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Coping Strategies for Panic Attacks in Bipolar Disorder

By February 25, 2013

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Prior to working here, my only experience with panic attacks came from a long-ago friend who "had" them at very convenient times - for her. Usually it was when she wanted me to do something I didn't want to do. (I got stuck with the most obnoxious cat I ever owned that way.) As you can imagine, this was a pretty negative introduction to the subject for me.

But over the years I've been at About Bipolar Disorder, I've learned the truth about panic disorder and just how serious and debilitating panic attacks are.

Recently I asked my Facebook community to tell me some of the things they needed to know more about regarding bipolar disorder. A number of them asked about dealing with their panic attacks. Since anxiety disorders are quite common in people with bipolar disorder, this isn't surprising.

Often called anxiety attacks, these sudden feelings of fear or terror, usually accompanied by physical symptoms such as having trouble breathing, are extremely debilitating. So I've scoured About.com for resources that will help people cope with panic attacks, from treating them to helping prevent them.

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