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Signs of Depression


Updated June 15, 2014

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Loss of Self-Esteem or Guilt
Lorna spends a lot of time feeling guilty. Some of it's about all the things she should be doing, but some of it is over mistakes she made as a child and a young woman. There is nothing she can do about those mistakes, and because of her hypersomnia and lack of energy, there just aren't enough hours left in the day for her to get all her housework done. But guilt consumes a good portion of her waking hours nonetheless.

Tina, who is gaining weight and losing muscle tone from lack of energy, is racked with guilt about it most of the time, yet still can't get herself to get back on track.

Andy just hates himself, feeling he is worthless. John doesn't have a problem in this category.

Feelings of excessive guilt and/or worthlessness, or feeling guilty about things unrelated to your current situation, are another common symptom of depression.

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