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EricaHOST's Personal BP Markers


Updated May 23, 2011

  • Frustration threshold of zero. I abandon the project or person at the first sign of opposition.

  • Conversely, difficulty recognizing what is, in fact, a "life problem" that can be solved, and is not a symptom of a mental illness. I get stuck in my emotional over reaction, think its all my own fault, and ignore the clear evidence that there's a damn good reason to feel the way I do.

  • Every emotion is expressed in my voice, speech, and body language. I might as well have a flashing emoticon T-shirt signaling "PMS day" or "absurdly happy because the sun is shining." Total strangers ask if I'm depressed. Must be the imitation of a drooping houseplant.

  • Fascination with people. I suck their brains dry trying to understand everything about them. I pick up their speech mannerisms and gestures. I start dressing and eating in their style. I may even change careers to something similar to theirs because I find their work so interesting. And then one day, realize they are totally boring and repetitive and nauseating. A habit I ignored before or found endearing is now impossible to tolerate. I either slither away or engineer a blow out so they're gone. And I never look back.

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