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Lexapro (generic name escitalopram oxalate) is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRIs) sometimes prescribed for the treatment of depression associated with bipolar disorder (manic depression). Found here are resources and information relating to this medication.

Lexapro Drug Profile
Lexapro - generic escitalopram - is an antidepressant in the SSRI class that is approved to treat major depression and generalized anxiety disorder. Here is information about Lexapro including basic information, precautions and warnings, common side effects, and information about Lexapro and pregnancy.

Lexapro / Escitalopram Side Effects
Catalogue of side effects for the medication Lexapro - generic Escitalopram - an SSRI antidepressant related to Celexa. It may be prescribed for the treatment of bipolar disorder.

Lexapro and Go Go GO!
Switching from Celexa to Lexapro has brought on a mixed episode that is not over yet - the latest installment in an online journal that began when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

Half a Lexapro Is Better Than None
After switching from Celexa to Lexapro I experienced mixed mania with severe agitation and back pain. This follow-up article is made up of journal entries from the week after the doctor cut the Lexapro dosage in half.

Escitalopram Improves Depression
Patients with major depression can show improvement after only one week of therapy with this selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor.

The official home page for Lexapro from Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

New, but Little Proof It's Better
Lexapro is being promoted as more potent and possibly safer than older competitors -- but there's little evidence that it's much better, says Lauran Neergaard of Boston.com.

Rate Lexapro
On this site, you can rank your opinion of Lexapro and view a compilation of users’ ratings. It also gives a brief description of how Lexapro was formulated from Celexa.

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