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Readers Respond: Your Bipolar Hallucinations

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Updated June 29, 2014

From the article: What Are Hallucinations?
Those who have bipolar disorder may experience hallucinations during mania (bipolar 1 only) or depression. Here are real descriptions of the hallucinations experienced by real people. You can also tell us about your own.

Please note that requests for help will not be published. Instead, see Hallucinations - Do I Need Help? If you are experiencing hallucinations now, you need to seek treatment right away. You may begin with your primary care doctor to rule out physical conditions that may be causing them, or go straight to a mental health care professional. If you are already under a psychiatrist's care, make an appointment immediately.

Reader Stories:

The Demon World

Before I was on medication and anyone knew I was Bipolar. I would hallucinate a Demon named, The Sickness. He told me horrible things. He was the main hallucination that lasted through the course of my road to recovery. Though, I had many other various hallucinations along the way. I forget most of the others names. Here's the few I remember: A monster named Shadow, a vampire(I forget her name.), three ghosts(Reginald, Tommy and Punky), and Toshiba, my only "positive" hallucination(That wasn't her name, but that's what I called her!) Later on in my mid-teens, all these hallucinations were gone, except one. The Sickness(or Sickness). Then, I gained a new hallucination. Another demon. Her name was, Lola. She was even WORSE than Sickness. They led me to The Demon World at night during my slumber. Also, when I meditated I would go there. I was LIVING A NIGHTMARE!!!! Eventually, I fought off my "Demons"(Pun intended!). Now I'm twenty-years-old and hallucination free! :)
—Guest Someone

Hallucinations/ delusions/ that terror

i have racing disorganized thinking and it's constant, I can't sit still. I can't function. I went from 100,000 liquid assets, world traveling, about to invest and start my own company to homeless terrified agoraphobic train wreck. I am so scared of everything and one. But I don't know if it's not real ... My ex literally tried to kill me I hear his car everywhere just idling.... Even when there's no car. My ex best friend would drug me- true- crazy- but I wondered a lot if she would kill me or her bf. I told him everything shed done when I found out she was trying to sleep with any guy I liked or my crazy ex... I don't know. Now I can't be sober the idea of a day without a barrier between me and reality is unbearable. I can not. I don't sleep. I just want a rush. The other day at four am I text everyone I knew goodbye I took 10 loratab tens, a bunch of ambien, grazed one, lorazepam, alprolazam, adder all and ecstasy and sat on the bridge waiting to fall. I also have OCD and other
—Guest Unreality


With all the medications and all, dark & angel appear, specially when trying to sleep. Nothing works. My doctors keep changing my meds. Now what?

Bipolar and Now Hallucinations?

My father has bipolar disorder. I, too, without being diagnosed know I have this due to paying attention to certain behaviors and how long they last. I am under extreme pressure now, and I have started feeling something on my body when nothing is there or hearing a bee buzzing in my ear. Will these get worse? Has anyone ever experienced these before? Help please. [Guide's note: Bree, since you haven't been diagnosed, you aren't getting treatment, right? So YOU have to help yourself first by seeking professional help. Talk to a doctor.]
—Guest Bree

smell of burning tires

I definitely hear and see what I chalk up to being gifted. As I am not scared of this customer I know bad can not be in my personal space unless I allow it..universal law you have personal rights as all things that exist on our realm. We Co exist with each other but are not suppose to invade if contact happens you r not suppose to alter existences by playing God and mind conditioning is unforgivable in all of our universal courts. If we slip through. These gateways or portals we must not linger we must share time and space but not intermingle. Be blessed for privilege of this is a gift for us to acknowledge soul growth and we a part of a much grander scheme going down here there is always hope for us to click and get it right our perfect world to exist some where..
—Guest lilyin422

Does This Happen With Bipolar

I have been having halucinations that at first I would not believe, but with more recent ones I can not differentiate from reality. Usually about really random things ( demonic voices to seeing people that are not there) Happens practically constantly. I have been really paranoid about people other than psychiatrist finding out. Having delusional beliefs pass and go (world figment of my imagination to thinking people hacked my computer to read my digital journal in my private documents) Limbs are shaking persistently. Can't think clearly. Most symptoms happened after I saw my counslor about them. Counselor said they probably were Bipolar I symptoms (bipolar family history) I am not a medical proffesional but affraid its schizophrenia. I just heard somebody walking inthe grass behind me, probably anothwr hallucination.
—Guest 6th Grader


Hello, I am concerned that i may have some early signs of schizophrenia. My doctor also said i may be developing Bipolar Disorder. I'm depressed, and i have been for as long as i can remember. I hear things andsee things. I hear voices telling me hurtful things about myself, and they criticise everything i do. They are constantly talking to one another. I see objects breathing or dancing, i see mushrooms sprout right out of nowhere and grow as tall as trees. A lady in black follows me, a man named Henry follows me and talks to me. Bugs cover the wall; bugs live in my skin. Demons watch me sleep and hide in corners. I hear music from no where. Angry voices mumble and its hard to understand them. Everyone seems to watch me, and they know i'm different. Maybe i dont belong here. Maybe this is all a dream. It seems so unreal. I see bright flashes, i hear the voices scream loud as thunder. Do i have symptoms of schizophrenia? I have a cousin who's schizophrenic. I just want to end my life. [Guide's note: YES, you have symptoms that might be schizophrenia or another serious mental disorder. Get help now!]
—Guest Nicole


