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Readers Respond: How Has Bipolar Disorder Affected Your Sexuality?

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Updated September 21, 2009

hypersexuality ruined my life

Yes, it has ruined my life, made me take all kinds of dangerous chances, and i have ended up with dangerous men who treat me like a piece of meat. I have come to believe nobody wants me expect for what i can do in bed. I end an abusive relationship and within weeks i am back in one. I am on the internet meeting strangers all for the high and the temporary affection. Right now i just want to die cause i dont think i can do it anymore. I hate myself
—Guest Sam

manic sex - WOW!!

manic sex is just WONDERFUL with every nerve fibre in your body on fire and tinkly sparkly effortless cosmic orgasms, I feel so sad for mere mortals who will never experience such wonderment. I am very lucky.
—Guest Lady TM


Using my meds to control Bipolar has cause Erectile disfuction for me. I guess alternatives would be to see my Dr. and find something else to take for Bipolar.

The ups and downs of sex

Before I was married my sex life was out of control and was not medicated properly at the time. When I became married I was able to keep my sexual desires to my husband for 18 years. I did go through a very low libido after my children were born but after a hysterectomy my sex drive soared to that's all I thought about and wanted. Being on my meds has not slowed me down although I found the right anti depressant and anti-psychotic medication that didn't effect my libido where other cocktails of medications had. It is difficult as manic/depressive to control urges outside my marriage but I do so knowing the hurt and pain it would cause my family if I ever acted on it. We need to make conscious decisions everyday in our life, sex and sexual encounters are only one and an important one of whether it will have a positive or negative effect on our lives and those lives around us. Surviving Bipolar for 27 years since diagnosis has been difficult but it can be done if we choose wise
—Guest Amanda Walton

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