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Updated November 29, 2009

Apathy is a loss of interest in or indifference to things a person would normally think are important or pleasant. Lack of motivation or enthusiasm may be seen in apathy. And apathy may be a symptom of depression.

The word "apathy" comes from a Greek word that means "loss of feeling." Someone who is apathetic, for example, might be uninterested when a fire/rescue truck pulls up at his neighbor and friend's house, or not become excited when her daughter calls to announce a pregnancy.

Pronunciation: AP-uh-thee (soft th)
Also Known As: For apathy: indifference, passivity. For apathetic: indifferent, emotionless, unconcerned, uninterested.
During a depressive episode, Morgan became extremely apathetic, and while he was normally a sharp dresser, he now just wore whatever he first pulled out of the closet in the morning.

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