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Updated October 16, 2012

Cyclothymia is a long-term condition where the person's moods cycle between hypomania - a "high" that can be mild to fairly severe but does not include delusions, hallucinations or other psychotic features - and depression, also mild to fairly severe but not incapacitating or suicidal. Although it's often called a "mild" version of bipolar disorder, the difference is only on paper for those who have it. The hypomania can be just as disruptive to life as that in Bipolar II, and depression doesn't have to be incapacitating to cause great misery.

For more, including how cyclothymia is diagnosed, see Forms of Bipolar Disorder: Cyclothymia.

Also Known As: Bipolar III Disorder
Common Misspellings: cycloritmia, cycothymia, cyclothemia

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