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My sister is toxic

Share Your Story: Toxicity in Yourself or Others

By palebutterfly

Updated October 26, 2010

Who is/are the toxic people in your life? Or is it you?

My sister is the toxic person in my life. She has a real problem with anger issues and refuses to get help. I'm Bipolar and she thinks that because I have to go to the hospital once in while no psychiatrist has "fixed" me. They certainly can't help her.

Your diagnosis or that of the toxic person is:

I have Bipolar Disorder Type 1. I was diagnosed in 2002 after a major car wreck. Life has some major pitfalls. But I am stable for now. I have had two episode of mania. I usually suffer from depression. I've been hospitalized numerous times for various reason due to my Bipolar Disorder.

Describe the toxic behavior:

Usually she screams and cusses at me. It doesn't matter where we are. She screamed and cussed at me on a public street, with people all around listening. Her last incident was over me taking my own personal stuff out of my Dad's attic. She had told her son that when our Dad died (he is 78), she and her son were going to take all that "junk" in the attic to the dump. Her son told me this. So I made arrangements to get my things. She found out I was there. She went crazy!!! She came to the house yelling and screaming! She does this sort of thing all the time. Just does it out of the blue.

What's the effect of this toxic behavior?

The effect on me is the stress I feel building up inside. The heartache. The knowing that she won't speak to me or even acknowledge my presence in a room. She's done that for 7 years. Our grandmother just died, and I couldn't go to her an seek comfort from her - from my own family. She's hurt our father so deeply that he will put a restraining order out against her the next time she comes to his house putting out this crap. I feel broken inside. I feel like my little family has been busted to bits. Our mother died 9 years ago and now all we have are 4 of us. I have a brother who tries to get along with her, but she hurts him, too. All too often it makes me wish I had never moved home. I wanted to be close to our dad. He needed that as much as I did. But now I remember why I stayed away all the years: HER!!!!

Lessons Learned

  • She is no longer a part of my life. I had to make a choice. My sanity or being a part of he life.
  • I chose me!!!
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