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The About Bipolar Disorder Forums



Updated June 23, 2014

On our Forums you can get insights from a wide community of people who face many of the same challenges as you do; share your good news or ask for support or information; safely talk about additional conditions or issues that complicate your manic-depressive illness even further; share your poetry and artwork; or (soon) hang out and bat around your opinions on what's on TV or who should be the next president or prime minister. Our Weight Control Program is also centered on these message boards.

You can read messages in our forums as a guest, but to post you'll need to complete a brief registration form for About membership (it's free and you get perks!). Join here.

We have a bevy of wonderful volunteers acting as forum moderators and community leaders. You can meet them here.

We have three forums. In the Main Forum the topics are:

  • General
  • Parenting
  • Under 30
  • Medication Issues
  • Get It Off Your Chest!
  • About Me, About You
  • Bipolar I
  • The Bipolar Spectrum
  • Anxious!
  • Need Support
  • Spirituality
  • Significant Others
  • Work & Disability Issues
  • News & Information, Please
  • Ask the Staff/Announcements
The second forum is Bipolar Complications. When you visit, please click the "Start" link and read the welcome message for how to use spoilers (see below) and to inform yourself of the forum rules. At this forum, the topics are:
  • PTSD (post- traumatic stress disorder)
  • BPD (borderline personality disorder)
  • Panic/Anxiety Disorders & OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)
  • Eating Disorders
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Dissociative Issues*
  • Alter Central*
  • ADD/ADHD (Attention Deficit [Hyperactivity] Disorder)
  • Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective Disorder
  • Physical/Sexual Abuse
  • Verbal/Emotional Abuse
  • Self-Injury
  • Addictions
  • Let It Out!
  • Announcements
  • Other BP Topics
*In these two folders, "spoilers" are required.

Our third forum is Bipolar Coping and Communications. Topics there are:

  • Chatters' Corner
  • Current Events
  • Humor
  • Share Coping Tips
  • Weight Control
  • Good News!
  • Creative Expressions
  • Bipolar Pets
  • The Polling Place
  • Off-Topic Discussions
  • Bipolar Bar & Grill
  • Signatures
  • About Your Project
  • Knowledge is Power!
  • Announcements
We have a very large, caring and supportive community. Join us!

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