I'm 15 years old, and have been hallucinating for the past two years. I also talked to the voices when i was younger. I have been depressed most of my life. I have a cousin who's schizophrenic, and i'm afraid i could have early signs of schizophrenia. I see bugs all over the walls, voices speak to me and criticise everything i do. I have trouble sleeping and have nightmares often. A man used to follow me around and have conversations with me, but i think the Seroquel has taken him away, because i haven't seen him for about a week. I see stars flying at me, and i hear mumbling from someone off in the distance. I watch mushrooms sprout out of nowhere and grow taller then me, and everything seems so unreal. It gets so bad that i have to hold on to something because i feel like i'm dreaming. Also, people are always staring at me and talking about me, and sometimes i think they're out to get me. I see bright flashes often. I know this can't be real, but it seems like it. Someone help please. [Guide's Note: Since you say you are Seroquel, I hope this means you're seeing a doctor. If so, talk regularly with him or her about the hallucinations so your medications can be adjusted properly. If you got the Seroquel elsewhere, you MUST see a doctor right away!]
—Guest Nicole

bipolar hallucinations and delusions

at times at night i have this very horrifying feeling that an evil being is in the room with me. I scares me so much that i try not to even breath. I hear music, my name whispered and shouted at times, a doorbell ringing and I do not have a door bell & I smell my house burning. I smell burning rubber. I hear people off in a distance talking. I feel like people are talking about me all the time. I feel like someone is in my house and is going to get me and my husband. If I have a very strong belief in something no one can change my mind. for instance, if my pdoc thinks I should go to the hospital I refuse because I am afraid they will keep me there and I tell him I feel better being treated by him on an out patient basis. I would probably have to say the evil being bothers me the most and hearing music or the people talking that keeps me from sleeping! Oh, and one more thing.. I awoke to a very loud crash and screamed at my husband that someone kicked the back door in and there was noth
—Guest hornedhalo

The Black Dragon

When I work fast and hard, I switch into my manic mental state which causes me to see a black dragon in my peripheral vision. The Black Dragon is always sitting on something higher than me so it can look down on me. When I happen to see it, I feel the urge to work faster and harder. My subconscious has coined the term "the speed of the dragon" when I am in a euphoria-like state while working because I move so fast.
—Guest JDP

The Tired Man

I'm 14 and I have bipolar... My major indicator was when I was in class. I looked out the window at a bench outside the class, and partially hidden by a tree, I was watching someone there. He was dark, but I could tell he was crying there.
—Guest Me

The Backwards Men

The backwards men. They follow me. They are watching. They are always watching. My doctor gave me pills to stop them from following me. I think that they are real, everyone else just cant see them because they don't look. They only see what they perceve to be true.
—Guest Annie

It hurts

I was diagnosed with bipolar yesterday. I get paranoid, agitated, highly disrespectful, I see minor hallucinations, but I know they're getting worse. I want to tell people I have it, but I don't want to get judged and made fun of. It's bottling up inside me and I don't know what to do with. I also get incredibly tired, hear things sometimes, and can't pay attention. I'm in grade 10, and there is a big chance that I am going to fail. It hurts, especially when people won't be friends with you, or date you. I feel helpless...
—Guest Aubrey


My ex boyfriend was admitted into a hospital recently, got out and has completely lost it today. He fears that his family is in the mob and me too and that we all want to kill him. he went to a mutual friends house of our today asking for guns but didn't say why. I'm assuming for self protection. Our friend said that the conversation was frightening because he would go off topic very bad. Are these symptoms of bi polar? that is what he was diagnosed with. I'm scared for him that this is something much more serious. He thinks that people and arm tanks are following him and ran for two hours today to get away. [Guide's note: Yes, these could be symptoms of bipolar. If you think he is a danger to himself or others, seek emergency treatment.]
—Guest sarah

peripheral hallucination

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 7ish years ago and my therapist and I talk about the possibility of bpd, but he doesn't want to put that on paper. I had no idea that being bipolar can cause hallucinations. My cousin was just staying with me for a few days to try to detox from heroin on his own out of the environment where it is easy for him to get it (as I am over 150 miles away). A couple times this morning, I swore that I saw him in my bed, even though I know it's not real, and then I saw him in a shadow on the wall. It's odd. As I type this (which I'm surprised I can even do) my purse is on the couch and looks like a lung inflating and deflating. My jacket is on the chair in the kitchen and it looks like it is melting. This has never happened to me before. What is going on? Is it my lack of sleep? [Guide's note: Have you told your doctor about this? If not, please do so IMMEDIATELY.]
—Guest psycho1234

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