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Daddy's Disorder

A young teenager gives her perspective on her father's bipolar disorder, from the ways he has helped her understand the highs and lows to how she feels about his suicide attempts.

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Reader Says Bipolar Is a Myth

Tuesday April 8, 2014
Nearly two years ago, now, a reader named Beidoj left this comment on the blog What Is Dysphoric Mania?. A lot of you replied to this blog already, but enough time has passed that I think it's worthwhile to give newer readers - or those who missed this at the time - a chance to react. Beidoj said:
Bipolar is a myth! Every symptom of Bipolar is a natural human trait which has simply been blown out of proportion to what society believes is normal. Every human being has the potential to be labelled with Bipolar and many are being labelled with it just because they don't conform to the "norm."
Manic satyr in mythologyMental illness is more often than not caused by trauma (both physical and mental) or actual brain damage. Bipolar is not a mental illness, it is a label given to people who find it hard to cope with themselves, need attention and are who want to be cared for and controlled by medication. People are just individuals trying to belong in a sociological system controlled by conformist who want us all not to buck their system.


Hypomanic - I don't need to sleep, so why should I?

Monday April 7, 2014
Woohoo! Hypomania!
When I woke up the morning after taking a prescribed sleep medication for the first time, I nearly cried with joy: it was the first good night's sleep I'd had in 20 years. So you can see that I need help to sleep properly. Without meds it can take me an hour to fall asleep, and then I wake up over and over and am unrefreshed in the morning. I love my sleep meds - BUT...

Along comes hypomania, a rare occurrence for me. It didn't last long, but at its peak, I was so full of energy that the last thing I wanted to do was take my sleepy pills and break the mood.

My doctor, not surprisingly, didn't approve. I discussed this with the Facebook community, and they had plenty to say: Photo: Digital Vision / Getty Images
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Buying Medications Online? Think Again

Tuesday April 1, 2014
No Prescription NecessaryMost of the time, buying medications online just isn't safe.

When the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy reviewed a large sample of online pharmacies, it found that only 3 percent were in compliance with U.S. pharmacy laws and practice standards. Worse yet, says the FDA, it isn't always easy to tell a fake site from one that is legitimate.

The consequences of purchasing drugs over the internet can be serious. The FDA says, "The drugs you receive may look real, but they could be counterfeit, contaminated, expired or otherwise unsafe. If you receive counterfeit or substandard medicines, they could keep you from getting better, make you sick or worse."

Since even approved generic drugs can sometimes cause problems to individual patients, think how much worse those problems can be from a fake or adulterated drug!


Men over 45 more likely to father children with mental illnesses

Tuesday March 25, 2014
A recently published study supports previous research that the risk of having a child who develops a mental illness is increased when the father is over 45. Bipolar disorder is one of the specific conditions that occurs more frequently in children whose fathers were older at the time of conception.

Conducted in Sweden, the study looked at more than 2 million families. The researchers compared, for example, siblings who were born before and after their fathers turned 45, to determine whether mental illnesses were more prevalent in the younger children than the older. Based on these and other findings, it became clear that the age of the father plays a significant role in the risk of mental illnesses in his children. What about you, or your children who have bipolar? Was your, or their, father 45 or older at conception? (My father was not, by the way, but there is a history of mental disorders on both sides of my family.)

Photo: Nasir Khan / Morguefile
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