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Readers Respond: Hurtful Things People Say About Bipolar Disorder

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Updated June 29, 2014

Hurtful Things People say

After the birth of my son, a social worker visited me in my hospital room to discuss my "situation" (being bipolar). Not only was she she rude to my family who was visiting me and to my husband (she told him he was not allowed to be in the room during our discussion) but she was also hurtful and rude to me. She began by going on a rant about how bipolar women are more likely to suffer from Post Partum Depression and hurt their babies and that she was there to monitor my mood and feelings at the time. I tild her I was overjoyed at the birth of my son and that I felt great but she kept going on and on about me wanting to hurt him and asking me if my stress level was elevated and how I was going to handle it. I responded, look lady, you don't know me or my case and I am highly offended of you coming in my hospital room, a day after my C-Section, and while I am breastfeeding my son and accuse me of trying to hurt him. She said it was "standard procedure" in dealing with mentally ill?
—Guest Mel

I'm not a stray animal. I have bipolarII

My family are Republicans...Fake Christians.. They don't stop and think about anything pertaining to the fact that I happen to be a part of the family, and yes, I have Bipolar II...and am disabled due to that. They gloat about how the Republicans are going to end the assistance I need to survive...It's as if they are saying that I have no value, that I'm a parasite or freak of nature that needs to be killed off...because I DARE to "steal" from them via my SSI and medicaid.... I recently lost my temper and unloaded on them on face book, making it VERY clear where I stood and how I felt....hatred...extreme mistrust...endangered..and they still don't get it...I give up! NO more... Please, for the love of God, treat people with Bipolar like we're human beings...NOT stray animals to be starved to death and killed off because we 'inconvenience and burden' you...
—Guest Nita

How can...

How can they take a child away for such a thing? I personally see it as the person is admitting and taking control. They are going to the doctor to be treated taking their daily meds. Society has drug addicts, DUI's, criminals and worse that have custody or at least some joint.
—Guest Jade/Guestmum

Security clearance and stigma

in the past i have held higher levels of security clearances. when my bipolar started to skyrocket and come more and more my wife left me before i was properly diagnosed. even then my meds were all wrong and i knew it. even as my psychiatrist signed off that i was ok, the department turned against me on days when my clearance had a decision point. they drove to confusion and then full scale paranoia that just kept getting growing with my bipolar swings. they did this on several occasions, without any hope of me trying to manage it because i was still on the wrong meds. bottom line: be careful as even if someone doesn't know you have bipolar the may do these tactics to attack you indirectly or force you out.
—Guest anonymous

bipolar people are not insane

i have been told bipolar people are insane i live in halifax co, va with a lot of drug addicts and crooked cops, ive been been beaten but cause im bipolar i get no help. its sickening, when ive reported drug dealers time after time, and have proof but yet im the most hurtful thing ive been told is bipolar people are insane, also will you kill someone. and the worst thing i live in halifax co, va and when i reported my tires being cut to the police someone had the nerve to say i cut them myself to get attention becuase they were dating the fool who cut my tires. so sad. then when i was going to dr truitt i broke down in group and was crying and told how someone pulled a gun on me and threatened to target practice on me. they called the police not me and the officer was so rude to me, his name i want say but his initials are s.g. so many crooked police officers here not funny. im not crazy im just tried of all this mess. i reported this all to jeff oakes guess what crazy.
—Guest tammy

I don't see anything so it doesn't exist

I find it very hard to discuss what goes on in my brain knowing that others will reject it and say it's a phase. 10 years I've wasted asking my parents for psychological help, as they told me "Shrinks just want your money, they don't know you more than we do, and you're fine. You do well in school and sports. We have plenty of money. Nothing's wrong with you." Then years of suicidal ideology and failure to launch so to speak. My parents and friends said God made me this way, and medicine would harm his will. The meek shall inherit the Earth, right? I'm still having a hard time getting non-psychiatrists to accept my decision to go on Lithium and Lamictal and ween off of Paxil, which made me gain 100 pounds, and boy people notice and lose interest in you after about 50 pounds. I told my parents I stopped taking medication and they have never been more proud of my "recovery and self-reliance." My old friends now love my new body and wish we kept in touch.
—Guest unbelievable

worst thing said about my BP illness

My former stepdaughter won't associate with me because she says I'm unstable and a danger to her, her husband, and her children!

what is "normal" about mental illness?

