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Daddy's Disorder

A young teenager gives her perspective on her father's bipolar disorder, from the ways he has helped her understand the highs and lows to how she feels about his suicide attempts.

All Kinds of Family Issues
Bipolar Disorder Spotlight10

What Is Depression?

Is depression feeling sad, wanting to cry, just being unhappy about something? True depression, though, is a medical condition with specific symptoms.

True Stories of Delusions

Delusions of grandeur, persecutory delusions, and other types are common in psychotic disorders. Here are examples from people with bipolar who suffer from delusions.

Bipolar Bad Judgment Can Have Lasting Impact

Bad judgment can be a symptom of bipolar mania and hypomania. Here are some true stories of how bad judgment has affected peoples' lives.

Bipolar and Difficult Work History

Holding down a job when you have bipolar disorder can be terribly difficult, as these stories prove.

Sinéad O’Connor – Misdiagnosed With Bipolar

After spending eight years taking medications for bipolar disorder, Irish singer and songwriter Sinéad O'Connor discovered she actually had a different mental illness.

Parkinsonian Symptoms May Be Side Effect of Some BP Meds

What are parkinsonian symptoms? They include tremor and slowing of movement, among others. When they are caused by a medication, the condition is called

Anatomy of a Meltdown

Read a story of a bipolar woman's sudden, terrifying thought, its consequences, and how she dealt with it. Anatomy of a MeltdownLearn more or join the

Hypomania Quiz

Do you suspect you are having, or have had in the past, one or more hypomanic episodes? Here's a quiz that will help you answer the question. It is not a

Do You Stress Yourself in the Spring?

I do. Every year. As I wrote some years ago in Overcommitment = Stress Squared, I always seem to order too much for my garden and am left to wonder how in heck


Recently a lot of people have been searching the internet for information about Trileptal, which is an anticonvulsant drug (that is, it helps control seizures

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