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Speaking from Experience: Self-Injury

When the Urge to Hurt Yourself Wins


Updated September 09, 2008

Too often those with bipolar disorder feel as if they have no one they can talk to. After all, these feelings are so terrible, who could possibly understand? But you are NOT alone! Many struggle with the same issues you face. Here is personal experience and wisdom about self-injury - cutting, scratching, burning yourself - from members of our About Bipolar Disorder Community.

Please be aware that this material contains the personal experiences and opinions of consumers and in no way should be construed as medical advice.

Personal Experiences
Words from people who have been there - why they are driven to cutting and burning themselves, how they feel before and after. Painful and very illuminating to read.

Suggestions for Coping
From people who have been there and done that, ideas for dealing with the urge to injure yourself.

Words of Encouragement
If you suffer from the desire to injure yourself by cutting, scratching or burning your own body, these words may give you new strength to resist and overcome.

NOTE: Since this material was first published, we have opened the Bipolar Complications forum, which has a topic folder dedicated to Self-Injury. To discuss self-harm, go to the Bipolar Complications forum and scroll down to find the Self-Injury folder.

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