. I recommend combining anti depressents with anti psychotic meds. Seems to slow thoughts down but can still function well.
—Guest mummy

Hallucinations and hearing voices

Just today i went to a deli to get some chips,but out of nowhere i heard this womans voice in my head whisper to me. She was talking really really fast. then it was more women talking. I looked everwhere thinking it was maybe the radio?.but no,it followed me to the train. Then they left. Ive been hallucinating for two months already. I see lines and little blue sparkly lights. I see shadows at the corner of.my eye.
—Guest Angie

Bipolar Ii & Auditory Mosic

Last month, as I was washing dishes I heard loud orchestra music and thought it was coming from the neighbors house. After I turned off the water, I realized that the music was in my head! There was one part that kept repeating, and I immediately went to the piano and picked out the notes and recorded it with my phone. I am still amazed that song just came from my head. I makes me think of famous musicians who say that they just "hear" the songs and then write them down. So very cool.
—Guest Sue

hallucinations and paranoia

I'm bipolar 1 disorder. Most of the time its when I go to sleep and wake up or right before I fall asleep. I see dark shadowy people. I wonder if its my mom. The crisp clear loud sound of someone vigorously rubbing paper together. The sound of someone rubbing their hand on my sheets. A very very loud siren/alarm that sounds like its blaring from outside. Is there a fire? Is my mom trying to wake me up? Is someone reading my letter? Why can't I move>? I see sometimes swirling warping patterns in the walls and in objects and glimpses of animals at night. during the day and before i go to bed I'm always afraid something is going to hurt me. People on the bus look really suspicious. I can't trust anybody.
—Guest nicole


It's been almost two years since I was listed as bi-polar 1 disorder. Things were rough and seem to now be getting worse. I am seeing things and hearing things. Radio static sounds and muffled chatter along with shadowed like figures with no mouth , very tall and very scary..Well at first they were. now I am able to understand the shadowed man who follows me i he says he wants to protect me to help me. He wants me to stop going to threapy and to stop taking all the medication I was on. Its a constant battle to do things I know I should do with the over looming voices of things "he" wants me to do. I was going to therapy once evey week and now I have been not there for 2 weeks. And i've stopped taking medication. When i go to take it "he"shows up and gets closer and closer to me. I get sick nauseated sometimes throwing up and a migraine. I'm at wits end.
—Guest Ethan

I'm so confused. Help

I'm 15 and I've been seeing things for ages but never actually thought anything of it until it's been quite bad. Thinking people are there when they aren't, seeing creatures/insects crawling across the floor and walls. Thinking people are watching me through the walls. Sensing someone is sitting next to me/watching me. Everything seems so fake and when I start trying to actually think and get somewhere and think why this is happening it's like there's someone in my head pushing away my thoughts so I end up forgetting. I keep hearing voices in my head but they're my voices but there are a load of people there. Talking saying negative things/ telling me to do things. Looking in the mirror and thinking the mirrors lying to me and can see the evil side of me in the mirror and once I come away from the mirror it goes back into my body. I sound like I'm possessed and if I told anyone scared they might think I'm attention seeking or think I'm going insane. I can feel someone in me. I'm not me
—Guest someone

They come from me...but they are morons

I have dealt with very vivid hallucinations for about a decade. They vary greatly ,(are always very distinct and unique) and change regularly. I tend to pick them up like viruses after interacting with other people. If these things are a part of me, why are they so VERY different than myself. They are often very religious, have little or no idea about modern culture and social convention. And are very easily out-witted. I was originally quite intrigued as I believe myself to be a very rational and grounded individual. But one night I woke up at 2:30 am(I remember because for the next month or so I awoke up at exactly this time) EXACTLY. I heard distinctly voices that sounded like I was hearing a conversation about me. As though two people were watching me on camera. ( But it wasn't exactly audio) although it came from a corner in the room. Since, I have had many "interesting" experiences and have pretty much learned to ignore the voices and get on with my life.
—Guest WilliamPlots

The things I see

I've been randomly seeing thick white fog, as well as shadowy figures of both human and other, for a long time now and have recently been looking into what this would mean. I also found that i relate to a lot of other stories here to do with seeing, feeling and hearing things that aren't really there. I hear voices, and see ants everyone I go. It's getting worse, I'm getting scared.
—Guest Shanny


