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Readers Respond: Your Experiences With Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Updated December 14, 2009

From the article: Seasonal Affective Disorder
If you have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as the depressive part of your bipolar disorder, how do your symptoms affect your everyday life, and what do you do to cope?

Is It possible?

Alright, now I love the summer, I'm out of school, I can draw, and read, go to BBQ's, boating, and just being myself with friends till 3 in the morning. But recently I have developed a depression...and I'm not sure how, but when I developed it I was complaining my head and stomach would hurt but no doctor knows what's wrong...so I've lived with it for almost 6 months now...and suddenly it just got worse. And the weather is amazing so I should be happy right? School is out in 2 weeks. But I missed school from these "depression" headaches, so I am months behind, and my teachers will not stop stressing me out. I do feel my mind is out of the ordinary, I'm not stressed - cause i can deal with that. I feel set off by the tinest things now, I hate a lot of things and rant about them, I feel I rant, but I still dislike the people I complain about. But then other times, I'm elated and creative. So is it possible to love summer but have Summer SAD, or am I Bipolar?
—Guest A.R.


I have been given medication but I can't afford it due to a job loss, so I try to grin a bear my diagnosis, once thought to be believed to be schizoid affective disorder and or schizophrenia, the Dr.'s aren't sure but I have flash backs of abuse from men beating me up with enraged fists on my head and my back trying to control me and so I have self abused as a result. It is spring and I feel the change in the season maybe contributing to the problem. A woman told me it isn't my fault but I can still feel it like it was yesterday. Then I have major angry outbursts, not towards people or children but loudly out in the woods to release myself from this damage.
—Guest Betty

Season change=trigger

Changes of seasons, mainly spring and autumn are huge triggers for me. I tend to get very dizzy and sleepy in the beginning of the spring. Basically it is all about the energy level in the spring. It is charged for the summer, when I experience sudden sleep changes, insomnia arrives, energy level is pretty high and I can't figure how to deal with those long hot days. Autumn arrives with a mild depression, every time I have gone on antidepressants , it's been during Autumn! This pattern has been with for the past four years... what I have figured to do? nothing in particular, I just am prepared for the suffering.

Is sad a part of bipolar?

i have SAD and I am concerned I may have bipolar. My doctor keeps saying it is a chemical imbalance disorder. My daughter has just found out she has bipolar . i also believe my grandson has child bipolar, for he has all the signs. How do you get your doctor to listen to you after 2 years? They just found out I am having seizures. For my SAD I was told to get out even when I don't want to, and buy light bulbs that makes it look like sunshine.

I am depressed

right now I am depressed. I feel a need to sleep a lot more, am irritable, and I have a hard time wanting to clean house. I have also gained weight and feel pitiful because of it. I am trying to pull out of it with my dr.
—Guest robbi

Bi-Polar, Sad, Pcos, gained weight

I have gained alot of weight and my husband says I look the worst he's ever seen in 22yrs. of marriage. I am bi-polar, Sad and have polycystic ovarian syndrome, a hormonal disorder, I take 10mg of Lexapro, I think I need med, but its hard to lose weight and be on meds. These will make someone gain weight. Help me on what to do as far as weight loss.I also hate myself fat.
—Guest Sandy

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