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As with any mental illness, bipolar disorder has an impact on all aspects of a person's life, from dating to how we are viewed in terms of crime, from the workplace to the myths and stigma we encounter. Read about issues revolving around bipolar disorder's effects on you personally and those with bipolar disorder as a group.
  1. Crime (15)
  2. Living With Bipolar (4)
  3. Media Portrayals (3)
  4. Myths (4)
  5. Relationships (8)
  6. Religion (8)
  7. Social Issues (4)
  8. Spending Control & Finances (3)
  9. Stigma (18)
  10. Work Issues (28)

Dump the Stigma and Focus on Recovery by Andy Behrman - Electroboy
Before he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Andy Behrman knew something was wrong but no one else recognized it. With the diagnosis of manic depression came instant stigma - he even mentally stigmatized himself.

How to Explain Bipolar Disorder to Others
The popular impression of manic depression is quite different from the reality. If you need to tell someone what bipolar disorder is, here are some helpful hints to assist you.

Mental Illness - Past and Future
A look at the history of mental illness through the first two millennia, and predictions of what to expect regarding the treatment of mental illness in the first few decades of the third millennium.

Driving Under the Influence: The Laws Do Apply to Prescriptions!
This story illustrates why you really don't want to get behind the wheel if your medications are affecting your ability to drive

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