I have been hurt, shocked, and appalled at responses to my mental illness! I have found people who respond badly hearing my diagnoses are scared or lacking knowledge. I don't know who set the standards for so called "NORMAL" but I am sure of one thing bet they had some form of paranoia!! We may all be mentally ill the people who scare me are the ones who won't admit it and are "bullies". Please know if you read this you are not alone...and the word "NORMAL" hopefully will make you smile...:D
—Guest askingno1

your son doesnt even want to be seen w/

...you. my husband said that after I raised my voice to him. It was NOT a manic phase. I was diagnosed after we had been together 6 years. I don't think he will ever forgive me for things I did/said back then. I have been stable on lithium for 12 years and I am SICK of apologizing for things I did back when I was not in control. That was a different me then - the woman who slept 20 hours a day, or painted/wrote all night long. The one who could not get dressed so just sat in her closet and cried.
—Guest mj7115

"You can do better" -- continued

Bipolar disorder is known to have an effect on motivation, and that's what was being pinned down. I never got an opportunity to prove that I would hold to my word, even though my word is the most valuable thing I've ever given anyone. I asked if I could play a solo in the spring concert of my senior year--I'm a violinist--and she said, "If you really think you can do it. Personally, I don't think you will." Well f**ck you, bitch. The plan started out being that I would play the solo with the chamber orchestra backing me. But I didn't start really polishing my sound until there were about two months left until the concert. That was apparently just enough time for her to pull the rug out from under me and say, "I'm not going to make the orchestra work for something that's not going to happen. If you want to do it with a pianist, that's fine with me, but you're not wasting my time." Well, I learned the solo, and played it brilliantly, with an amazing pianist. I won.
—Guest Peter Keegan

"You can do better"

I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I had a manic episode in my second semester of college and they had to take me out. Anyway, since about seventh grade--when I first began having symptoms--my academic performance has been declining, even though I have the ability to understand the material in the classes I take. I've been told by countless teachers, "You can do better." Sometimes they say, "If you can do this well on your test, shouldn't it be easy to do your homework?" I've heard just about everything of this nature. The most hurtful things, however, have come from my orchestra and choir teachers. I don't remember anything specific from my choir teacher, but my orchestra teacher first told me that I would get the lead part in a piece, then gave it to someone else; when I asked why I didn't get it, she said, "I don't see any evidence that you'll do it." she never gave me any chances, never gave me the benefit of the doubt. (To be continued...)
—Guest Peter Keegan

you don't "look" bipolar.....

The most hurtful things people say to me (quite often) are "you don't look like anything is wrong with you". Why are you getting SSDI? Or "it must be nice to get to stay home and not do anything". When I used to be an RN, and not a domesticated lunatic. They don't have a clue how bad it hurts not to be able to do what I used to do best.....

Spinal Headache

I was hospitalized for another problem & had a spinal tap- that lead to a spinal tap.The neurologist let me go 8days b4 taking the time to roll me over 2 check my spine because "people with bipolar imagine things". During that time whenever i was raised more than 45degrees i had the worse headache of my life. My psch. came from different hospital & tried to vouch for me that i wasn't "crazy" that i was just bipolar- i have horrible lows that have lasted 2 years & highs that have last months but i don't make things up. During that time I begged every1 that came into my room to help me- including the cleaning people. I wish that i had been more careful & saw an independent Dr. for the bipolar than i wouldn't have been discriminated against. thanks for listening Good luck
—Guest AmySmith

Dumped during diagnosis

I was so manic I had to be hospitalized and my husband of 4 years filed for divorce when the doctor told him that I was bipolar. Saddest moment. I was alone in the psych ward of the hospital faced with the diagnoses of bipolar and instead of having a supportive husband he packed up all my things and took it to my parents house. He didnt wait for the medicine to work and refused to go to a counselor with me when I got out of the hospital. I was diagnosed at 28. That was almost 3 years ago. It devasted me.
—Guest HippyChik80

Start being Healthy

My wife left me and said "you need to forgive yourself, learn, and start being healthy" Oh ok sure let me just find the button for that....
—Guest ex-loving husband

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