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Medications for Children

Children with mental illnesses need medications too, but prescribing for a child with bipolar disorder (manic depression) is difficult. Many psychotropic drugs have not been tested or approved for children. There are also issues with administration at school. Parents need to learn about these drugs and the risks. Found here are resources and information to help.

Your Child & Medication: Does the Formula Add Up?
Just like adults, children struggle to cope with the many ways this disorder impacts their lives. It is only to be expected that the question of medication will arise as some point. This is a huge decision for you, the parent, to make. Following are a list of questions to consider and to discuss with your child’s doctor in weighing the pros and cons of using medications in your child’s treatment.

NAMI Report: Children & Psychiatric Medications
On July 9, 2004, the task force of experts and stakeholders, established in 2003 by NAMI’s Policy Research Institute (NPRI), released a report addressing issues related to the use of psychotropic medications for children and adolescents.

Important Reasons to Use Medications for Bipolar Children
Many parents are worried about giving psychiatric drugs to children with bipolar disorder. While often these concerns are legitimate, there are pressing reasons why medications are extremely important in treating childhood bipolar disorder.

School Medication Administration
When children need to take medicine at school, how likely are they to get the right medication at the right time and in the right amount? What are your rights as a parent, and how can you help prevent mistakes and keep your child safe?

Medical Interventions
This excerpt contains excellent advice for any parent whose child is taking psychotropic meds. In fact, anyone taking daily medications will benefit from reading this.

Psychiatric Medication for Children
A presentation of general psychiatric medications and for which conditions they may be prescribed.

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