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Bipolar for Beginners

Straightforward, easy to understand information about bipolar disorder for beginners who have just been diagnosed, people who have learned that a friend or loved one has bipolar, or anyone wanting to learn more about the illness many still call manic depression.
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Introducing Bipolar Disorder
Are you newly diagnosed with bipolar disorder? Did you find out someone you care about has bipolar? Do you want to understand more about manic depression? Start here to find the accurate and honest answers you want and need.

What Are the Causes of Bipolar Disorder?
In Lesson 2 of Bipolar for Beginners, we take a look at what scientists believe are the causes - genetic, physical and psychological - of bipolar disorder. For whatever reason you want to know more about this illness, here is information in clear English that will answer some of your questions about things like whether bipolar is inherited, the...

Mania and Hypomania: The "Up" Moods of Bipolar
In Lesson 3 of Bipolar for Beginners, you'll learn about mania and hypomania, the two mood states that are critical to the diagnosis of all the bipolar disorders. This information is presented in easy to understand language and will help you increase your knowledge of bipolar disorder.

Introducing Bipolar Depression
In Lesson 4 we look at the basics of bipolar depression - the definition, causes, common symptoms and possible differences between the depression of Bipolar Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder.

Bipolar Depression in Depth
In Lesson 5 we take a close look at the many possible symptoms of bipolar depression: decreased energy and activity, emotional and physical issues, problem moods and changes in thinking. Included are looks at how the symptoms can appear together in various ways, along with some insights from personal observation.

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