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Daddy's Disorder

A young teenager gives her perspective on her father's bipolar disorder, from the ways he has helped her understand the highs and lows to how she feels about his suicide attempts.

All Kinds of Family Issues
Bipolar Disorder Spotlight10

Fighting A Losing Battle - Part 1

Alzheimer's is a killer disease - for the family. Is it harder on me because of my bipolar disorder? I'll probably never know. But recent events show just how much I am crumbling under the strain.

I Like This Word Better Than “Crazy”

Suppose instead of saying someone's crazy, you said they were "amplified"?

Chronic Procrastination – Avoiding the Unavoidable

Procrastination can become catastrophe for people suffering from bipolar depression. Simple chores like opening mail can feel impossible, and not doing it can have disastrous consequences.

Bipolar Disorder and the Americans With Disabilities Act

The ADA applies to all employment-related activities. In this article, we define the term reasonable accommodation, making a request to your employer and filing a claim under the ADA.

Bipolar Disorder and the Americans With Disabilities Act

People with bipolar disorder may be protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) if they can show that their disability substantially limits or impairs what is called a 'major-life activity.'

Suicidal Over Work

When bipolar disorder makes your work life a living hell, what can you do? Here are some suggestions and tips.

What Is Depression?

Is depression feeling sad, wanting to cry, just being unhappy about something? True depression, though, is a medical condition with specific symptoms.

True Stories of Delusions

Delusions of grandeur, persecutory delusions, and other types are common in psychotic disorders. Here are examples from people with bipolar who suffer from delusions.

Bipolar Bad Judgment Can Have Lasting Impact

Bad judgment can be a symptom of bipolar mania and hypomania. Here are some true stories of how bad judgment has affected peoples' lives.

Bipolar and Difficult Work History

Holding down a job when you have bipolar disorder can be terribly difficult, as these stories prove.

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