I am severely bipolar. I've seen a woman in a white night gown approach me in my bedroom, while she said nothing. It scared the crap out of me. She looked like a demon. I've also seen a man with a long rugged face kneeling beside my bed. I thought for the longest time that he was the devil. I've had someone knock on the door of my cabin and so i opened it and a man wearing blue jeans and a blue plad shirt. He seemed like a guardian angel. I've never seen anyone that looked like any of them, but since i was put on pills they have disappeared. The most scariest thing i experienced was a voice in my head who called himself Sebastian. He told me to kill people, he gave me reasons why i should, but i couldn't go through with it because i'm not a murderer. Sebastian was the main reason i went on medication. I now wonder if it was drinking alcohol and drugs that caused it, or if it is a brain disorder. I often think about going off my meds, because medication has so many side effects.
—Guest James

auditory hallucinations

6 months ago when I had my first psychosis (I have bipolar I) I heard classical music in my head LOUD and thought how beautiful it was - it was an intense experience. I also thought an Islamic saint was speaking to me at some point and was "watching over me" but that thought disappeared quickly. the music was more intense.
—Guest Guest A

from schizophrenia diagnosis to bipolar

I forgot to mention since my second hospitalization part of my diagnosis was changed, the part was schizophrenic to bipolar. I have a theory as to why we are having a boom in mental diagnosis-es and autism. Water treatment plants can't remove pharmaceuticals in the water at this time. They can only kill bacteria. So where do all of the drugs come from ? They are being dumped into our rivers, etc. via waste water plants. Now if you start to think of how many people take prescription drugs and such as well as all of the kinds that are taken and realize that what goes in you eventually goes down the toilet to the waste water system.....where they clean it...yeah it's cleaner but now it has more pharmaceuticals that it had when it was originally diverted for treatment for making drinking water. It only stands to reason why people maybe living longer, but with more and more mental and health problems.
—Guest tigerrose

Hallucinations then and now

My hallucinations began in the later part of 2005 with what I thought was that I wasoverhearing colleges at a new job criticizing me in neighboring rooms as well as from other rooms further down the hall from me. It got so bad that I left the job and as I did so someone seeing me leave asked is everything okay and I responded no and said something to fact that I couldn't take hearing everyone criticize me anymore and left. Well for the following three months it continued with all of the same voices only now they were telling me that all of my family wanted me dead and that they were slowly poisoning me and sadly after that I began to believe it. I felt I couldn't trust anyone since I didn't even know how these people were accomplishing this feat of sending me messages. I began to think that someone had got into my duplex apartment then snuck up into the attic and hid some device to transmit what they were saying throughout the house that is until I realized that my son wasn't hearing anything at all. I continued to have trouble getting any sleep until I got so desperate to sleep that while my son was at a friends house I climbed into the tub flannel nightgown and all, filled the tub half way and slit my wrists with the blade from a disposable razor. When I realized that I had failed to cut deep enough I cried for a while then pulled myself up and out of the tub, dried off, changed clothes, crawled into my cream white sheets bleeding a little on them and finally got the never to call a friend. She came over not knowing what was up, let herself in, and as she came into my room I begged her to please smother me with the pillows and finish me off. She didn't instead she had had a relative that use to work at one of the local hospitals and off we went...and was admitted. I was said to be schizophrenic, add and severely depressed. Since that time I've been admitted only one time and had two close calls. I believe after this last time I've had to finally admit that my relapses have been due to the fact that I go off my meds when I have trouble affording a roof over my head in addition to the meds. My experiences are very familiar due to the fact that I recognize the voices which always are people who have been or are in my daily life at that time as well as one prominent figure that has been my current work authority figure. The manner in which they spoke to me changed that they had become demanding that I do certain things and then a day or so later they'd want just the opposite of me. Not once have they ever told me to hurt anyone else except for myself. They wouldn't want me to do things unless I did it in a certain order, certain way and in a certain amount of time, everything I did had to be done the same exact way otherwise they'd rob me of more and more sleep telling everything I'd done wrong in my life. It got to where I could take only so many steps and they had to be just as I had done the previous day at that time. If I got rebellious towards the voices things just got worse. My advice to others is don't take as long as I have to realize you can't do this on your own or without meds. I have prayed so much that all I keep getting feeling wise is that I'm not done yet on this world. Please, please, get help simply because you're not only hurting yourself when you don't, you're hurting your family, loved ones and friends as well. Take care and know y'all are in my thoughts and prayers.
—Guest tigerrose

My possible hallucinations

i keep seeing grey people when i wake up im not bipolar or at least i dont think so, it all started 4 weeks ago when i stopped going school, im terrified about going school, something in my head tells me theres something at my school thats going to get me when i know there isnt but my minds convincing me there is, these grey people dont say anything they just look at me and as soon as i jump and blink or look away they go, i dont know whats up with me, im only 13 and i need to be in school, im really not sure whether i should go see the doctor or wait till i get my first session with my psychologist(im on a waiting list, i could be on it forever)
—Guest freakedout

Your Hallucinations

Your Bipolar Hallucinations

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