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Bipolar disorder (manic depression) creates a number of legal issues for both the consumer and their loved-ones. Found here are resources and information relating to these issues such as disability, insurance and involuntary commitment.
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Driving Under the Influence: The Laws Do Apply to Prescriptions!
DUI doesn't just refer to alcohol-impaired driving. Prescription drugs can impair ability to drive as well, and this can have heavy consequences.

Helpful Tax Hints from Lily
This article is intended to help with the challenges that adults with bipolar disorder face while staring at tax forms - and hopefully give them a little smile during that stressful time.

Judge Rules Bipolar Disorder is Physical Illness
A trial court judge rules that bipolar disorder is a physical illness and therefore is not subject to mental illness insurance limits. This decision is the first of its kind and could have far-reaching effects in the battle for adequate mental healthcare insurance coverage.

Mental Illness Be Damned
In its 2004 budget, the state of Texas has slashed mental health benefits for the poor, increasing the likelihood that those who are mentally ill will wind up in prison or on death row.

Supporting Grown Children?
What do you think about parents being ordered to support grown children who are disabled by mental illness?

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