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Coping & Support Resources for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder often creates a sense of isolation and can seem quite overwhelming for the diagnosed individual as well as family and friends. People feel like they are alone with nowhere to turn. Well, you are not alone! Here are resources and links highlighting venues of support and advocacy as well as those to add a little inspiration and laughter.
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Preparing for Emergencies When You Have Bipolar Disorder
The American Red Cross points out that 'how well you prepare and how much you practice before a disaster occurs will determine how successfully you deal with and recover from disasters.' Following is a list of things to consider in preparing an emergency plan for those who have bipolar disorder (as well as other psychiatric disorders and medical...

Tips for Surviving the Holidays
The holiday season is usually a stressful time for most people; it is even worse for those with mental illnesses such as bipolar disorder. However, there are ways to alleviate some of the anxiety surrounding the many events associated with the holidays. How do you manage the stressful festivities? What are your tips for surviving the holidays?

Recalling Painful Memories
When painful memories from the past surface, how do you cope with them?

Toxic People Can Harm You - Tips for Dealing With Toxic People
Do you know someone who always makes you feel tired, angry or depressed? This person may be toxic, spreading negativity like a poison. Here are readers' suggestions for dealing with toxic people.

About Bipolar Disorder Community Support and News
Quick reference guide to all the support resources available to you here at the About Bipolar Disorder website, including forums, volunteer staff information and newsletters. Also, a link to our Suicide Crisis Resources.

Be Kind To Yourself
Esther, who has bipolar disorder, offers her suggestion for dealing with the kind of depression where you haven't been able to get anything done.

You Are Not Alone
A guide to support for bipolar disorder on the internet, including forums, chat and e-mail support, as well as finding local support groups.

Getting Through the Holidays
The winter holidays contain all kinds of stress that endanger your physical and mental health. Several About.com Guides have worked together to bring you advice for coping, from allergies to fibromyalgia to infertility and more.

10 Tips for Surviving the Holidays
The winter holidays can be especially stressful for everyone, and even worse for people with mental illnesses like bipolar disorder. Regular contributor Joy Austin has suggestions for coping with the stress of the Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa and New Year's holidays. Most of these tips are good year round, too!

Are You Singing the Low Self-Esteem Blues?
Have you ever felt like an imposter where you act as if you are happy and successful, but are really terrified of failure? Do you live with persisting anger about not feeling "good enough?" There is a chance you suffer from low self-esteem. So how do we get it and how do we end the struggle?

Easing Anxiety Naturally
Methods to ease anxiety by discharging tension and a beginners' exercise in breath work. These techniques can be useful whether you are taking anti-anxiety medications or not.

FAQ: Medical Alert IDs
Most people are familiar with medical alert jewelry for those "hidden" medical conditions – diabetes, heart problems, drug and food allergies, etc. – that may cause life-threatening emergencies. However, those with mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression or anxiety disorders may also want to consider using this tool.

Helpful Tax Hints from Lily
This article is intended to help with the challenges that adults with bipolar disorder face while staring at tax forms - and hopefully give them a little smile during that stressful time.

Medical Alert Identification for Bipolar Disorder
Rachel, a member of our forums asked, "I wondered if anyone wears a medical id bracelet for bipolar disorder and to indicate they are on medication. Is this a good idea? Would it be too 'revealing' to have it sorta hanging out there... having your wrist state ‘Hi, I'm Bipolar on Meds.'" Other members responded with their thoughts and suggestions.

How I Manage My Bipolar Disorder
I have enjoyed five months now where I can finally say I have my disorder under control. I have learned a lot about myself and how to recognize when a mood is just a reaction to life or when it is the start of an episode. I learned to listen to my body and what I need and to ask for help when I need it. It has made me a happier person, a better mother, and a more reliable friend.

It's All in Your Head ... And Other Thoughtless Things Said!
How often have you been accused of whining or being a hypochondriac? Do people think you are just a complainer or an attention-seeker? Found here is a short list of things people say that are often intended to be helpful, but are actually tactless.

Managing Stress
Times of national tragedy, war fears and world unrest can lead to raised anxiety levels which can be triggering to those with bipolar disorder. We offer coping tips to help you deal with the extra stress of external crises.

Recalling Painful Memories: Words of Advice and Encouragement
Paula, a member known as thelavendercat in the Bipolar Disorder Forums at About.com, offered some beautiful thoughts to another member who has been remembering traumatic, painful events from her past. Paula's words are sage and offer such a valuable source of encouragement to anyone who must struggle through the healing of past events.

How to Prepare for Traveling when Mentally Ill
Many people with severe mental illnesses worry about traveling. One member of this community shares her frustration writing, “How are we supposed to get places when unstable?” Following are a few suggestions, many contributed by other community members, that may help alleviate some of these fears and make needed traveling more tolerable.

Toxicity in Yourself or Others
Toxic people can drain you like vampires, bite and infect you with their anger or eat you alive like werewolves, or overwhelm you with negative poison like zombies. People with mood disorders like bipolar disorder are particularly vulnerable to toxic people. Are there toxic people in your life? Or are you a toxic person? What have you done.........See submissions

Toxic People
Do you know someone who always makes you feel tired, angry or depressed? This person may be toxic, spreading negativity like a poison. Learn about toxic people, what they can do to you, and get some suggestions for dealing with them.

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