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Other Famous People With Bipolar Disorder

Brief biographies of famous people who have, or had, bipolar disorder. In some cases the diagnosis is extrapolated from their lives and writings.

Lynn Rivers - Former US Congresswoman
In 1994, when Lynn Rivers was first running for the US House of Representatives, rumors of a mental breakdown surfaced. Rivers chose to meet those rumors head-on in the same no-nonsense way she would show throughout her Congressional career: she told the voters she had battled bipolar depression for 20 years. And she won the election.

Stephen Fry: A Larger-Than-Life Bipolar Genius
British actor, comedian and author Stephen Fry is much more than just those things. He's also a playwright, poet, journalist and the man behind the documentary The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive. In this article, Andy Behrman, who was interviewed by Fry for that documentary, tells about the man, his life and work, and his bipolar disorder.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. - Congressman and Activist
In August 2012, Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. was revealed to have bipolar disorder. Rep. Jackson, son of the famed civil rights leader, had disciplinary problems in school but later showed leadership and commitment to both education and the cause of equality.

Alvin Ailey
Alvin Ailey was a world-renowned dancer and choreographer. He was also a celebrity who had bipolar disorder.

Thomas F. Eagleton - Senator
For 18 days in 1972, Senator Thomas F. Eagleton was the Democrats' vice presidential candidate, running with Senator George McGovern. During that brief period, information came out that Eagleton had been treated for depression by electroshock therapy. He was forced to withdraw from the nomination because of this, and he was later diagnosed with...

Blake Le Vine
Blake Le Vine was a teen prodigy making the meteoric rise from celebrity autograph hound to becoming a celebrity in his own rite and then, without warning, he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. His teen years proved to quite turbulent until he found the right combination of fantastic doctor and medications.

Heinz Prechter
The rags-to-riches story of German-American entrepreneur Heinz Prechter is inspirational - but his death revealed a long-fought battle with manic depression that ultimately took his life.

Spalding Gray
Spalding Gray was an actor and author who suffered intensely from bipolar disorder.

Thomas Jefferson
This article investigates the possibility that Thomas Jefferson had bipolar disorder. The author writes, “The question is now totally inescapable. While conducting my literature search in hopes of explaining Thomas Jefferson’s known behaviors, I repeatedly found particulars that are known to be connected with my Bipolar II and Avoidant Personality Disorders.”

Vincent van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh was a brilliant artist in the late 1800s with as many as 873 paintings and 1049 drawings credited to his brief career, celebrated for his unique content and use of color. Throughout his life, Van Gogh had a difficult and moody personality. Various biographies describe him as suffering with epilepsy, depression, psychotic...

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